Travelling by air

With such a choice around the country of departure airports and destinations, and such variation in prices, our highly flexible holiday arrangements are designed to help you book the most convenient flights from where you live.
  • Because everyone has different preferences and requirements as regards their travel, and we want our customers to be able to take advantage of the wide choice of departure airports and airlines, we don't include flights in the ‘walk price’, ‘cycle price’ or ‘journey price'. Instead, we detail our recommended destination airport(s) for each holiday and offer guidance on the latest arrival and earliest flight departure times (or the driving time from the airport to your accommodation), to ensure that connecting travel can be arranged. You may choose to book your flights independently if you wish, but our travel experts will be able to find the most suitable flights and book them for you if you prefer.

    We have access to fares to many of our destinations from leading partner airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, and TAP Portugal, and also with some charter airlines. The price of these fares varies according to availability on specific flights, but we will quote the best available fare for your choice of dates and times. We are also able to make reservations for you with other national carriers and airlines such as easyJet and

    All flight reservations are subject to a service fee of £35 per person (£15 per child aged 2-11 years).

    If you live outside London and are flying with British Airways, we can book connecting flights into Heathrow from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle.

    We are also able to book seats in higher-class cabins if you wish. Please contact us for details and prices.
  • By booking all your travel arrangements including your flights through Inntravel, you enjoy the convenience of booking all elements of your holiday together. Inntravel will accept liability for your travel arrangements as set out in our Booking Conditions (for example we will offer you a range of options in the event of a significant pre-departure change to your travel arrangements). The money you have paid (including for your flights) will also be protected by the financial security arrangements we have in place (subject to only a few limited exceptions). Please see our Booking Conditions for further details.
  • We will book your accommodation before booking your flights. We can usually provide rapid confirmation, but because we handle each booking individually and many of our holidays involve contacting multiple accommodation providers, we might have to book your holiday in two stages, contacting you once the accommodation is confirmed to find the best flights to get you to your destination.

    As most airlines require us to issue tickets and pay for the flights at the time of, or very shortly after, making the reservation, we will ask you to pay the full cost of your flights at the time of making your flight bookings (this is an addition to the general holiday deposit).

    The tickets we provide can only be used on the dates and times specified on the tickets and cannot be changed or refunded.
  • If you prefer to make your own flight arrangements, you should not book your flights until we have confirmed your accommodation arrangements to you, and you should also note the latest flight arrival and earliest flight departure times indicated in the price panel, as you may find arranging connecting travel impossible outside these times. If your holiday includes a hire car, you should check the opening times of the car-hire desk with us, to ensure you can collect your hire car on arrival.

    You should bear in mind that we will not be able to assist or cover additional costs if, for example, your travel arrangements are disrupted and you are unable to meet your connecting transfer or pre-booked car hire pick-up time, or if we are forced for reasons beyond our control to make a significant change or cancel your confirmed holiday.

    You should ensure that you have adequate travel insurance cover in the event of scheduled airline failure or travel disruption. Our financial security arrangements will not protect money you have paid for any flights or other travel arrangements not booked through us.
  • Our prices for these holidays include return flights (normally from London) in economy class, plus connecting travel. Mostly we use scheduled services with airlines such as British Airways, Swiss and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines); sometimes we use charter flights operated by our partner tour operator, Inghams, for some holidays to Austria and Finland where they provide greater convenience. With restrictions on baggage and a lack of amenities offered by ‘no frills’ airlines, most charter flights continue to offer the comparative luxury of included hold luggage and an allocated seat (you can even pre-book seats on selected airlines), plus more possibilities to fly from your local airport.

    Most scheduled airlines have several booking prices with a variable number of seats available per price band. Our prices include the tariff bands offering best value and available space, so the earlier you book, the better your chance of obtaining these seats. If these are not available, we may be able to offer you seats on the same flights at a different price. In order to secure particular flight fares, we may require a higher deposit than normal, which we will advise you of at the time of booking.

    While our included flights normally depart from London airports, we pride ourselves on tailor-making arrangements to suit each individual customer, and can therefore also book a wide range of other flights from airports across the UK, as indicated in the ‘alternative flight options’ section of the holiday page.

    Alternatively, ‘no frills’ airlines such as EasyJet offer services useful for many of our holidays in the snow. We can only make these flight bookings once the rest of the holiday arrangements are confirmed to us, and the full cost of the flights must be paid at the time of booking in addition to the general holiday deposit. Only if we make the reservations for you will you benefit from Inntravel’s complete consumer protection for this aspect of your holiday. We reserve the right to withdraw this service for any particular route or airline at any time.
  • Ski carriage should be pre-booked (at the time of booking) on charter flights, for which there is a charge of between £40 and £80 per set of skis for return carriage, depending on the airline.

    Couples, families or groups can guarantee to be seated together (although could be separated by an aisle) by pre-booking seats with selected charter airlines. This can be arranged 2-3 weeks before travel by following the instructions received in your ticket pack. Airlines charge between £16 and £35 per person per return journey. The service is not available on Easyjet charter flights but it is pre-arranged that families and parties will be seated together.
  • The UK government requires carriers (including airlines and rail and ferry operators) to collect API for passengers on routes to and from the UK, and governments of some other countries require similar information. API is sometimes collected as you check in and is normally restricted to the standard information contained in machine-readable passports, such as full given names, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number, date of issue and expiry. However, some countries require the information to be submitted in advance of departure, and some governments collect additional information such as your destination address. Where we have made travel arrangements on your behalf and your carrier requires the information in advance, we will collect the information from you and submit it to your travel provider. Please be assured that we have measures in place to protect the personal information you provide to us, as explained in our privacy policy.

Partner airlines

British Airways

We are pleased to be a Preferred Partner for British Airways, the UK’s largest international scheduled airline. British Airways offers the highest standards of service on the ground and in the air, flying to centrally located airports at convenient times.

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines is the largest airline in Scandinavia, offering daily departures from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Aberdeen and more weekly frequencies than any other airline between the UK and Scandinavia and Finland. SAS includes 23kg baggage, online check-in and seat reservation within their ticket price.

Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines combines the best qualities associated with Switzerland, including commitment to customer care, superior quality, warm hospitality, efficiency and reliability. Their ticket price includes free carriage of one set of ski equipment.


TAP, the leading airline to Portugal, offers up to 74 weekly direct flights to Lisbon and Porto from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester.


Lufthansa flies daily from key airports including Heathrow, London City, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. Via Frankfurt and Munich, passengers can connect to a wide range of European destinations.

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