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Slow Films

Browse our collection of Slow films showing what we mean by Slow holidays, the work that goes on behind the scenes to make them, the sort of destinations we seek out, and the kind of encounters you may have with local people and producers while exploring the Slow Lane.

What is Slow?

Slow is not ‘stop’.
Slow is not Old. Inactive. Nor frustrating.
Slow is a position. A state of mind.
Slow is looking differently at the world.
Seeing things, people, landscapes – from a new perspective.
Slow is a place.
Slow is where time doesn’t stand still – it expands. Slowly.
Where you see more by slowing down.
Immersing yourself into local life.
Meeting local people.
Eating local food. Enjoying local hospitality.
Exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside.
And feeling energised. Revitalised. Refreshed.

The Slow Holiday People

  • Slow holidays are all about taking time out from everyday life and taking time to appreciate your surroundings.
  • 60 Seconds of Slow: taking pleasure from the little things.
  • The Inntravel team explains what we mean by Slow holidays
  • Inntravel's self-guided walking holidays: the perfect way to see places up close
  • Inntravel's self-guided cycling holidays: a great way to explore timeless scenery
  • Inntravel's self-guided journeys: inspirational adventure by train, boat or car.
  • The quiet side of the mountain: the joys of a Slow snow holiday
  • Slow is all about taking your time to see things from a new perspective
  • The work that goes into writing the route notes which guide you from A to B
  • Take the Slow Road TV Advert, filmed in Portugal
  • Life is Better Lived Slowly TV Advert, filmed in Portugal

A Slow Film on...

  • The vibrant culture of cities such as Granada, Seville and Córdoba in Andalucia is enriched by Moorish architecture, flamenco, tapas bars and fino sherry.
  • An insight into beekeeping in Slovenia with Marko Podlesnik Maurer.
  • The Engadine Valley - home of Hotel Meisser, Guarda and Hotel Privata, Sils.
  • Get a taste of magical Lapland at Ylläshumina Hotel.
  • An introduction to Sils by Corina Giovanoli - the owner of Hotel Privata.
  • Guarda, Switzerland makes a delightful base for a week of winter activities amid the Engadine’s magical surroundings. 
  • Welcome aboard! Let us take you on a journey by train through Switzerland.
  • Bread-making, as explained by artisan baker Massimo Cifarelli
  • Living the dream: the Fjærland Fjellstue in Sognefjord, the 'king' of Norway's fjords
  • Meet the Count of Calheiros, whose Minho manor house is open to guests
  • An insight into truffle-hunting, from Croatian Mihail Sviličić
  • Artisan Massimo, from Puglia in Italy, on his life-long love of woodworking
  • Hotelier/viticulteur Aurélien Halbeisen on the wine traditions of Alsace, France
  • A snow holiday in Kandersteg, Switzerland, needn't just be about skiing
  • Instructor Christoph Leithner talks about cross-country skiing in Pertisau, Austria
  • Going in search of the aurora borealis in Norway with guide Dan Steinbakk
  • The joys of dog-sledding, as described by guide Trine Danielson Beddari
  • The Hotel Wiesenhof, a 4-star 'home from home' in the Austrian Tyrol
  • The Canary Islands, from Tenerife to El Hierro
  • Lanzarote, Canary Islands: lunar landscapes and bright blue skies
  • El Hierro, Canary Islands, once thought to be the very end if the world
  • La Gomera, Canary Islands: ancient trails real dramatic scenery
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands: few visitors explore the interior, but it's well worth it
  • A New Yorker explains why she was drawn to Provence in France
  • The story behind Henri Bardouin and his distinctive pastis, distilled in Provence
  • Performers rehearse for a recital at the Ryedale Book Festival 2016

Slow Tales

  • Saved by a whistle!
  • A hungry pig gets the better of a walker with good intentions
  • A few phone calls help to reunite a shepherd with his mother

Two Minutes of Slow

  • Slovenia
  • Istria & Kvarner, Croatia
  • Puglia & Basilicata, Italy
  • Kate Humble
  • Alsace, France
  • The Canary Islands, Spain
  • Provence, France
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