Norwegian Highlights with Fjærland

Islands, fjords & great cities
Discover the Norwegian fjords, plus Oslo and Bergen, on this self-guided journey by boat and train that features a 3-night journey on the Hurtigruten steamer, the Lofoten Islands (with car hire included), idyllic Fjaerland and the renowned Flåm Railway.
Norwegian Highlights with Fjærland. 16 nights
Norwegian Highlights with Fjærland. 16 nights

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An epic touring holiday in Norway

There is so much to see on this epic boat and rail journey through Norway. You’d be forgiven for thinking at times that the scenery can’t get any better, but this is Norway, and such is the drama of its landscapes that the views never cease to amaze.
Not for nothing do we call this holiday ‘Norwegian Highlights’. Starting on the magical Lofoten Islands with their landscape of granite mountains contrasting with a sapphire sea, you then experience ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage’ along the dramatic, fissured coastline to the friendly city of Bergen. Next discover serene fjords, including one of Sognefjord’s most picturesque spurs, which is dominated by the mighty Jostedal Glacier, and ride on the remarkable Flåm Railway before finishing in Oslo.



The key to Inntravel holidays is flexibility. You can start on the day of your choice, and are free to add extra nights.
  • Arrival in Svolvær
    Night 1: at Svinøya Rorbuer (the first of three nights here).
    As your first night’s accommodation is on the day of travel, Day 1 is your first day of exploration.
  • Explore the Lofoten Islands
    The wild beauty of the Lofoten Islands is humbling. Rugged granite spires frame silver beaches and an impossibly blue sea, while rocky headlands are dotted with small communities of wooden houses and distinctive, red-and-white rorbuer (fishermen’s huts). Given your included hire car and self-guided route notes, we suggest a combination of walking and driving. Visit one or two of the islands’ museums, such as the Viking Museum with its impressive reconstruction of the chieftain’s longhouse that was found here; take a boat trip to the incomparable, sheer-sided Trollfjord, the two-kilometre-long stretch of water separating the Lofotens from the Vesteralen archipelago; stroll through the UNESCO designated fishing village of Nusfjord; or enjoy the near-deserted walk from Brenna.
    Enjoy a peaceful walk from Brenna
    Visit pretty Henningsvaer
  • Svolvær to Bergen
    You have one last day to admire the special beauty of these islands before boarding the evening Hurtigruten sailing, bound for Bergen. The Norwegians proudly describe this journey as ‘the world’s most beautiful voyage’. Established in the late-19th century to connect the relatively prosperous south with the country’s northern wilderness, Hurtigruten’s red-and-white fleet still carries cargo and calls in at ports both large and small, but these days the emphasis is firmly on comfort, good food, and – of course – the spellbinding scenery.
    The special beauty of the Lofoten Islands
  • On board the Hurtigruten
    With three nights on board, you can marvel at the magnificent, ever-changing scenery, keep a look out for the many bird species which can be spotted along this coastline, and enjoy the Hurtigruten’s fine hospitality. There are several on-shore excursions to choose from, including a visit to Trondheim, Norway’s original capital.
    Take a shore excursion in Trondheim
    Journey on the Hurtigruten
  • Arrival in Bergen
    You arrive in the middle of the afternoon in Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, which has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is overlooked by forested mountain slopes. The centrally located Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz is your base for two nights.
    Arrive into Bergen
  • Explore Bergen
    Today is free to explore Bergen on foot using our self-guided tour. There’s a real sense of history here, and the famous Bryggen – the UNESCO-listed, Hanseatic harbour district – has long been a melting-pot for traders from all over the world. Wander amid its brightly painted shops and warehouses, and peek into the large, glass-sided Fisk Torget (fish market) – a riot of sound and colour, especially when the catch comes in. It’s also worth taking the funicular up the mountain behind the city for views over the fjords.
