Holidays on Malta & Gozo


Malta’s allure lies in its spectacular coastal scenery, rich cultural legacy and wonderfully relaxed pace of life. As you explore self-guided, discover terraced slopes that tumble down towards dramatic cliffs, impressive Neolithic temples and striking rock formations, cherished, age-old traditions and an inviting cerulean sea.

Holidays on Malta & Gozo
Holidays on Malta & Gozo

Malta is a cultural melting pot

For three islands that form part of the same country, Malta, Gozo and Comino couldn’t be more different. Lying between Italy and North Africa, where Christian and Islamic worlds collide, Malta is a veritable melting pot of cultures, a place where the influences of different peoples and eras are juxtaposed to striking effect. It has a Neolithic temple complex, a town built by the Knights of St John, ornate Italianate churches, and red telephone boxes which emphasise the feeling of uncanny familiarity mixed with exoticism.
Gozo, too, has its share of reminders of past cultures, but what leaves a lasting impression is the unhurried pace of life, as if the cerulean sea that laps the island’s shores has lulled it into a gentle slumber. Comino is quieter still, a virtually uninhabited island that is a haven for migrating birds.

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