Lapland Activity Week

Ylläs, deep within the Arctic Circle
Get a taste of magical Lapland through a range of activities. Experience the thrill of dog-sledding and snowmobiling, explore the serene wilderness on snowshoes, and receive a cross-country skiing lesson, while staying at a welcoming hotel with a sauna. You might even see the Northern Lights
Lapland Activity Week. 7 nights
Lapland Activity Week. 7 nights

Holiday information


A winter activity holiday in Lapland

Winter is a truly unique experience in this magical part of the world, and there’s no better way to learn about Lapland and its people and to get the most out of your time here, particularly if it’s your first visit, than by trying out a wide range of different snow-based activities.

Experience the thrill of dog-sledding, take a trip by snowmobile deep into the forest, enjoy the serenity of the wilderness on snowshoes or, after an introductory lesson, take to the trails on cross-country skis. Add to this a stay at the Ylläshumina – a welcoming hotel with beautifully decorated log cabins and a superb restaurant – and you have all the ingredients for a holiday you will remember for years to come.
Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the spectacular Northern Lights, too – a sighting of this extraordinary natural phenomenon could well provide the icing on the cake for such a wonderfully varied week.

Our expert says

“The activities, the insights you gain into Sami culture, the traditional cuisine and, of course, the hotel’s first-rate saunas, mean you’ll come back from this holiday feeling as though you’ve had an all-round Lappish experience.”
Rebecca Bruce, Inntravel snow holiday expert


Winter activities

There is an included activity on most days; below we’ve detailed our suggested itinerary for the week, but the hotel will confirm the exact schedule on arrival.
  • Arrival in Ylläs
    Depending on your time of arrival, you may like to take a stroll into the village or just settle into the hotel ahead of your first activity the following morning.

    All the included activities are provided by the hotel’s own activity company, and for all tours appropriate clothing and equipment are supplied – including thermal jackets, trousers, boots, hats and gloves.
  • Snowshoeing
    For a wonderful introduction to the area, your first trip is by snowshoes, arguably the best way to appreciate the utter stillness and tranquillity of Lapland’s unique wintry environment. Head up onto Kuertunturi Fell, from where there is an excellent view over the village and in good weather as far as the magnificent Pallas Fells in the National Park. A warm drink and small snack are served during the excursion.
  • Cross-country skiing
    With 330 kilometres of trails, Ylläs’ cross-country ski area is the largest and best in Finland. The hotel has its own instructors and equipment, and during your 90-minute lesson you will learn the basics of how to glide effectively before taking to the easy trails that lead away from the hotel and across the frozen lake (classic cross-country ski and shoe hire is included for the day).
    Cross-country skiing
  • Snowmobiling
    For a completely different experience to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing today you try your hand at the most common mode of transport in Finland’s northerly reaches, the snowmobile. After being kitted out in appropriate winter clothing and given a safety briefing by your experienced guide, you embark on a thrilling guided trip through the silent forests of the Arctic wilderness.

    NOTE: To drive a snowmobile you must be 18yrs or over and hold a full driving licence and carry it with you whilst driving. Please also note that most individual winter-sport travel insurance policies will not cover damage to a hired snowmobile and you will be liable to pay for any damage to the vehicle up to the excess on the local insurance policy, which is €1500 per machine; this will be payable directly to the supplier of the snowmobile excursion. You will be asked to sign a form agreeing to the above before undertaking the excursion. In the unlikely event of major damage, you will only be charged the excess and not the full cost of repair.
  • Dog-sledding
    Your thrilling half-day expedition starts with a visit to a nearby husky farm where you will be introduced to these wonderful animals and learn about the traditions and training methods associated with this exhilarating form of transport. You then enjoy the thrills of dog-sledding for yourself as you whizz through the snow-clad forest, hearing only the sled runners swooshing along the snow and the eager panting of the dogs. The trip finishes with a warming drink around an open fire in a traditional Lappish kota (tepee-style tented shelter).

    Please note you must be 18 years old to drive a sled and the trip includes sharing the driving of a 2-person sled.
  • Reindeer safaris & more
    You may like to spend your spare days trying out some of the other winter activities on offer:

    With their oversized tyres and excellent traction, fatbikes are perfect for use on soft, uneven terrain, and as such are becoming an increasingly popular means of exploring in the snow. They also offer a quieter alternative to the snowmobile – with no engine noise to distract, fatbike riders are able to pedal in peace. Guided tours lead past Ylläs’ frozen lakes and into the National Park, and include hot drinks and snacks.

    Reindeer safaris
    Reindeer herding is an important aspect of Lappish culture, and on a visit to a nearby reindeer herder you can learn all about their livelihood before undertaking a short sleigh ride into the nearby forest.