    Views over the city from the funicular
    The Fish Market (C)Bergen Tourism Terje Rakke Nordic Life
  • Bergen to Fjærland
    Leaving Bergen, you travel by express boat along the coast and into majestic Sognefjord. From water level, the mountains framing it seem even grander, and all you can see ahead is headland after headland plunging into the sapphire waters. At Balestrand you change onto a conventional boat for a journey along one of Sognefjord’s most picturesque spurs. Your destination is Fjærland and the Fjærland Fjordstue, where you spend two nights. (Journey time: 5.5hrs)
    Journey by express boat
  • Explore Fjærland
    Fjærland is a mere stone’s throw from Jostedalsbreen, Europe’s largest glacier, so it’s no surprise to find the impressive Norwegian Glacier Museum here. What you might not be expecting, however, is a wealth of second-hand bookshops – 14, at the last count – that makes this farming village as appealing to bibliophiles as to lovers of the great outdoors. If you fall into the latter category, you might find time to hire a bike and cycle along the shores of the fjord, or to simply take to the water in a rowing boat.
    Peaceful Fjaerland
    Fjaerland, the book village
  • Fjærland to Balestrand
    You retrace the last part of Day 8's journey back to Balestrand, for two nights in Kvikne’s Hotel, which offers sumptuous fjord-side views. (Journey time: 1.5hrs)
  • Explore Balestrand
    There are plenty of ways to spend day here: enjoy a bike ride, or stroll along Balestrand’s heritage trail to learn about the artists who have visited the village. You could also seek out the fjord-side Cider House, a distillery and restaurant run by a Norwegian-Turkish couple amid over 100 varieties of fruit trees. Other options are to walk up the slopes behind the hotel to gain a different perspective on the splendid scenery, or to visit one or more of the area’s remarkable ‘stave churches’ – elaborate, 12th-century wooden structures, often topped with dragons’ heads, much like the prows of Viking longships.
    St Olaf's church, Balestrand
    The Cider House
  • Balestrand to Flåm
    Leaving Balestrand, you take the express boat further inland, along steep-sided Aurlandsfjord to Flåm, for two nights at the historic Fretheim Hotel. (Journey time: 1.5hrs)
  • Explore Flåm
    Take an exhilarating bike ride down the old 'Navvies' Road from Myrdal, enjoy the more sedentary sipping of award-winning ales in surroundings (including a nine-metre-high fireplace) inspired by Norse mythology at the Ægir Brewery, or take a boat trip along beautiful Nærøyfjord, where waterfalls plunge 1,200 metres from the clifftops.
    The future of the fjords boat along Naerøyfjord  (C)^âm AS
    Enjoy a bike ride down the old Navvies Road
  • Flåm to Oslo
    Take your seat on the Flåmsbana, one of the world’s great train journeys that rivals even the Hurtigruten voyage. From the fjord, you ascend ever higher into the mountains, past lush woodland and thundering waterfalls. At the top, you change trains and over the next couple of hours descend gradually to Oslo, where you have two nights at the Hotel Bristol. (Journey time: 6hrs)
    Take the Flâm Railway and then onwards to Oslo (C)âm AS
  • Explore Oslo
    Spend your last day exploring Norway’s flourishing capital, using our self-guided walking tour to take in some of its many sights. Stroll around the bustling harbour, see the fortress on the headland overlooking Oslofjord, or tour attractions such as the sculpture park, and fascinating museums such as that devoted to Viking ships. You could also admire the ship that took Amundsen all the way to the South Pole in 1911; visit the Nobel Peace Centre; or explore Aker Brygge, the waterfront district which typifies the Norwegian capital’s bold sense of style. Here, you can ascend the 90-metre Tjuvtitten Tower (the ‘Sneak Peak’) for sensational views over the city.


You stay in an appealing mix of accommodation, including the Hurtigruten coastal steamer.

In some places we work with more than one hotel, as shown below. All are hand-picked by us and, unless there is a price implication (in which case we will contact you to discuss your options), we will tell you which one we have booked for you on your booking confirmation. Wherever you stay in each city, we recommend adding an extra night to give you more time to explore.

