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Detailed documentation

that serves as your perfect guide
As a company, we have extensive knowledge of the countries and regions we feature, and we devote a lot of time to the compilation of our holiday documentation so as to help you enjoy your holiday to the full and gain a real insight into the region you are visiting. Documentation for all holidays includes information on the local area – the culture, cuisine, wildlife, history and other features of interest – as well as recommendations as to where to visit, where to buy local crafts or produce, and where to dine, if applicable. Other information varies according to the holiday – for snow holidays, we make recommendations as to the best equipment-hire outlets, for example, while for holidays featuring a stay in a city, we include notes for a self-guided walking tour of the main and lesser-known sights.
As you would expect, our walking and cycling notes are particularly detailed (especially if the waymarking is not clear), the aim being to give you the impression of having a guide by your side while enjoying being able to explore at entirely your own pace. We use abbreviated, bullet-point-style directions as much as possible so that you can refer to them easily while exploring, but all include background information about the places of interest along the route, recommendations on the best picnic spots, suggestions of worthwhile detours so that you don’t miss out on spectacular viewpoints or cultural treasures, and information about the villages on the holiday so that you know in advance if you need to withdraw all your holiday cash at the first village, or if the third village is the only one on the holiday with a chemist’s.

To accompany your holiday documentation, we supply maps for the vast majority of holidays. For walking holidays, these are usually 1:25,000, while for cycling holidays we tend to provide 1:50,000 maps. If you are driving to your destination, or if your holiday includes a hire car, and you have booked your travel arrangements through Inntravel, we include a driving map of the local area.
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