Antonio Horrach

Inntravel, 23 August, 2013
We couldn’t do without them – those hard-working taxi drivers who meet and greet you at the airport and take you to your hotel.  Over the years some, like Antonio in Mallorca, have become long-term Inntravel friends...

Now he wasn’t our first choice of taxi driver in Mallorca. No, that honour goes to his dad, Toni Senior! When we first decided to organise walking and cycling holidays on the island, we needed a reliable taxi driver, so David Lanfear, our walking consultant, travelled to Palma and set about finding the right man for the job.

His method was to walk up to the taxi rank outside the airport and ‘interview’ each taxi driver in turn until he found the person he thought would be most suitable for the Inntravel style. The first driver he spoke to was Toni Senior – and straight away he knew he’d found the right man. The rest, they say, is history…

Since that first meeting outside the arrivals hall, many Inntravellers have sat in Toni’s cab, though he has now retired and passed the business over to his son, Antonio, who has continued to impress Inntravel and our customers, year after year. Such is his dedication that Antonio has learned English especially so that he can converse fluently with our guests when they arrive on the island. He is happy to do all that we ask, but often goes way beyond the call of duty by offering a much more personal and comprehensive service, as exemplified by the following customer story:

“Our flight had been somewhat delayed and we were naturally concerned about meeting our taxi. It was dark and it was our first time on Mallorca. Hoping that our taxi would still be waiting for us, we wandered onto the concourse where we noticed an elderly couple holding a sign with our name on it. As we crossed over to them, they began to smile encouragingly and indicated that we should follow them into the café where they bought us a cup of coffee.

Although my Spanish is not perfect, I soon understood that we should remain here until our taxi arrived. It turned out that these were the parents of the taxi driver, the wonderful Antonio Horrach. He had been so concerned that he might not get back to the airport in time to greet us (because of our late flight, he’d been called away on another job), that he had sent his parents to reassure us that he was on his way. Now that’s what I call service!”

Last year, Antonio and his family paid us a surprise visit here at our offices in North Yorkshire. They were in the middle of a holiday in the UK – and the timing couldn’t have been better. For this was the day of the office Christmas party and Antonio, his wife and daughter gladly accepted our invitation to join us as guests of honour. Then we asked him to take us all home! Oh, how he laughed…


Mallorca on foot or two wheels

Choose one of our walking holidays in the rugged but beautiful Tramuntana Sierra or one of our cycling holidays on the timeless central plain, and the chances are it’ll be Antonio Horrach who is waiting patiently for you in the arrivals hall at the airport.

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