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Copenhagen, Stockholm & Helsinki 

Holiday Highlights

Capital delights | Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki - three of northern Europe’s most exciting cities.
Food heaven | Delicious and imaginative Nordic cuisine across many world-class restaurants.
Helsinki | Enjoy an intoxicating blend of east and west in the Finnish capital.
Stockholm archipelago | 14 islands that are a delight to explore on foot.
ABBA Museum | Explore interactive displays, nostalgic music, costumes, singing and dancing.
Nordic Cities Explorer. 7 nights
Nordic Cities Explorer. 7 nights

Holiday information


A touring holiday in northern Europe

Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki are three of northern Europe’s most exciting cities. Featuring well-located hotels and an overnight Baltic Sea cruise, this journey by rail and boat takes in all three. We provide fascinating self-guided walking tours of each city to help you explore.
There’s a freshness to the Nordic environment, and a correspondingly free-and-easy, laid-back attitude among the people, that makes this corner of Europe so exciting to discover. And when it comes to the major urban centres, you get the distinct impression that nature, far from being kept at bay, is invited to play a key role in the cityscape. Green spaces abound; waterfront districts are home to bold architectural statements and ever-more-adventurous Nordic cuisine; and there’s a commitment to the environment, to social cohesion and to clean living – perhaps best symbolised by the ubiquity of the humble bicycle – that’s the envy of the world.

To travel here, then, is to experience life at its contented best, and our week-long itinerary takes you by boat and train to three of the finest cities that northern Europe has to offer. Copenhagen, the first of these Nordic capitals, oozes ‘cool’ from every pore, and is perhaps the most bike-friendly city in the world. Next comes elegant and stylish Stockholm, where you have time to enjoy the Swedish capital’s relaxed vibe before boarding an overnight Baltic Sea cruise ship, bound for Helsinki. A morning arrival the next day allows you almost two full days to explore Finland’s capital – an intoxicating blend of east and west, where the renowned Design District showcases trendsetting brands of great style and substance.

Nordic cities in winter

Offering a markedly different experience, this holiday is also available in the winter months.

Winter touring holiday >



The key to Inntravel holidays is flexibility. You can start on the day of your choice, and are free to add extra nights.
  • Arrival in Copenhagen
    Night 1: at Hotel Strand (the first of two nights here).
    As your first night’s accommodation is on the day of travel, Day 1 is your first day of exploration.
  • Explore Copenhagen
    Copenhagen oozes ‘cool’ from every pore, and is regularly rated the world’s happiest city. There’s an enormous variety of things to see and do here: world-class galleries and museums, some of Europe’s best shopping along Strøget, and Tivoli Gardens – perhaps the world’s most tasteful amusement park. You could also spend half a day pedalling around the world’s most bike-friendly city, pausing at one of the cafés alongside the Nyhavn canal to sit and watch the world go by.
    Cafés beside the Nyhavn canal
    Thinking man statue on the waterfront
  • Copenhagen to Stockholm
    Today's rail journey takes you over the Øresund Bridge (the bridge of ‘Nordic noir’ fame) from Copenhagen to Malmö, then across the heart of southern Sweden to reach smart and sleek Stockholm. You stay for two nights at the very centrally located Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington. (Journey time: 5hrs 30mins)
  • Explore Stockholm
    The Swedish capital, a waterborne beauty spread over 14 islands, is a delight to explore on foot. Wander the medieval lanes of Gamla Stan, relax amid the wide-open green space of Djurgården, and take in some remarkable museums: Skansen was the world’s first open-air museum when it opened in 1891; the Vasamuseet is home to Sweden’s most famous – and fatally top-heavy – warship, Vasa; and the ABBA Museum is, well, just a whole lot of fun!
    Gamla Stan
  • Explore Stockholm, then board the Tallink Silja
    See more of Stockholm, perhaps taking to the canals on a boat tour or visiting the island of Fjäderholmarna, before boarding the Tallink Silja cruise ship for an early-evening departure to Helsinki.
    Nordic Museum
    Wander around the Old Town
  • Arrival in Helsinki, then explore
    Having seen the Stockholm archipelago recede into the setting sun the previous evening, you awaken, revitalised, while gliding through the narrow gap between the islands of Suomenlinna, the remarkable, 18th-century sea fortress in the Bay of Helsinki. Your arrival in the Finnish capital just after breakfast means you have most of the day to explore this uber-fashionable city. You might decide to head first to the incredible, excavated Temppeliaukio (‘Rock Church’), or to take a stroll along the waterfront trail that begins by lovely Hietniemi Bay. 
    Helsinki waterfront
  • Explore Helsinki
    You have one final, full day in Helsinki. Wander the Design District – bursting with boutiques, workshops and galleries – to admire the work of iconic producers like Iittala, Marimekko and Artek; and browse a traditional kauppahalli (market hall) to sample local specialities. In fact, foodies will be in heaven, what with the city’s ever-increasing array of sleek eateries, craft-beer bars, contemporary cafés and micro-distilleries. But this is also a place where cultures collide: Uspenski Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe, wouldn’t look out of place in central Moscow, and it’s perhaps this combination of enduring icons and modern, quirky charms that defines Helsinki’s unique allure.

