By Rail

The essence of Inntravel holidays – and travel arrangements – is flexibility. Many of our holidays to France, Switzerland, Catalonia and Holland can be reached comfortably in a day’s travel from London, but we are happy to tailor-make a longer rail journey for you, if you’re looking to travel further afield and would prefer to travel by train than by plane.

Take the train

A relaxed start to your holiday
Travelling by rail from the UK is a very relaxing (not to mention environmentally friendly!) way to reach your holiday – no traffic jams, no rush for an unassigned seat, and a generous luggage allowance means you can pack as much as you can comfortably carry. Watching the gradual changes in the landscape, you gain a real sense of journey, too, that is impossible from the air, the anticipation mounting as you draw nearer to your destination.

Browse our rail experience section to find out more.
We'll take care of the arrangements for you...
What’s more, the organisation need be no more complicated than booking a flight. We have many years’ experience of arranging Eurostar and connecting services, making us the leading specialists in rail travel among activity-holiday companies.

Tell us whether you’d like to travel in second or first class, and we’ll work out the best route and timings, book the trains, reserve your seats, print out your tickets, and provide full details of your journey, including any changes, in a personalised itinerary.
...wherever you'd like to travel
With most regions within a day’s travel from London, France is the obvious choice. In fact, a third of our customers holidaying in L’Hexagone travel there by rail, but an ever-increasing number of customers holidaying further afield are choosing this option too. North-east Spain and many parts of Germany and Switzerland can be reached in a day, while Italy, southern Spain and Austria are feasible with a sleeper train and/or an overnight stay in a city en route. There are few places in Europe we can’t get you to!

Read our ‘let us take you on a journey’ section for inspiration as to where to go...
City culture en route
Why not make more of your journey by including a night or two in a city along the way? We can arrange stopovers in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Turin, Zürich and Munich, to name but a few.

By Rail

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