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Life in an Alpujarran Village (without a car)

Las Alpujarras – a land steeped in tradition
Charming Casa Las Chimeneas is a great base for a week’s self-guided walking, with several routes direct from the door and others a short drive away (transfers included). It’s also a place where you can gain insights into local ways of life, and savour dinners of delicious regional cuisine.
Life in an Alpujarran Village (without a car). 7 nights
Life in an Alpujarran Village (without a car). 7 nights

Holiday information


Culture & walking in Las Alpujarras

On the southern slopes of the towering Sierra Nevada, mainland Spain’s tallest mountain range, nestle Las Alpujarras. Characterised by terraced valleys, almond groves, and villages of whitewashed houses with distinctive tall chimneys, this is a deeply traditional area seemingly untouched by the passage of time – ancient irrigation systems built by the Moors exist to this day. Here, you’ll find Mairena, the base for this holiday, where the traditional patterns of life echo the seasons. Figs, medlars and pomegranates are harvested in autumn, followed in December and January by olives, which are still gathered as they have been for centuries – by hitting the branches with a stick. February is marked by the appearance of delicate blossom on the almond trees, while March is associated with the heady scent of sweet, young oranges.
Thanks to your knowledgeable hosts, Emma and David Illsley, you can immerse yourself into the gentle rhythms of southern Spain, joining David on a guided tour through the fruit trees of their nearby organic farm (finca); meeting Adolfo, the local olive-oil producer, to learn how oil is extracted from the fruit; and watching Soledad, the hotel cook, recreate traditional regional dishes. Travel in December or January, and you can even help with the olive harvest, if you so wish. Combine these cultural insights with scenic, varied walks along trails that have linked the villages for centuries, and you will feel as though you’ve really explored under the skin of this beguiling region.

Walking & more

The key to Inntravel holidays is flexibility. You can start on the day of your choice, and are free to add extra nights. There’s no fixed itinerary, so take your pick of our suggested walking routes as the mood takes you.
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    Average temperatures and rainfall
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    °C 11 12 15 17 22 27 32 32 28 21 15 11
    mm 53 55 47 52 37 26 10 7 20 51 64 61
  • Learn about life in Las Alpujarras
    This holiday combines unique insights into local ways of life with some superb walks so as to give you a real feel for Las Alpujarras. Your enthusiastic hosts, Emma and David Illsley, will be only too happy to share their knowledge of their adopted village and its traditional practices with you, and to introduce you to some of their neighbours. To get your bearings, David will take you on an introductory tour of their small finca and the village, explaining the intricacies of the complex Moorish irrigation system which still waters the terraces as you make your way to the local olive mill. Here, Adolfo, who has supplied a renowned restaurant kitchen in London, will explain the processes involved in extracting the oil from this prized fruit. In December and January, you can join in with the harvest if you so wish, enjoying the buzz that animates the immaculate groves as you knock the branches with a sturdy stick to dislodge the stubborn fruit. Another insight into village customs comes in the form of local cook Sole. Her family has lived in Las Alpujarras for generations, and she lovingly recreates age-old local recipes with a delicious modern twist. For anyone with an interest in wine, David and Emma can arrange a tour of the award-winning Buena Vista bodega in Ugijar, complete with a wine-tasting
    Making migas

    Sustainable tourism at the finca

    David and Emma care deeply about the long-term sustainability of the Alpujarras region and a week with them will give you a real insight into some of their ongoing projects on their organic finca. From its inception, the finca was always going to be a place where traditional farming methods would be used to enhance and improve the land, creating a restful haven where the fruits of the fields could be harvested for the hotel and restaurant. Central to this idea – and still as important today – has been learning from the locals and working in tune with nature and the seasons. With this uppermost in their minds, David and Emma have always been quick to seek – and accept – help and advice from local farmers who showed them how to irrigate, plough, prune and tend the land in the age-old traditions of the village.

    Organic farming

    The finca has been granted official ‘organic’ status by the Soil Association, based on farming methods and a complete absence of herbicides and pesticides, thus recognising that all their produce is as fresh, good and natural as nature intended. A welcome by-product of these methods has been the deliberate setting aside of areas of uncultivated land – as all weeds, hedgerows and grasses now have to be controlled the old fashioned way, by hand – leading to an extraordinary variety of flowers and an abundance of insects and bird-life which flourishes in this magical place.

  • An introduction
    There are several good walks from Mairena itself - we provide route notes in the detailed information pack that we send you, and David and Emma will be happy to make further suggestions. To ring the changes, and extend your range, we include three transfers so that you can enjoy some walks slightly further afield, to the east and west of Mairena.
  • Choice of routes: 3km to 15km

    A stroll in the Mairena Valley (grade 1): 3km, 1hr; ascent/descent 150m
    Taking in David and Emma’s finca, this is a great introductory circuit around the terraced slopes south of the village. It’s a walk that David and Emma often accompany you on, showing you the tended gardens of the villagers and passing the rocky outcrop known as the Peñón de Alfaguara, from where there are spectacular views of the landscape and of the village.