    From Helsinki, another fascinating Nordic city is within easy reach: historic Tallinn. Adding an extra night in Helsinki will allow you to make a day trip across the Gulf of Finland to Estonia's capital, to explore its medieval Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the ferry takes two hours each way; pay locally).
    Explore the Harbourside market
    Suomenlinna 18th-century sea fortress


All three stylish hotels are well located for exploring the city.

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Prices & travel options
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  • 7 nights: 01 May 2024 - 31 October 2024 & 01 May 2025 - 31 October 2025

    Start any day | End by latest date(s) shown above

    Starting Price Single room
    1 - 27 May 2024 £1395 £495
    28 May - 16 Jun 2024 £1430 £520
    17 - 23 Jun 2024 £1525 £395
    24 Jun - 1 Aug 2024 £1375 £340
    2 - 23 Aug 2024 £1465 £410
    24 Aug - 6 Oct 2024 £1395 £485
    7 - 24 Oct 2024 £1250 £395
    1 - 27 May 2025 £1435 £515
    28 May - 16 Jun 2025 £1475 £540
    17 - 23 Jun 2025 £1585 £410
    24 Jun - 1 Aug 2025 £1415 £355
    2 - 23 Aug 2025 £1515 £430
    24 Aug - 6 Oct 2025 £1445 £500
    7 - 24 Oct 2025 £1280 £405
    3rd & 4th person discount £0
    Single traveller supplement £0

    Includes accommodation, meals, travel between hotels and any other services integral to the holiday as described, plus a detailed information pack, but no travel from the UK, nor any connecting travel from the airport unless stated below.

    Included travel: rail Copenhagen–Stockholm, overnight ferry Stockholm–Helsinki

    Pay locally for taxis between airports, railway stations and ferry ports and your accommodation

    Book your flights through us and we'll find the best route and times to suit you. Please contact us to find out more about our flight booking service. We can also book connecting travel - see below.

  • Room upgrades (£ per person per night)

    Copenhagen Strand, Copenhagen
    Superior: 01 May - 31 Oct 2024 £20
    Superior: 01 May - 31 Oct 2025 £21
    Hotel Fabian, Helsinki
    'Lux': 01 May - 06 Aug 2024 £39
    'Lux': 07 Aug - 15 Oct 2024 £64
    'Lux': 16 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £39
    'Lux': 01 May - 06 Aug 2025 £41
    'Lux': 07 Aug - 15 Oct 2025 £67
    'Lux': 16 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 £41
    'Style': 01 May - 06 Aug 2024 £20
    'Style': 07 Aug - 15 Oct 2024 £45
    'Style': 16 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £20
    'Style': 01 May - 06 Aug 2025 £21
    'Style': 07 Aug - 15 Oct 2025 £47
    'Style': 16 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 £21

