Family activity holidays

On Inntravel's non-group family activity holidays, you can either cycle or ski, both at your own pace. We've hand-picked high-quality yet family-friendly accommodation, usually with a pool or a beach nearby. On cycling holidays, you explore tried and tested routes, with detailed notes to guide you safely from one hotel to the next.
Family activity holidays
Family activity holidays

Fun family activity holidays in Europe

Inntravel’s family activity holidays in Europe are aimed at families who want something more varied than spending every day by the pool, but who don’t want to join a group following a hectic itinerary. Instead, our family activity holidays are designed so that you can have fun exploring together, at a pace that suits you and with ample time to do your own thing, yet safe in the knowledge that we have taken care of every detail and that your hosts will take good care of you.
Our family activity holidays focus on two activities: cycling and fun in the snow. On a family cycling holiday, you cycle from village to village while your luggage is transported ahead, usually with every other day free to do your own thing. Come winter time, you can take your pick of our snow holidays. These are family skiing holidays with a difference, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the snow in many different ways.

Whichever family activity holiday you choose, you stay in family-friendly accommodation that welcomes children yet is full of character. So that you can explore self-guided on our summer family adventure holidays, we provide maps and cycling route notes, which also give suggestions for places to eat, and places to visit. Your hosts will also be happy to advise you. Read more about how our family activity holidays in Europe work.

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Alternatively, our friendly experts will be happy to offer advice.

Walking holidays for families

While not specifically designed for families, most of our walking holidays are suitable for older children who walk regularly, love the outdoors and are comfortable with the distances and ascent/descent involved in the chosen holiday (we let you judge that, as you know what your child(ren) is(are) capable of). Please note, however, that family rooms for more than 2 or 3 people are uncommon at many of the smaller hotels.
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