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The Secret Apennines

The Apennines - the unknown Italian mountains

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Anon   June 2018

Highlights: The views, the uncrowded (almost completely deserted) routes, the variety of each day. Highly recommended. 

Anon   May 2018

Our highlights were the amazing scenery and views and the wonderful wild flowers - the kind of flowers you buy in the garden centre growing out there in the wild! Stunning. Then, of course, we have to mention the food which was interestingly different from Italian food we had had before and of exceptionally good quality. Our hosts were very generous.

Mr M Kerman  Melton Mowbray May 2018

No complaints at all, very enjoyable holiday, stunning walks with lots of wildlife to view. The evenings were great with interesting conversation with other intravellers

Anon   May 2018

Enjoyable - beautiful gentians and pasque flowers on the mountain tops.

Anon   May 2018

This was my first Inntravel holiday and I was unsure what to expect. The friendliness and efficiency of all the staff at Inntravel was great and the attention to detail in every aspect was outstanding. The accommodation was really varied and gave a real flavour of Italian hospitality. The friendliness and helpfulness of Italians in general and of all the staff in the hotels we stayed at added to our enjoyment. The quality of the food was excellent in all the hotels but four course were a bit challenging! All the walks were delightful, particularly in May for lovers of wild flowers. The little hamlets we passed through were lovely, particularly Monteacuto which is a real gem, and the notes added to the interest. The final ascent of Corno Alle Scale was a fitting end to the trip. I would definitely go on another Inntravel Holiday and will recommend it to friends.

Anon   May 2018

Both the Lake Ledro to Lake Garda and then the Secret Apennines hikes were varied, interesting, and information on the areas we hiked was appreciated. We enjoyed eating the regional food at all hotels.


INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers enjoyed combining both our Lake Ledro to Lake Garda and Secret Appenines walking itineraries.

Mrs S Massey-Clark  Canada September 2017

Low cloud prevented the final day's views so the walking highlight was the summit of Monte Gennaio where the panorama was spectacular. The true highlight, however, was the food. Scrumptious!

Margaret   September 2017

This (walking) holiday should be on every Inntraveller's wish list. Exceptional hospitality and food combined with fascinating walks. Wonderful.

Wal & Phil, Cheshire   September 2017

We enjoyed every minute spent in the Apennines, despite one or two tough ascents! Grade 3 was a step up for us and although challenging at times was well wihin reach of two senior citizens. The Italian cuisine was of a high standard at each location and we enjoyed visiting several local bars to plan our route for the following day. Antica Trattoria Toscana was a good recommendation for the 1st night spent in Poretta. Bologna is also great for a city break and if you are able to add on a couple of nights don't miss Ristorante Da Nello on Montegrappa, you will not be disappointed. Inntravel take all the uncertainty out of your holiday: you know you can depend upon excellent route notes, you know you are going to get picked up at the right time, you know the walks are going to be through beautiful countryside. If you enjoy walking, good food and not too many people, you will enjoy the Apennines.


INNTRAVEL NOTE: The Secret Apennines walking holiday has been graded 2-3

Anon   September 2017

Antica Locanda Alpina was excellent and a great example of traditional Italian hospitality in the mountains.

Mrs A Tanner  Worthing September 2017

We have been to Italy before but this revealed a different, more intimate side, with family run hotels and a sense of remoteness and tranquility in the walks. A different and delightful experience. 

Anon   September 2017

We could walk all day in alpine forests and not see a single person, there were more dear and wild bore than people on our walks. On the occasion that there was a clearing in the tree cover the views were very beautiful. I wish I had brought a better breathable rain jacket for the climbs which were steep but when paced were manageable and enjoyable.

In our experience Italians don't do breakfast (although the spread was ok) or packed lunches, provided lunches were not good. Was it not for our own provision of snickers (chocolate bars from UK) or fortune to buy a big bag of biscuits at a rare open shop early in the trip we may not have had such a good time walking. 

The places we stayed were quiant but not charming and there was little to do - this wasn't a massive problem as we were happy to rest after the walk for tea - recommend bringing a book or two.

For a planned holiday on short notice it was a good option for us at the time. It cost a lot for what we got - roughly £1000 pp for a week, by comparrison we went to Canada for 3 weeks for £2000 pp (flights included).

