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Cycling holidays in Austria

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Cycling holidays in Austria

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Cycling holidays in Austria

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Cycling holidays in Austria
Cycling holidays in Austria

Cycling holidays in Austria –

castles, sparkling lakes & more

An Inntravel cycling holiday in Austria is about more than the cycling. It’s about taking the time en route to admire the views, explore a castle or taste schnapps at a distillery. There’s no luggage to weigh you down, and, with no group, it’s you who sets the pace and decides when to pause. You can rely on us to select accommodation of character and to provide accurate route notes to guide you there, so relax and enjoy…

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Favourite Austrian cycling holidays


Why choose Inntravel for your cycling holiday in Austria

Like all our holidays, our cycling holidays in Austria revolve around three key ingredients: unspoiled scenery; hand-picked accommodation of character where you’ll receive a warm welcome; and delicious regional cuisine.

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How our cycling holidays in Austria are graded

To be sure of choosing the cycling holiday in Austria that is right for you, you can see how we grade them below. If you think you might need a little bit of help on uphill sections or longer days, you could hire an electric bike (e-bike) to make things easier. (Our grading system assumes you are using a ‘regular’ bike.)
  • Easy cycling for all with shorter days mainly on the flat, but some gentle ascents.
  • Easy-to-moderate cycling featuring undulating routes with more frequent short ascents, and a mix of shorter and longer days.
  • Moderate cycling with some longer, steady uphill sections, and longer days.
  • Fairly strenuous cycling featuring longer days with some sustained climbs. (We don't currently have any holidays at this level.)
Enjoy a self-guided cycling holiday in Austria, on which you cycle from one charming hotel to the next. We arrange luggage transfers and provide you with a high-quality bike and our comprehensive route notes and maps, the rest is up to you.
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