Winter journeys in southern Europe

Embark on a train journey in southern Europe and discover enthralling cities while they are at their quietest. Along the way, you stay in charming hotels which reflect the character of the city, with time to explore before continuing your journey.
Winter journeys in southern Europe
Winter journeys in southern Europe

Visit vibrant Spanish & Portuguese cities

By embarking on a journey by rail across a part of southern Spain or Portugal in the winter months, you can visit some of Europe's most vibrant cities when they are at their quietest. Our carefully thought-out itineraries allow plenty of time to appreciate each city, with a full day to explore at leisure, seeking out famous sights and lesser-known corners. And because there’s no group, and no arrangements to make (we do all that, and explain each step of the journey so that you know where to go at each station or stop), your time is your own, with no set timetable.

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The emphasis of our rail journeys in southern Europe is on captivating cities, carefully chosen hotels, and excellent cuisine (you’ll find restaurant suggestions in the information pack that we provide).
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