A Wander through Wensleydale

Classic Yorkshire Dales scenery
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Wensleydale offers scenery typical of this magnificent national park, and makes a great choice for a short walking break. The self-guided routes take you past a formidable castle and several waterfalls, and there’s also the option to ride on the Settle-Carlisle railway.
A Wander through Wensleydale. 4 nights
A Wander through Wensleydale. 4 nights

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A walking break in the Yorkshire Dales

Synonymous with its mild, crumbly cheese, Wensleydale offers everything you would expect of the Yorkshire Dales, and more – besides the traditional stone villages, the verdant hills criss-crossed with drystone walls, and the wide-open views, there’s an impressive 12th-century castle and several mesmerising waterfalls.
With landscapes such as these, it goes without saying that the walking is scenic and rewarding, yet it is not overly demanding. A real highlight is the time that you spend in Sedbusk – not only is the Stone House Hotel a wonderful place to stay, but you also have the chance to enjoy an outing on the iconic Settle-Carlisle railway, a memorable finale.
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  • Arrival in Aysgarth
    Night 1: at the Aysgarth Falls Hotel (the first of two nights here).
    As your first night’s accommodation is on the day of travel, Day 1 is your first day of walking.
  • Choice of walks from Aysgarth: 12 or 12.5km (7.5 or 8 miles)

    Bolton Castle: 12.5km (8 miles), 4.5hrs; ascent/descent 270m
    You will probably have wandered down to Aysgarth’s famous three-step falls as soon as you arrived yesterday, but in case you didn’t, this walk starts out past the tumbling falls before rising towards the looming presence of Bolton Castle, one-time prison of Mary, Queen of Scots. From the 12th-century castle, you continue across green, open countryside so typical of the Dales then, after crossing a stream, descend once more back towards Aysgarth.

    Cauldron Falls & Penhill Preceptory: 12km (7.5 miles), 4.5hrs; ascent/descent 375m
    This route passes through the delightful little village of West Burton (twice), home to Cauldron Falls, a popular beauty spot once sketched by Turner. From here you steadily ascend up the valley side and around to the site of Penhill Preceptory, once a Knights Templar monastery, before climbing again to traverse the high moorside above West Burton. There are some fairly challenging climbs and a steep descent on this route, but they are worth it for the views on a clear day.
    Bolton Castle
    Cauldron Falls
    Bolton Castle: 12.5km
    Cauldron Falls and Penhill Preceptory: 12km
  • Aysgarth to Sedbusk: 15.5km (9.5 miles), 5.5hrs; ascent 260m/descent 215m
    Today’s route follows the Herriot Way, named after the famous Yorkshire vet (whose real name was Alf Wight). The River Ure is your companion for much of the route as you head westwards through Wensleydale, passing through the typical stone-built village of Askrigg (where many scenes from the 1980s series of All Creatures Great and Small were filmed) and its waterfalls. Your destination is Sedbusk and the Stone House Hotel.
    En route to Sedbusk
    Aysgarth to Sedbusk: 15.5km
  • Choice of walks from Sedbusk: 10 or 12km (6 or 7.5 miles)

    The Settle-Carlisle Railway & a walk on the Craven Fault: 10km (6 miles), 4hrs; ascent/descent 340m
    After a short bus journey to Garsdale railway station, you enjoy a ride on the Settle-Carlisle railway, perhaps the most scenic railway in England. One of the highlights of the route is the crossing of the Ribblehead Viaduct, a 400-metre-long structure which rises more than 30 metres above the valley floor, and boasts no fewer than 24 arches. Once in Settle, we recommend exploring this interesting market town, and following our walk up and around the surrounding limestone hills with their caves and waterfalls. (Pay locally for all bus and rail journeys)

    Hawes & waterfalls: 12km (7.5 miles), 4.5hrs; ascent/descent 205m
    This gentle route from the door of your hotel starts with a visit to Hardraw Force – England’s largest single-drop waterfall. From here, you follow the Pennine Way across verdant pastureland to Hawes, a quintessential Dales market town that is home not only to the Dales Countryside Museum but also to the Wensleydale Creamery. Rather than heading straight back to Sedbusk, our route continues south-westwards to one final attraction, Aysgill Force.
    Craven Fault walk
    En route to Hawes
    Craven Fault: 10km
    Hawes and waterfalls: 12km


You stay in two welcoming country hotels.

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  • 4 nights: 01 March 2024 - 31 October 2024 & 01 March 2025 - 31 October 2025

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    Starting Price Single room
    1 - 20 Mar 2024 £750 £175
    21 Mar - 10 Apr 2024 £810 £210
    11 - 30 Apr 2024 £780 £175
    1 - 10 May 2024 £880 £295
    11 May - 31 Jul 2024 £830 £235
    1 Aug - 27 Oct 2024 £790 £225
    1 - 20 Mar 2025 £780 £185
    21 Mar - 10 Apr 2025 £845 £220
    11 - 30 Apr 2025 £815 £185
    1 - 10 May 2025 £920 £310
    11 May - 31 Jul 2025 £865 £245
    1 Aug - 27 Oct 2025 £825 £235
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    Included travel: transfer Sedbusk-Aysgarth (if driving)

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  • Room upgrades (£ per person per night)

    Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Near Aysgarth
    Deluxe double: 01 Mar - 30 Apr 2024 £25
    Deluxe double: 01 May - 31 Oct 2024 £30
    Deluxe double: 01 Mar - 30 Apr 2025 £26
    Deluxe double: 01 May - 31 Oct 2025 £31
    Superior double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £15
    Superior double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £16
    Stone House Hotel, Sedbusk
    'Conservatory': 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £33
    'Conservatory': 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £34
    'Courtyard' double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £40
    'Courtyard' double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £42
    'Four poster' double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £40
    'Four poster' double: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £42
    Superior: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £29
    Superior: 01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £30

    Extra nights (£ per person per night) in a double or single room

    Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Near Aysgarth (B&B) Double room Single room
    01 Mar - 30 Apr 2024 £86 £141
    01 May - 30 Sep 2024 £101 £174
    01 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £86 £141
    01 Mar - 30 Apr 2025 £89 £146
    01 May - 30 Sep 2025 £105 £181
    01 Oct - 31 Oct 2025 £89 £146
    Stone House Hotel, Sedbusk (with dinner) Double room Single room
    01 Mar - 31 Oct 2024 £185 £225
    01 Mar - 31 Oct 2025 £195 £237
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    taxi hotel to Northallerton station (1h) £55-£57 flexible

    Connecting travel options - via Oxenholme station

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    Homeward route Price per person Earliest
    departure time
    taxi hotel to Oxenholme station (0h50) £46-£48 flexible
What is included
  • 4 nights
  • 2 dinners
    1 picnic
    4 breakfasts
  • luggage transported
  • route notes and maps
  • GPS navigation
  • transfer to collect car

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