The Azores – the Archipelago Experience

Europe's westernmost frontier

Holiday Highlights

Island hopping | Stay on three different islands – with the option to visit a fourth.
Scenic variety | Ancient forest, tropical plants, hot springs and impressive peaks.
Whale watching included | Go in search of the archipelago’s magnificent marine mammals.
Crater lakes | Hike around Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde – the iconic images of the Azores.
São Jorge’s lagoons | Enjoy a spot of swimming in these secluded coastal pools.
The Azores – the Archipelago Experience. 14 nights
The Azores – the Archipelago Experience. 14 nights

Holiday information


A walking holiday in the Azores

With stays on three different islands – and the option to visit a fourth – this self-guided walking holiday serves as a great introduction to the archipelago. Scenic, varied walks reveal unique volcanic landscapes, and, to complete your experience, a whale-watching trip is included.
The Azores, some 800 miles west of mainland Portugal, remain one of Europe’s most impressive and least-discovered outposts. This extraordinary archipelago has historically formed a vital link between the Old and New Worlds, with a distinctive history and culture. The fusion of vivid green landscapes and dramatic volcanic scenery lends them a unique feel, and culturally, too, the mix is fascinating – striking Baroque churches built by the pioneers, bustling ports, great religious festivals.

On this two-week holiday, you visit São Jorge, Faial, Pico and São Miguel, on all of which walking is by far the best way to discover their volcanic landscapes and lush vegetation.

After landing on the main island São Miguel, the holiday really begins when you fly north-west to the most picturesque island, São Jorge, characterised by its fajãs – fertile plains by the sea framed by steep slopes and planted with crops and fruit trees – and by the chain of mountains that runs the entire length of the island. Further west still, Faial may be one of the smallest islands, but is one of the best known because its handsome harbour, Horta, has traditionally been a port of call for ships crossing the Atlantic. Its neighbour, Pico, meanwhile, earns its name from its distinctive mountain whose summit, at 2,351 metres, is one of the highest in the Atlantic.

Finally, you return to São Miguel, the largest and most varied of the islands, where you will see pockets of ancient laurisilva (laurel forest), tropical plants, crater lakes, hot springs and mist-shrouded peaks. To fully show you the great scenic variety, we suggest walks in different corners of the island, all accessed using your included hire car.



The key to Inntravel holidays is flexibility. You can start on the day of your choice, and are free to add extra nights. Take your pick of our suggested walking routes for each island as the mood takes you.
  • The average maximum daytime temperatures and monthly rainfall relate to the nearest weather station and are intended as a guide only.

    The Azores' location in the Atlantic makes for changeable weather, characterised by wet winters and bright, temperate summers. June and July are the best months for flowers.
    Average temperatures and rainfall
      Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    °C 16 16 16 17 19 21 23 25 24 21 18 17
    mm 135 110 106 72 56 39 32 41 84 114 133 124
  • Arrival in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel
    Night 1: at Hotel do Cólegio (where you spend one night).
    As your first night’s accommodation is on the day of travel, Day 1 is your first day of exploration.
  • Choice of routes on São Jorge: 9km to 17km
    A one-hour internal flight takes you to São Jorge, where you stay for four nights at the Casa do António in the island's capital, Velas. While you are here we offer the following four walks, of which you will have time for three. All of them start with a taxi ride (included), and the taxi driver will collect you from your hotel at 9.30 each morning, at which point you can decide which walk to do that day (he will be happy to offer advice as to the best option as regards the weather) and arrange a time to be picked up at the end of the walk where necessary.

    Fajã dos Cubres (grade 2): 9km, 4.5hrs; ascent 160m/descent 845m
    This memorable linear walk explores the eastern side of the island. Starting high on the central ridge, it descends through a beautiful valley to reach Fajã da Caldeira do Santa Cristo – a remote coastal village accessible only on foot or by sea. This village is home to a salt-water lagoon which is the only place in the Azores where clams are found – a real local delicacy! The second half of the route then traces an undulating coastal path to reach the hamlet of Fajã dos Cubres.

    Fajã do Ouvidor (grade 2): 17km, 5.5hrs; ascent 325m/descent 1075m
    This long but enjoyable linear route follows a broad cinder track east from Pico das Caldeirinhas, passing through a fascinating landscape of volcanic cones and calderas. You have the opportunity to climb Pico da Esperança, the highest point on the island, before descending gradually through farmland. You then have a final steep descent on a cobbled path to reach the coastal village of Fajã do Ouvidor, where your efforts are rewarded with the opportunity to swim in some beautiful natural pools.

