Holidays in Mallorca


Rugged mountains plunging into a deep-blue sea; a rolling and unspoiled central plain; high-quality country hotels; a benevolent climate; and wonderfully well-waymarked footpaths and cycle trails. These are just a few of Mallorca’s many charms, and the reasons why this beautiful Balearic isle is such a superb walking and cycling destination.

Holidays in Mallorca
Holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca has wide-ranging appeal

For a relatively small island, Mallorca is very varied. At its heart lies a large, undulating plain, Es Pla, a patchwork of almond orchards, carob groves and market gardens. This is bordered to the north by the rugged mountains of the Tramuntana Sierra, whose slopes are carpeted with immaculate citrus groves, and to the south and east by the hills which frame the island’s rugged, lesser-known coastline.
The capital, Palma, provides the perfect contrast to the tranquillity of the countryside. Beautiful and fascinating, it is a maze of colourful markets and winding narrow streets lined with inviting boutiques and impressive architecture. Wherever you wander, you will be aware of the city’s magnificent cathedral – a Gothic masterpiece overlooking the vibrant harbour district.

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