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Travelling responsibly


By land or air

Rail is by far the most environmentally-friendly way of travelling overseas: 90% less CO2 per passenger is emitted than during the equivalent journey by air, and by taking the train you also leave a fainter individual carbon footprint than if you were to drive. There are many other benefits, too: it is a wonderfully relaxing way to travel, with a generous luggage allowance, comfortable seating and often breathtaking views. We are experts in arranging international rail travel – find out more below.

For customers who fly, if we book the flights we offset the carbon emissions by donating a portion of the service fee to accredited organisations and projects that can make a real positive difference. We encourage customers who book their own flights to offset their carbon emissions through Climate Care, and we also offset all our own business air-travel emissions.

Experts in international rail travel

  • At Inntravel, we have many years' experience of arranging international rail journeys, and there are very few places in Europe we can’t get you to by train – we have a dedicated team of specialists who are experts in creating well-thought-out itineraries to match individual requirements. They navigate the complex timetables and ticket arrangements on your behalf, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    To find out more about holidaying by rail – how it works, what’s included and where we can take you – take a look at our dedicated rail section.

Making the most of public transport

However you reach your destination country, we like to give you the option to complete your journey by public transport – by local train, bus or even boat. We are currently assessing our holidays with a view to offering many more public transport options.

Further information

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