Easy-to-moderate cycling holidays

Cycling holidays with Inntravel are relaxed affairs – not just easy terrain, but easy arrangements too. We provide a high-quality bike, our thoroughly researched route notes, and luggage transfers, so that you can ride self-guided from one delightful hotel to the next at entirely your own pace.
Easy-to-moderate cycling holidays
Easy-to-moderate cycling holidays

Easy-going cycling holidays

for occasional cyclists
You don’t need to be able to pedal for miles and miles to enjoy an Inntravel cycling holiday – we put the emphasis on getting to know the region, not clocking up the miles. We encourage you to get off your saddle at every opportunity – be it a pretty village, a viewpoint or a museum – and we usually leave alternate days free for exploring. You’ve no luggage to encumber you, and no group either, so it’s you who sets the pace and decides when to pause. You can trust us to hand-pick accommodation of character and to provide accurate route notes to guide you there, so relax and enjoy…

Find the right holiday for you


Favourite easy-to-moderate cycling holidays


How Inntravel cycling holidays are graded

Inntravel offers four different levels of cycling holiday, with those at the lower end suitable for occasional cyclists in general good health. To be sure that our easy-to-moderate (grade 1-2) cycling holidays are right for you, read our grading system below. (Our grades are based on ‘regular’ bikes, so if you choose an e-bike, bear in mind that the cycling will be considerably easier.)
  • Easy cycling for all with shorter days mainly on the flat, but some gentle ascents.
  • Easy-to-moderate cycling featuring undulating routes with more frequent short ascents, and a mix of shorter and longer days.
  • Moderate cycling with some longer, steady uphill sections, and longer days.
  • Fairly strenuous cycling featuring longer days with some sustained climbs. (We don't currently have any holidays at this level.)

What to expect from your Inntravel cycling holiday

There are three essential ingredients to our cycling holidays (and, indeed, all Inntravel holidays): alluring scenery; charming, carefully selected accommodation; and traditional regional cuisine.
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