Christoph Leithner

Inntravel, 18 January, 2014
What’s it really like to be a ski instructor? Our cross-country mentor, Christoph Leithner from Pertisau in the Austrian Tyrol, lifts the lid on this most glamorous of professions…

“I like to begin my day with a freshly baked wholewheat Topfen with cottage cheese and some homemade jam. It helps me through my morning paperwork before I can get out into the snow to do what I love most – teaching! I often take my groups to see the deer at Gramai-Alm, as the morning light on the mountains is lovely there. Later on, or if I fancy some solitude, I love the dark, forested track along the Tristenau Valley. But there’s so much variety here that it’s easy to be spontaneous, and that’s what I enjoy – choosing a route depending on the conditions that day and on how I feel. We instructors all receive our own training, too, of course – not only to continually perfect our technique, but also to report on how our groups are doing and to share ideas.

There’s always time for a nice bite to eat between the morning and afternoon sessions, and some of us will accompany the children for lunch, so that their parents can stay out on the trails until later in the day if they wish. Then it’s off for some leisurely après-ski at a local bar with a nice fireplace, before we begin to think about dinner. So it’s not such a bad way to spend the winter! It’s very rewarding, seeing clients improve their ability, and then they are free to explore at leisure. Then they, too, get to enjoy that wonderful, continuous flow of motion that I love so much when I ski!”

Winter Holidays in Pertisau

Christoph teaches in Pertisau in the Austrian Tyrol. Our hotel there is the superlative Wiesenhof, a 4-star Superior hotel offering warm hospitality, a state-of-the-art spa complex, excellent cuisine and quick access to the cross-country and downhill skiing.

More about our winter snow breaks in Pertisau >
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