Centre-based walking holidays for winter


Head to southern Europe, where the milder climate makes for excellent walking conditions in winter. Detailed, reliable route notes enable you to walk self-guided and, with no group, you can take your pick of the suggested routes, or spend some days sightseeing or simply relaxing at your superbly located hotel of character.

Centre-based walking holidays for winter
Centre-based walking holidays for winter

Escape to southern Europe

Since they are a good way to get to know the area you are visiting, we tend to refer to our centre-based walking holidays as ‘discovery walks’. As with all Inntravel holidays, they feature hand-picked hotels of character, but these ones are specifically chosen because they serve as wonderful bases for discovering the very best of the region. Depending on the holiday you have chosen, you explore using either a hire car or public transport, with freedom to choose whether you walk, sightsee or simply relax each day.

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Favourite centre-based walking holidays for winter


How our centre-based walking holidays are graded

Inntravel’s centre-based walking holidays cater for all levels. In fact, on many holidays there is a choice of easy, moderate and more challenging walks, letting you choose how energetic you want to be. Before you start browsing, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with our grading system.
  • Generally easy walking with few ascents / descents, but perhaps the occasional long day.
  • Easy-to-moderate walking with some ascents / descents, and occasional longer days.
  • Moderate walking on varied terrain, with some long days and regular ascents / descents.
  • Moderate-to-challenging walking on more rugged terrain with significant ascents / descents on most days. Compass skills may be required (check the individual holiday).
  • Challenging hikes, featuring long days with significant ascent / descent on challenging terrain. Compass skills may be required.
  • Choice of easier or harder routes, so that you can tailor most days to your requirements.

Centre-based walking holidays, Inntravel style

There are three essential ingredients that feature in our centre-based walking holidays (and Inntravel holidays in general): enchanting scenery; charming, hand-picked accommodation; and delicious regional cuisine.

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