Options to extend or shorten your stay

Prices & travel options
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  • 16 nights : 24 May 2024 - 21 September 2024

    Start any day | End by latest date(s) shown above

    Starting Price Single room
    24 - 28 May 2024 £4245 £1200
    29 May - 28 Jul 2024 £4645 £1470
    29 Jul - 28 Aug 2024 £4480 £1310
    29 Aug - 5 Sep 2024 £4180 £1075
    24 - 28 May 2025 £4415 £1250
    29 May - 28 Jul 2025 £4835 £1530
    29 Jul - 28 Aug 2025 £4660 £1365
    29 Aug - 5 Sep 2025 £4350 £1120
    3rd & 4th person discount -£480 to -£605
    Single traveller supplement £485 to £615

    Includes accommodation, meals, travel between hotels and any other services integral to the holiday as described, plus a detailed information pack, but no travel from the UK, nor any connecting travel from the airport unless stated below.

    Included travel: 4 days' category C car hire (eg Citroen C3 or similar with automatic transmission) on the Lofotens. Stamsund – Bergen – Fjærland – Balestrand – Flåm – Oslo by boat/rail.

    Driving time to first hotel: Svolvær 0h10

    Book your flights through us and we'll find the best route and times to suit you. Please contact us to find out more about our flight booking service. We can also book connecting travel - see below.

  • Room upgrades (£ per person per night)

    Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz, Bergen
    Superior double (no twins): 24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £22
    Superior double (no twins): 24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £23
    Kvikne’s Hotel, Balestrand
    'Demi-suite' in the historic building: 24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £46
    'Demi-suite' in the historic building: 24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £48
    Fjord view in the historic building: 24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £18
    Fjord view in the historic building: 24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £19
    Fretheim Hotel, Flåm
    'Historic': 24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £0
    'Historic': 24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £0

    Extra nights (£ per person per night) in a double or single room

    Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz, Bergen (B&B) Double room Single room
    24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £91 £124
    24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £95 £129
    Kvikne’s Hotel, Balestrand (with dinner) Double room Single room
    24 May - 21 Sep 2024 £180 £224
    24 May - 21 Sep 2025 £190 £236
    Hotel Bristol, Oslo (B&B) Double room Single room
    24 May - 21 Sep 2024 # £112 £174
    24 May - 21 Sep 2025 # £116 £180
    # Add £13pp/n if staying in Oslo Mon-Thu 14 May-28 Jun & 7 Aug-30 Sep
    Svolvær via Bodø or Oslo for the outward flight; Oslo for the homeward flight

