Slow Films

Browse our collection of Slow films showing what we mean by Slow holidays, the work that goes on behind the scenes to make them, the sort of destinations we seek out, and the kind of encounters you may have with local people and producers while exploring the Slow Lane.

Slow is not ‘stop’.
Slow is not Old. Inactive. Nor frustrating.
Slow is a position. A state of mind.
Slow is looking differently at the world.
Seeing things, people, landscapes – from a new perspective.
Slow is a place.
Slow is where time doesn’t stand still – it expands. Slowly.
Where you see more by slowing down.
Immersing yourself into local life.
Meeting local people.
Eating local food. Enjoying local hospitality.
Exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside.
And feeling energised. Revitalised. Refreshed.


The Slow Holiday People

Get a better feel for what our Slow holidays are all about.

A Slow Film on...

Putting the focus on destinations we love and local producers we admire.

Slow Tales

David Lanfear, our most experienced route-finder, recalls some unusual encounters from his explorations.

Two Minutes of Slow

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