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Inspiration for July holidays


Our suggestions for July revolve around nature, wildlife and striking geological features, from watching out for puffins and other sea birds, to witnessing the Midnight Sun.


Experience the best of the Faroe Islands
Puffins on the Faroe Islands
All the elements that really make a holiday to the Faroe Islands – the views, the waterfalls, the birds – are arguably that little bit more special in the first half of the season. The views of layer-cake mountains and sheer sea cliffs are enhanced by the abundant flowers and generally more settled weather. The waterfalls are fuller and thus more dramatic. And, with the breeding season at its peak, the birds are in even greater evidence than usual as you walk and explore.
Discover Bavaria on foot
From astonishing gorges to sparkling lakes, high-mountain scenery to sumptuous castles, and scented forests to idyllic villages of frescoed houses, our Beneath the Zugspitze walk in southern Germany has it all. There’s no shortage of that best-known feature of Bavaria, the beer garden, either, meaning that after a day of walking through spectacular scenery you can reward your efforts with a refreshing German beer, seemingly all the more delicious in the summer sunshine.
Bag Mount Carlit in the eastern Pyrenees
Thanks to the plentiful sunshine and generally consistent weather, July is a great month to walk in the Pyrenees. Head to the Cerdanya at the eastern end of the chain and you can indeed bag the highest peak in the area, the 2,910-metre summit of Mount Carlit. But as rewarding as the routes may be, this holiday is about more than just the walking – this is a fascinating border region and melting pot of cultures, with ancient churches and villages, and a wonderful mix of charming accommodation.
Stroll amid the lakes & mountains of central Austria
Salzkammergut, Austria
If you think that mountain holidays are only for keen walkers, think again. In Salzkammergut, Austria’s lake district, where dramatic mountains plunge into sparkling lakes to create almost fjord-like scenery, it’s possible, by taking advantage of buses, boats and cable cars, to enjoy these spectacular landscapes on gentle half-day walks. The charming villages which clamber up the slopes add to the area’s enchantment, as do the flowers at this time of year (choose the first part of the month to see them at their best).
Marvel at the volcanic landscapes of the Azores
Hydrangeas in the Azores
July brings settled weather to the little-known and quite extraordinary Azores archipelago in the Atlantic. The fusion of haunting volcanic scenery and vivid green landscapes grazed by cows lends them a deeply rural feel. Walking is undoubtedly the best way to discover the waterfalls, crater lakes, volcanic cones, hot springs and rugged coastline. In July you will see many flowers as you explore, not least hydrangeas, which form beautiful hedges lining many paths.
Be awed by the beauty of the Dolomites
The Dolomites
With 300 days of sunshine each year; a unique gastronomy fusing Alpine and Mediterranean influences; renowned wines; and scenery ranging from apple orchards to glaciers, and from neat rows of vines to the jagged peaks of the Dolomites – surely the most beautiful in the Alpine range – it’s hard not to be enchanted by South Tyrol, Italy’s northernmost region, especially when the meadows are a blaze of colour. Travel in the first half of the month to see the wild flowers at their very best.
Stay up late to see the Midnight Sun in the Lofoten Islands
Lofoten Islands
Norway’s Lofoten Islands – not to mention the even farther-flung island of Senja – lie to the north of the Arctic Circle, meaning that, from the end of May until the middle of July, the sun never sets, bathing the islands in light 24 hours a day. By this curiosity of nature, the sun dips quite low, but never quite disappears behind the horizon, casting long shadows and a surreal orange glow over the landscapes. (This photograph was taken at 1.30am!)
Explore Brittany’s coastline
Brittany's Cote du Granit Rose
Brittany’s rugged coastline is a delight to discover, especially when it is bathed in warm summer sunshine. Choose our walking holiday, and you can explore the Côte du Granit Rose, along which pink granite boulders have been weathered into weird and wonderful shapes, and numerous species of seabird wheel overhead.
Enjoy summer in the Swiss Alps from a popular hotel
Victoria Alpine Park, Bernese Oberland
Sparkling blue lakes, lush meadows, chirruping crickets, snow-capped peaks set against clear blue skies ... summer in the Swiss Alps has a special magic. The sunshine brings everyone outside, and you’ll find a warm camaraderie among fellow walkers as you explore the Bernese Oberland’s extensive network of paths. Naturally, most routes include ascents and descents but, being based at a single hotel, you can choose how much you do. What’s more, your efforts are amply compensated by the mountain views, and you can relax on the shores of the lakes that you pass.