    Winter walking
    In addition to its many cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, Ylläs also offers 106 kilometres of winter walking paths. There is a good choice of routes for all levels, with paths leading through the forests and along the top of the fells.
    Reindeer safaris
    Fatbiking ©Visit Ylläs

Where you stay

Set on the northern side of the Ylläs Fell, on the banks of a frozen lake, Äkäslompolo (altitude: 400m) is a traditional village where the focus is mainly on the myriad winter activities available in the surrounding wilderness. Although small, the village offers a good number of facilities, including a shopping centre with sports and souvenir shops, cafés and a well-stocked supermarket. The hotel is an easy, 20-minute walk from the centre of the village, on the opposite side of the lake.
Ylläshumina Hotel



Extend your stay

Prices & travel
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  • 7 nights: 23 November 2024 - 13 April 2025

    Start varies* | End by latest date(s) shown above

    Starting Adults
    25 Nov - 17 Dec 2023 £2300
    24 Dec - 24 Dec 2023 £2965
    31 Dec - 31 Dec 2023 £2835
    07 Jan - 17 Jan 2024 £2290
    18 Jan - 31 Jan 2024 £2520
    01 Feb - 07 Feb 2024 £2600
    08 Feb - 14 Feb 2024 £2930
    15 Feb - 21 Feb 2024 £2680
    22 Feb - 07 Apr 2024 £2390
    23 Nov - 15 Dec 2024 £2180
    22 Dec - 22 Dec 2024 £2650
    29 Dec - 29 Dec 2024 £2840
    05 Jan - 15 Jan 2025 £2220
    16 Jan - 29 Jan 2025 £2270
    30 Jan - 05 Feb 2025 £2415
    06 Feb - 12 Feb 2025 £2535
    13 Feb - 19 Feb 2025 £2835
    20 Feb - 06 Apr 2025 £2315
    Single traveller supplement £145 to £200

    Includes all elements of the holiday itself (accommodation, meals and any additional elements as described), plus flights (usually from London) and onward travel as described.

    *Start days: 25 Nov-17 Dec any day; 24 Dec-18 Feb Sunday;19 Feb-14 Apr any day

    Included travel 25 Nov-17 Dec 2023; 23 Nov-15 Dec 2024: Easyjet Gatwick or Manchester-Kittilä (times vary; hold luggage included) & connecting transfer (0h50)
    Included travel 24 Dec 2023-18 Feb 2024; 22 Dec 2024-16 Feb 2025: Inghams charter Gatwick, Manchester or Bristol-Kittilä (times vary, hold luggage included) & connecting transfer (0h50)
    Included travel 19 Feb-14 Apr 2024; 17 Feb-06 Apr 2025: Finnair Heathrow-Kittilä via Helsinki (out dep 1020, home arr 1700; hold luggage included) & connecting transfer (0h50)

    The 'Single traveller supplement' applies for solo travellers. A supplement is also payable for a single room – see 'Additional prices' below

    Prices are subject to availability and flight supplements may apply. Book early for Christmas, New Year and school holidays. We can also book different flight routes (see flight section below). Please contact us to discuss any pricing implications.

  • Room upgrades (supplement in £ per room per night)

    Ylläshumina Hotel, Ylläs
    Single room: 25 Nov - 21 Dec 2023 £46
    Single room: 22 Dec - 06 Jan 2024 £64
    Single room: 07 Jan - 17 Jan 2024 £46
    Single room: 18 Jan - 14 Apr 2024 £64
    Single room: 23 Nov - 19 Dec 2024 £50
    Single room: 20 Dec - 04 Jan 2025 £55
    Single room: 05 Jan - 15 Jan 2025 £50
    Single room: 16 Jan - 13 Apr 2025 £55
    Suite: 25 Nov - 14 Apr 2024 £200
    Suite: 23 Nov - 13 Apr 2025 £200
    Superior deluxe: 25 Nov - 14 Apr 2024 £172
    Superior deluxe: 23 Nov - 13 Apr 2025 £172
    Kittilä (latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time both flexible)

    Travelling from the UK

    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  you may need to fly to an airport not listed here. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

    Outward route Airline
    Bristol - Kittilä Charter (contact us) 
    Outward route Airline
    Edinburgh - Kittilä (via Helsinki) Finnair 
    Outward route Airline
    Gatwick - Kittilä British Airways,  Charter (contact us),  easyJet 
    Gatwick - Kittilä (via Helsinki) Norwegian 
    Outward route Airline
    Heathrow - Kittilä (via Helsinki) Finnair 
    Outward route Airline
    Manchester - Kittilä Charter (contact us),  easyJet 
    Manchester - Kittilä (via Helsinki) Finnair 
    Manchester - Kittilä (via Paris) Air France 
    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  you may need to fly to an airport not listed here. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

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What is included
  • 7 nights
  • 7 dinners
    7 breakfasts
  • 3 guided excursions
  • 90-minute cross-country skiing lesson
    1 day's cross-country ski hire
  • use of cross-country trails
  • detailed information about the area
  • flights from London (regional flights available)
  • transfers from/to Kittilä Airport

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