    Extra nights (£ per person per night) in a double or single room

    Copenhagen Strand, Copenhagen (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 May - 25 Jun 2024 £170 £289
    26 Jun - 01 Aug 2024 £145 £209
    02 Aug - 08 Oct 2024 £170 £289
    09 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £103 £176
    01 May - 25 Jun 2025 £180 £304
    26 Jun - 01 Aug 2025 £155 £222
    02 Aug - 08 Oct 2025 £180 £304
    09 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 £107 £183
    Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington, Stockholm (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 May - 16 Jun 2024 £150 £196
    17 Jun - 25 Aug 2024 £110 £156
    26 Aug - 30 Sep 2024 £150 £196
    01 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £110 £156
    01 May - 15 Jun 2025 £155 £203
    16 Jun - 24 Aug 2025 £114 £162
    25 Aug - 29 Sep 2025 £155 £203
    30 Sep - 31 Oct 2025 £114 £162
    Hotel Fabian, Helsinki (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 May - 21 May 2024 £94 £171
    22 May - 22 Jun 2024 £170 £251
    23 Jun - 29 Oct 2024 £86 £156
    30 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £106 £196
    01 May - 21 May 2025 £98 £178
    22 May - 22 Jun 2025 £180 £264
    23 Jun - 29 Oct 2025 £89 £162
    30 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 £110 £204
    Copenhagen for the outward flight; Helsinki for the homeward flight
    As an alternative to flying, we can arrange rail and ferry travel from London

    Travelling from the UK

    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying to Copenhagen and home from Helsinki. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    Outward route Airline
    Aberdeen - Copenhagen SAS 
    Aberdeen - Copenhagen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Aberdeen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Birmingham - Copenhagen SAS 
    Birmingham - Copenhagen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Birmingham (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Bristol - Copenhagen easyJet 
    Bristol - Copenhagen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Bristol (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Edinburgh - Copenhagen easyJet,  Norwegian,  Ryanair 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Edinburgh Finnair 
    Helsinki - Edinburgh (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Helsinki - Edinburgh (via Stockholm) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Glasgow - Copenhagen SAS 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Glasgow (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Leeds Bradford - Copenhagen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Leeds Bradford (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Gatwick - Copenhagen easyJet,  Norwegian 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Gatwick Norwegian 
    Outward route Airline
    Heathrow - Copenhagen British Airways,  SAS 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Heathrow British Airways,  Finnair 
    Helsinki - Heathrow (via Stockholm) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Luton - Copenhagen Ryanair 
    Outward route Airline
    Stansted - Copenhagen Ryanair 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Stansted Ryanair 
    Helsinki - Stansted (via Copenhagen) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Manchester - Copenhagen easyJet,  Norwegian,  SAS 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Manchester British Airways,  Finnair 
    Helsinki - Manchester (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Helsinki - Manchester (via Copenhagen) SAS 
    Helsinki - Manchester (via Stockholm) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Newcastle - Copenhagen SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Newquay - Copenhagen SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Norwich - Copenhagen (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Return route Airline
    Helsinki - Norwich (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying to Copenhagen and home from Helsinki. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    This list of flight options should be used as a guide only, and you should check each airline’s website for current routes, frequency and schedules. Not all flights operate daily, and may not run for the entire season. You should also heed the latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time, as it may not be possible to arrange connecting travel outside these times. Please do not book your flights until we have confirmed your accommodation to you. Alternatively, our expert reservations team will be happy to offer advice and to make flight bookings for you for any of the options listed above. We charge £35 per person for our flight booking service. Your flights are then covered by our package-booking conditions, which give you greater protection in the event of delay or cancellation, as well as providing ATOL cover.

What is included
  • 7 nights
  • 7 breakfasts
  • city maps and notes for walking tours
  • detailed cultural information
  • rail travel Copenhagen-Stockholm
  • Baltic Sea ferry crossing Stockholm-Helsinki

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    Many insurers offer travel insurance (you can find details on our insurance page of a policy that you may like to consider if you are a UK resident), but you do need to make sure that you’re covered for medical emergencies – including falling ill with Covid-19 while on holiday – and repatriation. We also recommend that you are covered for other eventualities, such as cancellation and loss of luggage and passports.

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  • The official languages of Denmark and Sweden are, respectively, Danish and Swedish. In Finland, the official languages are Finnish, Swedish and, in Lapland, Sami. The currencies you will need are Danish Kroner, Swedish Krona and Euros. Danish and Swedish time is GMT/UTC + 1, but Finnish time is GMT/UTC + 2. They all use Daylight Saving Time, so in summer Denmark and Sweden are on BST + 1, while Finland is on BST + 2.
  • For information on the practicalities of travel now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union, visit
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