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In November 2021, Inntravel was a launch partner of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, and alongside so many in our industry we promised to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, working towards net zero in 2050.

The next step was the development of our climate action plan which we published early in 2022. Travel is about the intangible things we can take from our journeys, the spirit of ‘take only memories, leave only footprints’; we believe that travel should change us, while not adversely impacting the world around us, and this plan outlines how we want to acknowledge and take action against our own footprint on this precious planet.

Our climate action plan consists of four parts; measure, reduce, mitigate and communicate. Each step in this plan is as important as the next and, as promised, we have finalised each part of the plan and confirmed some new partnerships.

We are striving to have the most comprehensive climate action plan in the industry. We are building a network of new relationships and partnerships to ensure our commitments are embedded in all of our decisions and all of our product, and that our promises are never misleading. We will inevitably make mistakes, and may not hit every target, but we know that we must aim high to spark systemic change. We will communicate our failings and successes, and continue to keep our plan up to date as we adapt.

  • We have been working with carbon experts ecollective to accurately measure every step we take – from the holidays we create to the impact of our office and staff. And we’re not ignoring the biggest carbon issue facing almost every travel company – flights.

    We have measured all of our trips, around 450 across 19 countries, including the impact of accommodation, meals and any transfers, along with every flight, rail journey or ferry booked for our customers to get to and from their holidays with us. This has given us a carbon score for each and every trip we offer, and you can find these scores on the individual holiday webpages. We also provide more background information on our carbon scores here.

    In addition we measured the impact of our office operations, every trip we’ve needed to make in order to manage our holidays, along with staff commuting, and even carbon emissions associated with working remotely.

    For a more in-depth view of the process, take a look at this interview with our project coordinator.
  • Measuring our footprint was a challenge, but now the hard work really begins! We are separating all our impacts into three key areas; transportation to our holidays (mostly flights, but also rail), the holidays themselves and finally the operational side of our business (our office, homeworking, websites etc).

    We will be publishing the reductions that we will make each year on those three key areas, keeping ourselves to account and being completely honest about our successes and failures.
  • Measuring and reducing our impact on our natural world is the single most important action we can take to protect our futures. But it takes time, and reducing the impact isn’t enough on its own. We need to invest in nature, care for our landscapes, allowing them to regenerate and ultimately thrive once more. As well as the physical benefits – helping to clear our air and clean our water sources – doing this also aids our mental health, and it is business critical: our holidays simply wouldn’t be the same without the natural beauty around us, underpinning the amazing communities we visit and love.

    We’re not only investing in nature, we’re investing in technologies to remove existing carbon from our world. There are a variety of options to do this; from afforestation and nature-based technologies, through to manmade and engineered technologies, such as carbon capture and storage. We are committed to being part of the solution, so we’ll be working closely with our new partner, carbon-removal expert Klimate, to help scale some of these projects.

    How are funding this? In November 2022 we added an extra £10 per person to the price of all Inntravel holidays. All of the monies raised through this initiative will be given directly to our mitigation partners – view our full list of partners here.
  • …and collaborate. It’s all about telling stories, celebrating our victories and holding our hands up when we get it wrong. We’ll be doing this with our peers across the industry, with our wonderful suppliers and partners and of course with our customers. It is about bringing everyone with us on this journey.
Published on 16 March 2023

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