    Down to Ugíjar (grade 1): 6km, 1.5hrs; ascent 60m/descent 545m
    A great way to visit the market town of Ugíjar, perhaps in time to visit the local market and linger over a leisurely lunch. The way weaves down along the river valley, through some of the oldest olive groves in the area, passing alongside the steeply eroded, coloured marls and clays and into the well-watered almond terraces that fill the pretty valley just before Ugíjar. Return by taxi (pay locally).

    A short circuit above Mairena via Júbar (grade 1): 6km, 2.5hrs; ascent/descent 355m
    This walk starts with a steepish climb but soon descends to the small village of Júbar, following one of the many water channels built to irrigate the lower slopes of the Alpujarras. It then follows a pretty path back to Mairena.

    Longer circuit above Mairena (grade 2): 9.5km, 4hrs; ascent/descent 530m
    David and Emma refer to this as the ‘On Top of the World Walk’ as it climbs up high on the northern slopes above the village, passing ancient, abandoned water cisterns and threshing floors. With views of Laroles on the other side of a valley you wind down through chestnut groves to the hamlet of Júbar before a stroll back to Mairena.

    The old silk village of Válor (grade 2): 12.5km, 4hrs; ascent/descent 655m
    This is a delightful walk which leads to the old silk weaving town of Válor, passing through terraced slopes, and then descending to the Rio Nechite, crossing the river by stepping stones, before finally reaching Válor where there are several restaurants for lunch.

    A circuit from Mairena via Laroles: 9km, 3.5hrs (grade 1-2) or 15km, 5.5hrs (grade 2); ascent/descent 820m
    This lovely circuit joins the two villages of Júbar and Laroles, taking you up the Laroles river valley on the western side and down on the eastern. On the way, you use a lovely path alongside a water channel, pass a thousand-year-old chestnut tree and drop down to the stream on an old mule path.
  • Choice of routes: 4km to 15.5km

    The walk of the Fountain of Health (grade 1): 4.5km, 2hrs; ascent/descent 240m
    A very pleasant short walk into the hills to the northern side of Yegen, following an ancient cobbled track past springs in the hills, hence its name.

    The Gerald Brenan circuit (grade 1-2): 4km, 2hrs; ascent/descent 350m
    This walk on the southern slopes of Yegen heads down into the bad-lands, a multi-coloured lunar landscape of strangely shaped, eroded rocks. At the base of the valley sits the isolated cubic rock known as Peñon el Fuerte, the site of a now vanished Moorish castle. It is said that Gerald Brenan walked this route every afternoon.

    Río Grande – higher route (grade 2): 15.5km, 6hrs; ascent/descent 800m
    This is a scenic and rewarding walk, initially rising steeply up the east side of the valley, then following pretty paths contouring the valley in and out of woodland. You pass over the Río Grande at the head of the valley before returning on paths to pass an ancient silk-mill.

    Río Grande – lower route (grade 1-2): 11km, 4hrs; ascent/descent 400m
    An easier way to explore the valley of the Río Grande and reach the ancient silk-mill.
  • Choice of routes: 3km or 9km

    Laroles – Picena circuit (grade 1-2): 9km, 3.5hrs
    An interesting circuit through various fincas of almond and olive terraces into a deep valley and then to the village of Picena, famed for its Mudéjar-style church and the ruins of the nearby Castillejo de Picena.

    The Picena gorge (grade 1): 3km, 1.5hrs
    More an experience than a walk, you combine this exploration of a pretty, verdant gorge with a trip to the village. The rock has been carved into gullies and cauldrons; while the unique fauna includes the rare nettle-tree butterfly.


Your base is Mairena, a typical Alpujarran village where mules still outnumber cars by two to one at harvest time!
Casa las Chimeneas
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    1 Sep - 14 Oct 2019 £845 £285
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    1 Apr - 23 Jun 2020 £815 £270
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    Casa las Chimeneas, Mairena (with dinner) Double room Single room
    01 Sep - 11 Nov 2019 £90 £128
    16 Jan - 29 Feb 2020 £85 £121
    01 Mar - 30 Jun 2020 £90 £128
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    coach Granada to Guadix (1h15), hotel transfer Guadix to hotel (1h30) deduct £17 1700
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    hotel transfer hotel to Guadix (1h30), coach Guadix to Granada (1h15) deduct £17 1200

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What is included
  • 7 nights
  • 7 dinners
    3 picnics
    7 breakfasts
  • route notes and maps
    & detailed cultural notes
  • tour of finca
    visit to olive mill
  • 3 transfers to the start of walks
  • coach travel from/to the airport

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