Travel arrangements

Choose to fly direct to the country you are visiting, or via the UK, from where we can make onward arrangements for you. Armed with information to help you make your connections smoothly, you can travel with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the arrangements Inntravel has put in place will run like clockwork.

For most tours, you have two choices: book your own flights to the UK and let us make the arrangements from there, or book your own flights to an airport appropriate for your chosen trip and let us arrange onward travel for you.
Travelling via the UK
Let us know which UK airport you plan to fly to and we’ll work out how best to get you to your chosen tour. We can arrange onward flights from many UK airports then, once you are in mainland Europe, you will either be transferred directly to your hotel by taxi or, more commonly, you will need to make your own way from the airport to the city centre (we will provide you with full details of how to do this), from where we will arrange onward travel by local public transport, often followed by a private taxi transfer, full details of which will be given in the information we send to you before departure.

Another option is to travel onwards from London by rail. Many of our tours in France, Switzerland and Catalonia in north-east Spain can be comfortably reached in a day from London, but you can reach destinations further afield by train if you break your journey with a stay in a city en route. Please see our travelling by rail section or contact us for further details.
Flying to the rest of Europe
We recommend the most suitable airport(s) for each trip within the pricing and travel section of the relevant web page. However, these might not always be appropriate if you are flying in from outside Europe, in which case you’ll need to fly to a more major airport. We'll advise you on which cities we can arrange connecting travel from. In most cases, the onward journey will be by train or coach from the city centre (we'll provide you with information about how to make your own way there from the airport), followed by a taxi transfer to your first hotel. Whatever the exact arrangements, we'll provide you with full details.
We normally book economy-class air tickets and second-class rail tickets. If, however, you wish to travel in more comfort, perhaps with a little extra personal space, please ask about available upgrades.
Walking trips in the UK
All the above information applies to vacations outside the UK. If you are booking one of our walking tours in Britain, we regret that we cannot book any travel elements for you, but we will advise you on the most appropriate airport, the best rail routes for onward travel and which websites to use to book tickets.

Did you know...

...that we aim to be as flexible as possible in our travel arrangements? If you need any advice on how best to reach your chosen trip, please ask.

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