    To Velas (grade 2): 12km, 4hrs; ascent 120m/descent 875m
    Also starting from Pico das Caldeirinhas, this undemanding linear route leads west along the spine of the island, commanding excellent panoramas along both the southern and northern coasts to the other islands of the archipelago. The final section winds steeply down into Velas on a forest path, and you enjoy lovely views over the town before emerging in its centre.

    Farol dos Rosais Lighthouse (grade 1-2): 11km, 3.5hrs; ascent 220m/descent 350m
    This gentle circular walk begins in the pretty forest park of Sete Fontes on the island's north-western tip. Your path meanders through green pastures, affording views of the neighbouring island of Graciosa, to reach the ruined lighthouse of Farol dos Rosais. Return by a more southerly route, with views of Faial and Pico dominating the horizon.
    The route to Fajã dos Cubres
    Fajã dos Cubres: 9km
    Fajã do Ouvidor: 17km
    To Velas: 12km
    Farol dos Rosais Lighthouse: 11km
  • Travel to Faial
    At the end of your stay on São Jorge, you catch the ferry to Faial (ticket included), where you spend four nights at the Pousada Forte da Horta in Horta.
  • Choice of routes on Faial: 10km to 19.5km
    We provide notes for three routes:

    Ten volcanoes (grade 3): up to 19.5km, 7hrs; ascent 600m/descent 1430m
    This iconic walk reveals scenery unlike any other explored on this holiday. After taking a taxi to the starting point (40mins – pay locally), you walk halfway around the rim of the central caldera before descending on a broad cinder track to reach a levada (water channel) which you follow first through farmland, then through jungle-like woodland. The vegetation becomes increasingly sparse as you near the volcanic "badlands" formed during the eruption of 1957/58, and the excellent volcanology centre. Take time to visit before returning to Horta by taxi (pay locally).
    For a shorter day, you can join the route at a later point, but still enjoy the same dramatic finale.

    The beach of Almoxarife (grade 1-2): 10km, 3.5hrs; ascent 370m/descent 355m
    This pleasant, shorter walk starts from Horta itself and ascends into the hills on quiet country roads before following hydrangea-lined paths down to the black-sand beach of Almoxarife, where you can swim. Return by taxi (pay locally).

    Pico (grade 1-2): 13.5km, 4.5hrs
    We highly recommend taking a day trip to Pico on the regular inter-island ferry (pay locally). Pico is dominated by its conical, volcanic peak, the highest point in Portugal, and the reason the island got its name. While you are on Pico, we suggest that you visit the fascinating Gruta das Torres lava tunnel (advance booking required), then enjoy a walk through the UNESCO-protected wine region back to Madalena, the small capital where the ferry docks. In Madalena, there is a small wine museum, in a former monastic vineyard, and it is also possible to visit the local wine cooperative for a tour and tasting.
    The 'ten volcanoes' route on Faial
    10 volcanoes: up to 19.5km
    The beach of Almoxarife: 10km
    Pico: 13.5km
  • Travel to São Miguel
    You fly back to São Miguel, where you collect your hire car and drive east to the spa town of Furnas, where you stay five nights at Terra Garden Nostra Boutique Hotel.

    We include a half-day whale-watching trip during your time here; for your other days, we offer a wide selection of walking options. We also provide notes for two driving tours which take in some of the island’s best sights, such as the crater lakes, bubbling springs and steaming fumaroles of the south, and the more remote far eastern end of the island.
  • 3km to 4.5km

    Around Maia: 3km, 1hr; ascent/descent 60m
    This short circular route from the coastal village of Maia is the perfect introduction to São Miguel’s scenic north. Take time to explore the village and tobacco factory museum (one of the oldest on the island and well worth a visit) before joining a footpath that runs along the headland and back into Maia. (Driving time from hotel: 25 minutes)

    Chá Gorreana: 3km, 1.5hrs; ascent/descent 170m
    Also on the north coast is Chá Gorreana – Europe’s oldest remaining tea plantation. Wander through the neatly manicured terraces where the tea is grown, and afterwards pay a visit to the 19th-century factory to witness the Victorian machinery in action! (Driving time from hotel: 20 minutes)