Mr A McNab, Teddington   July 2017

We loved this holiday.  The scenery was breathtaking and the walks through the forests and in the mountains were magical.  Highlights included visiting the charming villages nestled into the hillsides, meeting only locals (hardly any other tourists in sight!) and receiving such wonderful welcomes at the hotels, to say nothing of the food!  The add-on of a couple of nights in Bologna was well-worth doing as this is such a fascinating city.  Can't recommend this holiday highly enough (but don't all go at once - keep it to yourselves!)


INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers enjoyed our The Secret Apennines - A Self-Guided Walking Holiday followed by our Hotel Porta San Mamolo, Bologna City add-on.

Mr M Doyle  Hereford July 2017

We took our 16 and 21 year old sons with us.  This was our 3rd Inntravel holiday.  A grade 2-3 holiday is certainly a big step up from a grade 2!  Some of our party found the ascents challenging in the July heat. However once up on the ridges, the views were amazing.  This is a really quiet part of Italy, we barely saw a soul on the paths.  The highlight of our holiday was being followed by a dog for 6km all the way to Lizzano.  It just would not go home and faithfully arrived at the hotel with us, where it had a large bowl of water and its owner was telephoned to collect it.  The directions were excellent - we did not get lost once.  The hotels were comfortable, but very quiet.  We were the only guests at Antica Locanda Alpina on one of the nights.  It is worth tasting the chestnut beers here.  The weather was very hot and we were glad of the opportunities to refill our water bottles with chilled mountain spring water.  We were caught in a thunder storm on the way to Pianaccio, just below the summit of Monte Grande. We were drenched and the lovely Carmen dried our boots overnight for us.  The highlight walk on the last day, taking in the Dardagna Falls and then up to the summit of Corno alle Scala is unmissable, but involves a lot of ascent.  The chairlift runs at weekends.  Once you reach the road after ascending from the falls, the station is just ahead and is 10 euros, one way per person.  We loved our holiday and the slow travel where time seems to stand still - a week with Inntravel feels like two weeks of any other holiday and I have returned to work re-energised.  We look forward to many more Inntravel holidays in the future.

Dr J Hughes  Amersham July 2017

A fabulous holiday with comprehensive maps and instructions to explore a truly beautiful but very uncommercialised part of Italy.  The hospitality and personal welcome from each of the hotels was fantasic and the food was great.  Would highly recommend. Our top tip?  Read the instrucutions carefully when it comes to water management.  You can trust the local water fountains but on some of the walks you need to make sure you have plenty of water with you.  

Mrs H Johnson  London June 2017

Another great holiday with Inntravel. We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed walking in the shade of the woods on several days but the most stunning walks were on the mountain tops where the Alpine flowers were in bloom and the views magnificent (we even saw the sea!). Most days we didn't see a soul. The hotels were very friendly and the food was delicious - so nice to discover there is more to Italian food than pasta and pizza (though these were good too!). Two days in Bologna made a relaxing end - it is a fascinating city and the churches and museums (largely deserted) were splendid.


INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers combined The Secret Apennines with our Bologna City add-on

Ms T Dennis  Nairn June 2017

Monte Belvedere was a delightful day, and the ridge walk around Monte Genaio quite exhilarating (in a very strong wind). The wind proved rather persistent, and on the final day, we couldn't resist the temptation of the chair lift to the top of Corno alle Scale, fortuitously arriving as the cloud broke, and the wind dropped. Great views and wonderful grassy meadowland for lunch. The walk from Pianaccio to Vidiciatico was the least enjoyable, and overall, there was maybe a little too much time on woodland tracks - hard to avoid given the densely forested nature of the area. Suggested times for walks suited me fine, but often back at hotel early afternoon - a later start in the morning might suit some better. 

Mrs W Kinson  Newcastle June 2017

All 4 hotels were excellent but the 2 smaller (Hotel ll Fondaccio and Antica Locanda Alpina) were particularly delightful. The welcome and the settings at these was terrific and Oh! the food!! Fabulous!

The butterflies were another highlight; on top of Mount Belvedere, we saw 2 different kinds of Swallowtails and all week, the profusion of butterflies was a delight. We also saw fireflies.

