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Slow holidays

Wonderfully slow holidays from Inntravel

Modern life can seem too fast, when deadlines have to be met, obligations attended to, or we just have a lot on. Of course, being busy is not necessarily a bad thing – busy can be rewarding and fulfilling – but we all need a break sometimes. A holiday provides the perfect opportunity to take time out to gain a better perspective, to re-energise, to create a balance; a time to pause, slow down and savour things for what they really are.

For us, a Slow holiday is all about exploring the quiet side of the place you are visiting and taking your time to really enjoy its hidden corners, traditional ways of life and hospitality, its beautiful scenery and wildlife, and meeting the people who live and work there. A Slow holiday is a very personal and individual experience, which is why Inntravel holidays are for individuals, not groups – you can take things very much at your own pace.

The best way to slow down and get off the beaten track is to walk or cycle. Our walking holidays cater for all tastes and abilities, from a scenic stroll along the rugged cliffs of Portugal’s Costa Vicentina to rewarding hikes in the Swiss Alps. Similarly, our range of cycling holidays is wide and varied – cycle from château to château in the Loire Valley, or discover the unspoiled landscapes of Italy’s deep south.

But a Slow holiday doesn’t have to involve walking or cycling – we also offer self-guided touring holidays and journeys by train, boat or car. And in winter, you can enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on a snow holiday on the quiet side of the mountain.

Common to all our holidays are: authentic, family-run accommodation where you receive the friendliest of welcomes; leisurely meals of good regional cuisine, often incorporating local produce; inspiring landscapes; and the freedom to explore at your own pace. On most of our holidays, you follow an itinerary using the detailed route notes and maps we provide, but there is no time pressure, meaning you can stop when you want, head off to explore something that interests you along the way, take time to wander around a small town, chat to people you meet, enjoy a drink at a local café and just watch the world go by.

To give you an even better idea of what we mean by a Slow holiday, why not watch our “Slow film on Inntravel” in which Inntravel staff talk about what makes a Slow holiday?

Discover more, savour the moments and enjoy the slow life – with Inntravel.