    The Serra Devassa: 4.5km, 1.5hrs; ascent/descent 165m
    This gentle route makes an excellent extension to the Sete Cidades circuit (see Grade 2 walking routes) but is also a pleasant option in its own right. It winds across open moorland and offers great views down to the west coast, before leading you to two small crater lakes where there is the chance to swim; you can also explore a number of other smaller lakes nearby. (Driving time from hotel: 1 hour 15 minutes)
    Explore the tea plantation of Chá Gorreana
    Around Maia: 3km
    Chá Gorreana: 3km
    The Serra Devassa: 4.5km
  • 4km to 11.5km

    Praia do Viola: 6km, 2.5hrs; ascent 240m/descent 420m; longer option: 11.5km, 5hrs
    Starting from Maia in the north, this route heads east along a delightful coastal path, passing a series of ruined watermills before reaching the black-sand beach of Viola. Test out the waters before retracing your steps. For a more challenging day, there is the option to continue farther along the coast. (Driving time from hotel: 25 minutes)

    Fenais de Ajuda: 5.5km, 2.5hrs; ascent/descent 300m
    This short but demanding circular route begins in the north coast hamlet of Fenais de Ajuda. After initially following a quiet country lane, the undulating route descends to the coast to reach a lovely waterfall and pool. You return to Fenais through peaceful woodland, ascending steeply at times. (Driving time from hotel: 25 minutes)

    Furnas Lake: 9.5km, 3hrs; ascent/descent 270m
    Starting from the door of your hotel, this easy walk winds through open meadows and mixed woodland, passing steaming bubbling hot springs to reach a low-level crater lake. Make your way around the volcanic shores of the lake before returning to Furnas.

    Sanguinho Valley: 4km, 1.5hrs; ascent/descent 250m
    One of our favourite routes, this short but adventurous ‘jungle’ walk traverses the densely forested Sanguinho Valley, crossing streams and rivers to reach a secluded waterfall. In summer, the displays of flowers are fantastic, with acacias, banksias and yellow ginger lilies lining the trail. To return to your car, head back down the valley on a different path. (Driving time from hotel: 40 minutes)

    Janela do Inferno: 7.5km, 3hrs; ascent/descent 275m
    This varied circular route explores the southern slopes of the island, passing through farmland and entering a secret valley of tunnels, aqueducts, waterways and the ominously named Janela do Inferno (‘window to hell’), a small waterfall bursting from the rockface. (Driving time from hotel: 1 hour 10 minutes)
    Walk from Fenais de Ajuda to the coast
    On the circular walk in the Sanguinho Valley
    En route to Janela do Inferno
    Praia do Viola, longer option: 11.5km
    Fenais de Ajuda: 5.5km
    Furnas Lake: 9.5km
    Sanguinho Valley: 4km
    Janela do Inferno: 7.5km
  • 11 or 12km

    Fire Lake: 11km, 4.5hrs; ascent/descent 390m
    The target of this circular walk is the 'fire lake' of Fogo, so named as the 1563 eruption that formed the crater it occupies caused a bright glow visible for miles around. You approach the lake via the island’s southern slopes, walking alongside a levada and through ancient forested landscapes to reach its shores. Enjoy wonderful views of the lake’s azure-green waters, before descending to your car along the same route. (Driving time from hotel: 40 minutes)

    Sete Cidades: 12km, 4hrs; ascent/descent 440m
    Beginning at the Vista do Rei viewpoint, this unmissable circuit reveals the twin crater lakes of Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, the iconic images of the Azores. As you follow a cinder track around the edge of the vast crater rim, you are treated to spectacular views across the lakes and to the sea beyond. From the ridge, descend to the village of Sete Cidades and the clear blue waters of these famous lakes. (Driving time from hotel: 1 hour 10 minutes)
    The 'fire lake' of Fogo
    Sete Cidades
    Fire Lake: 11km
    Sete Cidades: 12km
  • Half-day excursion included
    The Azores are set in one of the world’s most important areas for marine mammals. Your half-day excursion with Terra Azul explores the waters off the south coast in search of sperm whales, pilot whales, dolphins and turtles. We normally book this for your third day on the island so as to give you the opportunity to repeat the boat trip free of charge if no cetaceans are spotted first time around.
    Enjoy a half-day whale-watching excursion


You stay in four very different hotels on three outstanding islands.