A very enjoyable week. The walking was actually harder than we expected, although this partly due to the very hot weather - 4600 metres of ascent, by our calculations.  The only  tip I might pass on is this - from the large cross at Corno alle Scale, it is easier to go 30 metres beyond it and turn left on to a R/W marked path, which takes you down.

Mr A Burkitt  Melton Constable June 2017

We loved the food and wines and welcome from all the hotelliers - the presentation of the food at Locanda Alpina especially memorable. We lunched at the Trattoria in Monteacuto which felt more like a family party! Highlights of the walking: the ridge at Porta France and the Dardagna Valley. Lowpoint the 3km climb from Pianaccio - but we survived! 

Pete and Catherine   June 2017

We found the whole trip seamless, everything was without any faults or delays from start to finish. The routes were good and relatively easy to follow, the hotels were clean and well appointed and if anything the food was delicious but too much in some cases. Many of the walks were stunning!!

Mrs B Castle  New Zealand May 2017

As an experience of walking off the beaten track in Italy, but on well-marked paths in interesting and varied areas, this was just what I was looking for. Even though I was traveling on my own, I felt this was a very achievable experience, using the notes that Inntravel provide. Background information in my folder gave me some great insights into the areas I walked through. I found the old chestnut forests and signs of the old way of life (like the casone) intriguing. Pianaccio is a remote little gem of a village: I hope tourism can boost the village's economy to keep it alive - a very small number of permanent residents still live here. The mixed beech and pine forests around here are lovely to walk through, and although I missed out on the Monte Gennaio circuit, my cooking lesson with Irene was fun. Thanks to Inntravel I feel a real sense of achievement, made possible by your concept and support for independent travellers.

Mr W Ford  Chippenham May 2017

First trip with InnTravel and will definitely use you again. Faultless and neat organisation, route notes and maps. Good hotels with excellent food. Routes might be slight improved but this is being a bit picky! 

Mrs S Weston  London May 2017

An excellent holiday and really good value. We would have preferred longer walking options on days 1&2. However the walks were well planned to get higher as the week went on so that you found yourself looking down on places you had been to earlier in the week. Highlights were lunch on Monte Grande and the walk up Corno alle Scale on day 6 when we managed to add in a walk to la Nuda which was a lovely grassy mountain top and would be a worthwhile expedition in its own right. It has to be said we were really lucky to have glorious sunny weather all week.  We were also delighted by the beautiful wild flowers everywhere. In terms of the hotels, Pianaccio was a real treat. Everything was homemade including the bread and was utterly scrumptious. An absolute gem. It would be perfect if you could visit that hotel last as it is difficult for the others to match it though they were fine places to stay.

Ms C Feather  Ashford May 2017

The food was great on this holiday. We are vegetarians and were as well catered for as the carnivores. We were especially impressed with the home-cooked food provided by Linda and her family at Hotel Il Fondaccio, and by Marco and his family at Antica Locanda Alpina. We really needed the vigorous exercise the walks provided to walk off all their delicious meals. 

It was wonderful to be able to drink the natural spring water coming out of the fountains we often found on the walks. It was as chilled and refreshing as cold bottled mineral water, but better because we knew that it came straight out of the mountains. This was a rare experience. 

The time of year we went, mid-May, was good for walking, but we encountered hardly a soul on our walks. We liked the feeling of solitude; it was a break from our usual more urban lifestyle. The holiday is well-named 'The Secret Apennines.' 

Mr P MacLennan  Avoch May 2017

The route along to Porta franca, the ascent of Monte Gennaio and the ridge walk along to Passo Del Cancellino was the highlight of the holiday. The views of course were amazing and the variety of wild flowers en route were fanatastic. It was a beautiful clear day and that really was the icing on the cake.

Ms M Parish  USA May 2017

Inntravel offers a perfect mix: walking all day without having to carry your luggage or return to the same place; challenging hiking and comfortable hotels; the basic itinerary seamlessly organized in advance, but each day totally open to do what you wish. Walking notes are clear and accurate and easy to follow, and the map notes offer a good visual backup. With respect to "The Secret Apennines" in particular, I would say that the holiday was splendidly planned, with widely varied landscapes in a really beautiful and amazingly un-crowded part of Italy. Mountain springs provide clear fresh cold water along the way. Day 4 was a highlight with a long slow incline through a beech forest and magnificent vistas from above the tree line atop Monte Gennaio. Day 6 option 3 is listed as a poor weather option but the beginning was a spectacular fair weather walk with meadows full of wildflowers and butterflies (in May), and the second half was more challenging than we expected. Hotels were comfortable with warm, relaxed, welcoming staff -- at Fondaccio and Locanda Alpina in particular it felt a little like being in someone's home (in a good way). The food is authentic, expertly prepared, and beyond ample.  

