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Holidays in Switzerland


Everything you’ve heard about Switzerland is true – the scenery is spellbinding, the chocolate silky smooth, and punctuality is a way of life… But widely known though the country’s many charms may be, no description can compare to the thrill of seeing those jewel-like lakes, rushing waterfalls and cloud-piercing peaks for yourself.

Holidays in Switzerland
Holidays in Switzerland

Switzerland – the fairest of them all

The sheer majesty and awe-inspiring beauty of the Swiss Alps cannot be overstated, and it is no wonder that travellers have been drawn here for centuries to marvel at the likes of the Matterhorn and Eiger, both of which tower over 4,000 metres into the sky.
As well as being one of the world’s best places to walk – with fresh mountain air, precise waymarking and tasty, replenishing cuisine – Switzerland is also a perfect winter destination as well as a wonderful country to explore by rail. Not only is the Swiss transport system highly efficient, but, thanks to some incredible feats of engineering, the trains are able to travel easily through some of the planet’s most unforgiving terrain, affording truly incredible views.

Holidaying in Switzerland

The easing of travel restrictions for UK citizens means that we are resuming a selection of holidays to Switzerland from 1 September 2020. Looking further ahead, you can find 2021 prices for our winter holidays online, or, for a walking, cycling or touring holiday, you can book for summer 2021 at 2020 prices.

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