Embrace the joy of Autumn walking holidays

Alex Willmott, 18 June, 2024
Top 10 reasons why Autumn is the perfect time for a walking holiday.  
Discovering the beauty of Autumn walking
As the summer heat begins to calm and the air fills with the scent of ripening fruits, Autumn arrives in style, bringing endless opportunities to experience a world of wonderful walking. This enchanting season offers a unique combination of natural beauty, diverse landscapes and cooler temperatures that make it the perfect time to lace up your boots for a fabulous walking holiday.   

In Autumn, our European walking holidays capture the very essence of the season, showcasing nature’s intoxicating blend of colour, sound and scent. As we explore the top Autumn walking holiday destinations, you'll discover a world of hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered.

From the rugged beauty of the Catalan Coast, to the stunning rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany, each of our walking destinations offers a unique tapestry of landscapes, cultures and ‘wow’ moments.
10 reasons to book an autumn walking holiday with Inntravel
Cooler weather
Autumn's calmer temperatures make for ideal walking conditions, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without the swealtering heat of summer.  

Quieter trails
Leave the crowds behind and discover Europe's most iconic trails like the Camino de Santiago in peace, with fewer walkers to contend with. 

Autumnal landscapes
Witness the vibrant colours of autumn as the leaves change, painting the landscape with hues of gold, orange and red. It's especially delightful on our Heart of the Yorkshire Dales walking holiday. 

Incredible destinations
If it’s famous cities or ancient sites on your wish list, avoid the summer intensity and explore history-rich islands like Crete without hindrance.   

Local culture
Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting annual harvests, trying seasonal delicacies, and exploring quaint villages and towns along the way. 

Wildlife watching
Autumn is a prime time for spotting wildlife, including migratory birds and indigenous deer adding a true sense of magic and mystery to your travels. It's also one of the best times of the year to spot whales off the coast of western Madeira

Scenic views
Enjoy breathtaking views of Europe's picturesque autumnal countryside, from rolling hills to majestic mountain ranges like the Dolomites.  

Participate in traditional festivals that bring the locals to the streets and witness authentic living up close and personal.    

Gastronomic delights
Savour seasonal cuisine, including signature international dishes and fresh produce from great local markets on holidays for foodies.

Wine time
With ripening fruits comes exquisite wine-tasting opportunities in the Douro Valley - what better way to celebrate the end of your walk.
Top 3 Autumn walking destinations
Catalan Coast
The untouched northern part of Costa Brava is a hidden gem, perfect for a relaxing few days of exploring on foot. Discover hidden coves, shady pinewoods and a regional cuisine, which is justly renowned throughout Spain.  
Treasures of Aracena
Autumn colours abound as does the allure of the Aracena Sierra and its timeless scenery, architectural treasures and rich gastronomy. You may also see the region’s prized jamón pigs snuffling around for local wild acorns at this time of year.  
A Walk in the Black Forest
Germany's most famous forest is at its best and most magical when the leaves on millions of trees turn their most vivid shades, displaying Autumn splendour.
What to expect on an Inntravel walking holiday
Quality and authentic accommodation

From cozy B&Bs to luxury lodges, historic hotels to boutique stays, our authentic accommodation collection has been developed with walkers and explorers in mind.  

Outstanding food and drinks  

We take the culinary experience seriously. Whether it’s traditional Spanish dishes or a renowned hearty Irish delight, we pride ourselves in showcasing the very best local menus.  

Support when needed 

As well as luggage transfers whilst you walk, 24/7 customer service and expertly crafted itineraries; for 40 years and counting we’ve walked every step, stayed at every hotel, and sampled every restaurant.  

Spotlight on October walking holidays
What to pack 

Take the weather forecast into consideration and remember to pack suitable clothing that fits your chosen destination. Consider waterproofs, trusted walking boots and any layers that you may need to ensure comfortable walking. Autumn can still bring hot weather, so this should also be considered during the packing process.   

Choose your terrain

Our varied routes cater to seasoned walkers and walking newbies alike. If you’re looking for leisurely strolls we have the perfect options for you. Alternatively, those looking for a bigger challenge, our grade 3 options feature incredibly rewarding routes.   

Inntravel can help   

The team at Inntravel can help with each aspect of the booking process to take the stress of preparation out of your October walking holiday. Our insight and local knowledge set us apart as pioneers of the walking holiday.   


Embrace the joy of Autumn walking holidays

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