Mr B Gambles  Solihull September 2016

We were fortunate with a week's fine weather...that said, the walking was a delight from start to finish. We enjoyed the variety of walks on offer and the excellent route instructions and map enabled us to tailor the routes when we chose. It should be said that much of the walking is through forest, and might have been a lot less enjoyable in wet weather, but the woodland is mixed and offered welcome shade; the paths are very clear and the waymarking excellent. All the hotels were very welcoming, all different because all family-run (other than in Poretta) - and each has its own strengths. The meals in Pianaccio deserve a special mention. They were evidently prepared and presented by people who love food and the potential of local ingredients! Inntravel recommendations on lunch-stops and things to see en route were always worth following - especially don't miss the small church in Gabba, a local needed little persuasion to jump into his car and fetch the key from its custodian!

Mrs P MacPhail  Banchory September 2016

We were lucky to be blessed with a week of wonderful weather, and the scenery and views all week were just stunning. The food at Hotel Il Fondaccio was truly wonderful, as was supping Prosecco on their terrace after a great day's walking. But our highlight had to be eating our picnic lunch on top of Monte Grande, looking out over all the villages we'd walked through, with an eagle soaring overhead in clear blue skies.

Mrs H Whitman  London September 2016

A fantastic  quite strenuous walking holiday in stunning scenery in a quiet part of Italy with a lot of history.  It was lovely to see the little hamlets and villages which in most cases on the walk were deserted as the population had moved to the cities and only came back for holidays and weekends. The welcome from the hotel/pensioni owners and employees was very welcoming.

E & J (Scotland)   September 2016

Really enjoyed the regional food and wine. This point is carefully covered in your literature, however, at this point in the season, and outwith the hotels, with the exception of Vidiciatico, it is difficult to access coffee and cake, or ice cream!!   

Mr P Hardwicke  Southport September 2016

Only eating fish or vegetables we were very pleased with the quality of the food especially home made pasta.

The hotels had gone to great trouble to please us.

Mrs C Gill  Hope Valley September 2016

Each walk was a delight which increased as the week progressed. Hotels provided wonderful welcomes and some of the best food we have ever tasted. Our particular dietary requirements were just not a problem at all. All hotels coordinated menus so as not to feed us the same food. We were very impressed with the detailed organisation provided by Inntravel.

Mr R Robertson  St. Albans September 2016

Highlights were -Seeing wild boar and squeekers (baby boars) on Monte grande. Having lunch on Passo del Cancellino. Church in Monteacuto.

Recommendation to future customers: Visit Riola (10 mins on train from Porretta Terme) to see the church of  S Mary Assunta di Riola. 5 min walk from station. Designed by Alvar Aalto beautiful 20th century church by one of the finest modernist Scandinavian architects. Well worth the detour and cafe opposite to wait for next train back. 

Ms S Matza  USA September 2016

Extremely well organized. Good choice of hikes. Thoroughly ejoyable!

Anon   August 2016

A lovely holiday.  The guide notes were excellent.  It was very hot which made the climb up out of Pianaccio quite challenging but otherwise, we would say the description was about right.

Marco and family at Pianaccio really stood out for us.  The accomodation and hospitality were really exceptional.

Bologna was a very nice city and travel on the Italian railways was both efficient and cheap!

We would recommend the restaurant da Nello on via Montegrappa in Bologna.  This was recommended to us by Carmen from the Hotel Montegrande and was excellent.


[INNTRAVEL NOTE: This customer added a stay in Bologna to our 'Secret Apennines' walking holiday.]

Mrs C Friend  Witney August 2016

If you love walking, and want to get the very best out of a holiday, you have a huge challenge. How do you find the lovely little hotel that only has ten rooms, is run by the fourth generation of a charming family, and will welcome you with huge smiles and wonderful food? How do you find the best walks, the best views, the richest variety of landscapes? And how confident are you with just a map: wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of notes in your pocket, guiding you each day?