    As an alternative to flying, we can arrange rail travel from London

    Travelling from the UK

    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying via Oslo. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    Outward route Airline
    Aberdeen - Bodø (via Bergen & Oslo) SAS 
    Aberdeen - Bodø (via Bergen) Wideroe 
    Aberdeen - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Aberdeen - Bodø (via Stavanger & Oslo) SAS 
    Aberdeen - Oslo (Gardermoen) Loganair,  SAS 
    Aberdeen - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Amsterdam KLM 
    Aberdeen - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Bergen SAS 
    Aberdeen - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Copenhagen SAS 
    Aberdeen - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Stavanger SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Birmingham - Bodø (via Copenhagen & Oslo) SAS 
    Birmingham - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Frankfurt) Lufthansa 
    Birmingham - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Birmingham - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Copenhagen) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Bristol - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Edinburgh - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Edinburgh - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) Norwegian 
    Edinburgh - Oslo (Gardermoen) Norwegian 
    Edinburgh - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Humberside - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Leeds Bradford - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Gatwick - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) Norwegian 
    Gatwick - Oslo (Gardermoen) Norwegian 
    Gatwick - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Copenhagen) Norwegian 
    Gatwick - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Stockholm) Norwegian 
    Outward route Airline
    Heathrow - Bodø (via Bergen) Wideroe 
    Heathrow - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) & Trondheim) SAS 
    Heathrow - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Heathrow - Oslo (Gardermoen) British Airways,  SAS 
    Heathrow - Svolvær (via Bergen & Bodø) Wideroe 
    Outward route Airline
    Luton - Oslo (Gardermoen) Wizz Air 
    Outward route Airline
    Stansted - Oslo (Gardermoen) Ryanair 
    Outward route Airline
    Manchester - Bodø (via Copenhagen & Oslo) SAS 
    Manchester - Bodø (via Heathrow & Oslo) SAS 
    Manchester - Bodø (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen) Norwegian,  SAS 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Frankfurt) Lufthansa 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Copenhagen SAS 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Heathrow SAS 
    Manchester - Oslo (Gardermoen), via Stockholm SAS 
    Manchster - Oslo (via Paris) Air France 
    Outward route Airline
    Newcastle - Oslo Loganair 
    Newcastle - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Norwich - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Outward route Airline
    Teesside International - Oslo (Gardermoen) (via Amsterdam Schiphol) KLM 
    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  we recommend flying via Oslo. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    This list of flight options should be used as a guide only, and you should check each airline’s website for current routes, frequency and schedules. Not all flights operate daily, and may not run for the entire season. You should also heed the latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time, as it may not be possible to arrange connecting travel outside these times. Please do not book your flights until we have confirmed your accommodation to you. Alternatively, our expert reservations team will be happy to offer advice and to make flight bookings for you for any of the options listed above. We charge £35 per person for our flight booking service. Your flights are then covered by our package-booking conditions, which give you greater protection in the event of delay or cancellation, as well as providing ATOL cover.

  • Prices below are based on 2 people travelling together.

    Where a price range is given, the price you pay depends on your date of travel.

    Connecting travel options - flying via Bodø

    Outward route Price per person Latest flight
    arrival time
    domestic flight Bodo to Svolvær (0h25), drive hire car from Svolvær airport to accommodation (0h10) contact us flexible
    Homeward route
    not recommended in this direction

    Connecting travel options - flying via Oslo

    Outward route Price per person Latest flight
    arrival time
    domestic flight Oslo to Svolvær (2h25), drive hire car from Svolvær airport to accommodation (0h10) contact us flexible
    Homeward route Price per person Earliest flight
    departure time
    own travel arrangements from hotel to airport pay locally flexible

    Connecting travel options - flying via Svolvær

    Outward route Price per person Latest flight
    arrival time
    drive hire car from Svolvaer airport to accommodation (0h10) included flexible
    Homeward route
    not recommended in this direction
What is included
  • 16 nights
  • 11 dinners
    16 breakfasts
  • city maps, and notes for city walking tours
  • detailed cultural information
  • 4 days’ category B (automatic) car hire on Lofotens
  • coastal steamer Lofotens-Bergen
  • boat/rail travel Bergen-Fjærland-Balestrand-Flåm-Oslo

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  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are in possession of the correct travel documents, with the correct validity. If you’re a UK citizen, you need a full British passport to travel to Norway, but not a visa (please note, however, that a new travel authorisation system is being introduced). If you are a citizen of another country, you’ll need to check requirements with the national embassy or your own consulate.

    Current information regarding vaccinations and travel health advice for UK citizens can be found through the Travel Health Pro website. You must make sure you have adequate insurance cover for illness, accidents and repatriation (see the insurance question). There is no need to apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) as this (and still-current EHICs) is not valid in Norway. However, should you need medical help, you can show your UK passport at the medical facility and treatment will be provided on the same terms as for Norwegian nationals. It is important that, if you already have travel insurance in place, the terms do not exclude medical cover, especially for existing conditions, in the absence of an EHIC.
  • The most widely spoken language is Norwegian. The currency is the Kroner. Norwegian time is GMT/UTC + 1. It uses Daylight Saving Time, so in summer is on BST + 1.
  • For information on the practicalities of travel now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union, visit
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