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Slow holidays

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Whether it’s winter or summer, for us, a Slow holiday is all about taking your time to appreciate your surroundings. The views. The colours. The birdsong. The rustling of leaves in the breeze or the crunch of snow underfoot. The wildlife. Local flavours. The people you encounter. These are the things that make lasting memories. They can’t be rushed, which is why our Slow holidays are for individuals, not groups, letting you explore at your own pace.

How you explore is up to you.

On our snow holidays on the quiet side of the mountain you can go skiing if you want to – cross-country skiing is a great way to appreciate the snowy splendour of the Alps and Scandinavia – but you might prefer to explore beneath silent, snow-laden trees on snowshoes; to sit back in a horse-drawn carriage and drink in the views; to meander along specially flattened walking paths; or to search out the Northern Lights after nightfall.

In warmer climes, the best way to slow down is to walk or cycle. Our walking holidays cater for all, so even if you just like the odd Sunday afternoon stroll, we have holidays to suit – in France’s Loire Valley, for example, you can combine short walks with visits to châteaux and vineyards. Similarly, our range of cycling holidays includes holidays for occasional cyclists, and there is plenty of time to visit the places of interest along the way as you journey from hotel to hotel, following detailed route notes and maps while your luggage is transported ahead.

If that’s not for you, we also offer self-guided touring holidays and journeys by train, boat or car which reveal scenery and cultural treasures both on and off the beaten track.

Whatever type of Slow holiday you choose, you’ll get to stay at friendly, characterful accommodation; linger over meals of local cuisine; and discover inspiring places at your own pace. So call in at that wayside chapel. Watch the eagle high above. Cool your feet in that inviting-looking stream. Or stop at the pavement café for a spot of people-watching and the local tipple.  

Why not take a few moments to browse our site and let us inspire you?

Discover more, remember more, on a Slow holiday with Inntravel.

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