Inntravel take care of all this, and more. I’ve just come back from the Appenines, where I had the most fabulous week. I decided on my third day that it was like a treasure hunt. You set out from the hotel with your notes in hand, following the route but not knowing exactly what is in store, and as the day unfolds, so do the rewards. Dappled sunlight falling through chestnut woods onto mossy paths; mountain streams tumbling down the hillside, murmuring and gurgling; huge orange butterflies dancing from flower to flower; hot sun on a meadow at lunch time; a cock crowing from a farm; and, on the more strenuous mountain days, incredible views over ridges and peaks.

I hadn’t really taken on board Inntravel’s strap line: the slow holiday people. But because everything is taken care of by people who have found the very best for you, you can really revel in the glories of the day. I found myself stopping again and again just to look: to look at the light, the landscape, the old buildings, the little hamlets. A beetle, a butterfly. I always took more than an hour over lunch. It wasn’t really about covering huge distances; it was about sinking into each moment, sucking the essence of it, the essence of where I was and what I was doing.

I didn’t have to fret about getting lost – although I did, once, but was easily able to right my wrong turn once I knew what had happened, because the notes were clear, the map excellent and the paths very well way-marked. So walking alone was a joy; unalloyed pleasure.

If you are single, you have a double challenge: how will you spend your evenings, and will there be anyone to talk to? This is a lottery, because it is in the lap of the gods as to who will choose your holiday starting the same day as you. My feeling is that Inntravel people will be my sort of people whoever they are – and sure enough, I made two lovely friends who were perfectly happy for us to walk alone during the day and join up for dinner in the evening. We had the best of times, sharing wine and stories, and indulging in the fabulous food.  And because I speak Italian, there were plenty of lovely conversations to be had with the hoteliers – memorably, at the end of one day, coming home to find a team of women from the village installed in the dining room making tortellini together, and inviting me to join in. That was a great Slow Moment.

All in all, one of the very best holidays I have ever had. Can’t wait to choose the next one.

Mr C Tennant  London July 2016

Personal highlights: Walking along the terrifying ridge to La Nuda in late afternoon (we scampered up in  a break after the rain) with scary black clouds thundering in over Il Corno. We were completely alone up there with breathtaking views in all directions.  We gave ourselves five minutes or so on the summit before thinking discretion should be valued over foolhardiness and we scampered back down before being caught in cloud.  

Recommendation: If you arrive in Vidiciatico as hot as us, make sure you get free entrance tickets to the fabulous piscina from the Montegrande. It might be useful too for Inntravel to mention this facility, and instructions for how to get there (not transparent to us from either hotel or tourist office - but not for lack of help on their part!).

Mr L Schall  USA July 2016

This was the second Inntravel trip we took this summer and we couldn't be more delighted with both. This one was a last minute addition and we loved every minute of it. The Apennines were not a place we ever thought of traveling to but the countryside and towns were beautiful and the accommodations and food were superlative. Hotel Montegrande was a highlight, with Bruno and Carmen so friendly, helpful, and fun to talk to. Couldn't recommend this trip more highly despite our last day hike up to Mt. Nuda and the 2000 meter peak being in the clouds. 

Mr and Mrs P, Aberdeen   July 2016

We loved every aspect of this holiday.  The Appenines truly are beautiful and there is so much to praise about the area. The walking was excellent and the paths mostly good and well marked - we thought that a couple of these walks ranked among our own top 5 (and we've walked A LOT!) with vistas and landscapes spread out for miles around us, empty of other people but rich in mountain flowers and birdsong - truly magical.  But almost even better than that was the open, friendly and generous hospitality we encountered in the places we stayed - while relatively simple, each hotel was wonderfully welcoming and the food - especially at the Locanda Antica Alpina - was delicious, homemade and certainly plentiful!  We will definitely return to this area as it has so many more miles of paths we want to do.  The add on to Bologna was very enjoyable and we loved the hotel there which was in the old city, comfortable, friendly and elegant - a good choice and so much to see and do in that interesting city.