Options to extend or shorten your stay

Prices & travel options
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  • 14 nights: 01 May 2024 - 30 September 2024 & 01 May 2025 - 30 September 2025

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    Starting Price Single room
    1 - 21 May 2024 £2650 £980
    22 May - 16 Jun 2024 £2785 £1030
    17 - 30 Jun 2024 £2880 £1080
    1 Jul - 6 Sep 2024 £2995 £1150
    7 - 16 Sep 2024 £2910 £1110
    1 - 21 May 2025 £2760 £1020
    22 May - 16 Jun 2025 £2900 £1075
    17 - 30 Jun 2025 £3000 £1125
    1 Jul - 6 Sep 2025 £3115 £1200
    7 - 16 Sep 2025 £3030 £1155
    3rd & 4th person discount -£270 to -£280
    Single traveller supplement £270 to £285

    Includes accommodation, meals and services integral to the holiday as described, plus walking notes and maps, but no travel from the UK, nor any connecting travel from the airport unless stated below.

    Price includes: domestic flight São Miguel to São Jorge on day 1; ferry São Jorge to Faial on day 5; domestic flight Faial to São Miguel on day 9; 6 days' category C car hire (eg Ford Fiesta or similar with manual transmission) while on São Miguel

    Book your flights through us and we'll find the best route and times to suit you. Please contact us to find out more about our flight booking service. We can also book connecting travel - see below.

  • Room upgrades (£ per person per night)

    Hotel do Cólegio, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel
    Superior: 01 May - 30 Sep 2024 £8
    Superior: 01 May - 30 Sep 2025 £8
    Casa do António, Velas, São Jorge
    'Tower' with harbour view: 01 May - 30 Sep 2024 £9
    'Tower' with harbour view: 01 May - 30 Sep 2025 £9
    Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, Furnas
    Superior with garden view: 01 May - 30 Sep 2024 £55
    Superior with garden view: 01 May - 30 Sep 2025 £57

    Extra nights (£ per person per night) in a double or single room

    Solar do Lalém price includes an additional day's car hire
    Pousada Forta da Horta, Horta, Faial (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 May - 06 Jun 2024 £90 £180
    07 Jun - 06 Jul 2024 £110 £220
    07 Jul - 16 Sep 2024 £125 £250
    17 Sep - 30 Sep 2024 £110 £220
    01 May - 06 Jun 2025 £94 £188
    07 Jun - 06 Jul 2025 £114 £228
    07 Jul - 16 Sep 2025 £130 £260
    17 Sep - 30 Sep 2025 £114 £228
    Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, Furnas (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 May - 30 Sep 2024 £235 £360
    01 May - 30 Sep 2025 £245 £375
    São Miguel (latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time are flexible)

    Travelling from the UK

    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying via Lisbon. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    Outward route Airline
    Gatwick - Ponta Delgada (via Lisbon) Azores Airlines (SATA),  TAP Air Portugal 
    Gatwick - Ponta Delgada (via Porto) TAP Air Portugal 
    Outward route Airline
    Heathrow - Ponta Delgada British Airways 
    Heathrow - Ponta Delgada (via Lisbon) Azores Airlines (SATA),  TAP Air Portugal 
    Outward route Airline
    Stansted - Ponta Delgada Azores Airlines (SATA),  Ryanair 
    Outward route Airline
    Manchester - Ponta Delgada (via Lisbon) TAP Air Portugal 
    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying via Lisbon. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    This list of flight options should be used as a guide only, and you should check each airline’s website for current routes, frequency and schedules. Not all flights operate daily, and may not run for the entire season. You should also heed the latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time stated in the connecting travel section, as it may not be possible to arrange connecting travel outside these times. Please do not book your flights until we have confirmed your accommodation to you. Alternatively, our expert reservations team will be happy to offer advice and to make flight bookings for you for any of the options listed above. We charge £35 per person for our flight booking service. Your flights are then covered by our package-booking conditions, which give you greater protection in the event of delay or cancellation, as well as providing ATOL cover.

What is included
  • 14 nights
  • 3 picnics
    14 breakfasts
  • route notes and maps, plus GPS navigation
  • 6 days' category C car hire on São Miguel
  • flight São Miguel to São Jorge
    flight Faial to São Miguel
  • transfer from airport on São Jorge
  • ferry São Jorge to Faial
  • whale-watching excursion

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