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Top 10 holidays accessible by rail

Top 10 holidays accessible by rail    

Top 10 Holidays Accessible by Rail
We thought we'd better create this Top 10 for the growing number of people who swear that there is no better way to travel than by train.

Certainly, you are able to appreciate the scenery much better than you can from a plane or a car, and it is environmentally friendly too, leaving a much fainter carbon footprint. The vast majority of our French holidays – as well as several Swiss and Spanish ones – can be reached comfortably in a day from London St Pancras or Ebbsfleet; here we list our ten favourites:


Flavours of Catalonia Walk, spain
Gastronomic Trails in Catalonia
This is one of our gentlest walking holidays, so arriving in a leisurely fashion by train seems very fitting. Besides the scenery – over the course of the week you meander across the timeless inland plain to the rugged and beautiful Costa Brava – the holiday’s two great features are the high-quality hotels and exceptional cuisine.
Across the Roof of Europe Journey, Switzerland
Grand Tour of Switzerland
The journey to your starting point in eastern Switzerland may not be quite as spectacular as the railways you travel on over the course of the week – the highlight of which is probably the Gornergrat Railway, from which the Matterhorn seems so close you could almost touch it – but it certainly sets the tone for a week of awe-inspiring mountain views and leisurely exploration.
Châteaux of the Loire Cycle, Loire Valley, france
Châteaux of the Loire Cycle
This had to feature in our Top 10 holidays by rail because, being in northern France, the Loire Valley is one of the regions that you can reach most quickly from London – you can be at your first hotel by a very respectable 4pm after a civilised 9am departure from London. For such a relatively short journey, the difference in climate is impressive: summers are much longer and warmer than they are in Britain, making it perfect for days of leisurely cycling and long picnics in the grounds of the many splendid châteaux.
To the Pont du Gard Walk, Roman Provence, france
To the Pont du Gard
This is the walk that we always recommend to anyone looking for a holiday on which the emphasis is just as much on the hotels and the gastronomy as it is on the walking. The scenery is beautiful, as is the 3- and 4-star accommodation in which you stay, and the cuisine is truly outstanding. To really start your holiday in the style in which you mean to go on, we recommend upgrading to first class on your rail journey.
Dordogne Valley Cycle, Dordogne, france
Dordogne Valley Cycle
As the train crosses gently undulating hills coated with fields of corn and sunflowers and dotted with honey-coloured farmhouses in the yards of which strut ducks and geese, it is hard to stop your mind from wandering to the dinners that await you. The rich regional cuisine is a real highlight of this holiday (and all our other holidays in the Dordogne), with duck, truffles and foie gras featuring widely on menus. Although the routes are relatively short to give you time to explore the places of interest en route, there are steady uphill sections each day, giving you the excuse to indulge at dinner!
Mountains of the Auvergne Walk, Massif Central, france
France, Auvergne
The train ride into the Massif Central is another journey that really whets your appetite for the week ahead: the anticipation mounts in line with the height of the surrounding peaks. This is our most challenging walking holiday in France, offering a real sense of satisfaction and achievement to keen walkers as it leads from valley to valley along panoramic broad ridges.
Meanders of the Moselle, Germany
Meanders of the Moselle
Lying just over the border from Luxembourg, the vine-terraced hills and historic villages of the Moselle Valley can be easily reached by train from London. As you cross into Germany and enter the 2,000-year-old city of Trier on the final stretch of your rail journey, the meandering waters of the Moselle come into sight for the first time. They - as well as some first-rate hospitality and superbly scenic views - will accompany you throughout this wonderful wine-infused walking break.
Villages of the Engadine Walk, Engadine Valley, switzerland
Villages of the Engadine
The Eurostar and TGV high-speed trains may be a modern marvel, but the fairytale villages that you discover as part of this holiday in this little-known corner of eastern Switzerland are filled with an almost tangible sense of timelessness. To stroll past the sturdy stone houses decorated with intricate pastel murals of villages such as Guarda and Zuoz is to be transported back in time.
Landscapes of the Tarn Walk, Tarn, france
Landscapes of the Tarn Walk
Of all the walking holidays in our Top 10 holidays by rail, this route has featured in our programme the longest, and has always been a popular choice among customers wishing to travel by train. What makes it such a long-standing classic is the combination of friendly hotels, unspoiled scenery that becomes increasingly Mediterranean as you progress eastwards, and good regional cooking, all complemented by the feeling of being in a little-discovered corner of France.
Hill-top villages of the Luberon walk, Provence, france
The Luberon is quintessential Provence. To get yourself in the mood, why not sit back and immerse yourself in either Pagnol’s "Jean de Florette" or "Manon des Sources", both of which describe the enchanting landscapes so lyrically, as you speed through increasingly southern-feeling scenery? Our walking holiday in this enchanting region will transport you back in time. 

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