Lesley   June 2016

Had the definite feeling the hotels were making a special effort for Inntravel customers (like lots of free drinks and sometimes a written and verbal explanation of our food). The vegetarian meals were interesting and to the same standard as the non-vegetarian options.  The hotels provided the traditional food of their own region as opposed to typical 'Italian restaurant' options. Antica Locanda Alpina took particular pride in their lovely food.

Mr S Engstrom  Sweden June 2016

In spite of the fact that the hotels were within a 10 km range the walks offered a surprisingly large variation - from forests to high alps!

Mr P Windatt  Daventry June 2016

This was our first walking holiday outside the UK and the company was recommended to us by a professional contact who had used their cycling tour service.  The information provided was clear as well as enticing and the instructions/map provided together meant all the walks worked well and we didn't end up lost in the woods.  All the hotels were good, the owners/staff very accommodating and the packed lunches more than sufficient to keep us going through the day.  The spring water available on all of the walks was delightful to drink - both cool and refreshing - no hint of fluoride in the taste.  We probably tried a bit too hard to keep to the times indicated for the first couple of days, the "slow holiday" idea seemed to take a little while to filter through our brains, used to working to timetables and schedules rather than relaxing and taking delight in the surroudings.  The path signage was great and we met one of the signs organisers (he was taking a group out in the mountains) while we were there - everyone was friendly and this gent even offered us a lift down to our hotel at the end of his walk - we declined but were grateful for his kind offer.  A great introduction to walking abroad and to walking in Italy in particular.  The team had done their homework and everything ran according to plan.  Thanks to all at Inntravel - taking the slog out of going for a walk.

Mr J Clements  Harrogate June 2016

The Dardagna falls (day 6) were spectacular and a made a great finale to the trip!

Tony, Islington   June 2016

This is a walking holiday for forest lovers. The dinners and picnics were generally of high standing and the picnics in particular were better than usual.

Mr McGrath, Cumbria   June 2016

This is a gorgeous area to walk in, we did not meet another walker unitl day 5. The hotels were comfortable and very welcoming and the food excellent - truly authentic.

Dr D Levan  Stockton-on-tees May 2016

This was our first holiday with Inntravel, and it won't be our last. The organisation was excellent, and everything ran very smoothly. Some of the walks were quite challenging, especially in the rain and wind, but overall they were very enjoyable. The hotels were all very good, and the food was excellent. The breakfasts were better than anticipated, and always filling. I would thoroughly recommend this trip and this company.

Mr J Nurse  Highbridge May 2016
We really enjoyed Hotel Helvetia and exploring Poretta - it was very nice to find ourselves with just a short walk to our hotel from the station, rather than a taxi transfer.
Unfortunately our first day's walk from Poretta to Lizzano was marred by torrential rain, hailstones, thunder and lightning all day so we arrived soaked to the skin. But our hostess couldn't have been kinder in helping us dry out.
We loved the walk to Porto Franco initially, particularly enjoying the wild flowers, and then from Passo del Cancellino (although the sign post was lying on its side!) – this was a particularly pretty valley . However the long haul back down through the beech woods to Segavecchia seemed to go on for ever.
We took Option A on Day 5 walking to Vidiciatico, and regretted it. The path was very difficult and a bit like walking up a landslide with mud and large stones making the going very hard - and we got caught in a downpour. The river was quite tricky to cross too. It took us much longer than the suggested 1 hour and 25 minutes. Once at Bagnadori and following the route down disturbed by loggers, we had a problem finding the signing Passo di Saltiolo. We eventually realised we were looking at the back of it from the path above - we understood fellow Inntravellers had the same problem the next day. Perhaps this needs some more clarification?
Inntravel response
This whole route has recently been walked by Inntravel and options on the walk to Vidiciatico have been simplified.
Mr B Debney  Towcester May 2016
It was an excellent holiday and exceeded our expectations. The area was beautiful, the views from the mountains spectacular, and the hospitality first rate. We would do it again.
Mr D Wood   Glastonbury May 2016
A great walk. We loved it. We were puzzled before we left home as to why it is graded 2-3 as the horizontal distances are so small. We discovered why with such demanding ascents and descents! The walk description could make this more clear. A few of the others we met from Inntravel en route missed out some walks because the descents became beyond their limits and were especially difficult in wet weather.
David K  . May 2016
Definitely need walking boots and walking poles, (unlike for easier walks), and waterproof trousers. The dinners and packed lunches were amazingly good.

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