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Climate Action Plan


What we are planning to do

  • We have committed to measuring the carbon impact of everything we do, from the carbon footprint of our holidays to the impact of our office, even working from home. We are in the process of appointing an expert partner to help us, and once the report is complete we will be publishing the findings; this will be our baseline, and a starting point which highlights exactly where we can have the most impact as we take the next steps: reducing our impact.
  • Accurate and comprehensive measurements alone are not enough. We must make changes and adapt our operations to reduce our footprint, both on the climate and the natural world as a whole. Once our measurements are in, we will be investigating science-based target reductions to independently verify that our own contribution will help keep global warming below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

    What makes our trips unique and memorable for customers will not change. We will always offer authentic experiences, adding richness and depth to your holidays, inspired by the communities we visit and the landscapes surrounding us.
  • Alongside our promise to measure and reduce our carbon footprint is our promise to protect and restore the world around us. The climate crisis does not sit alone, it sits hand in hand with the biodiversity loss and the profound implications of losing the nature that underpins our very existence.

    Offsetting our carbon is no longer enough. We must also protect the ecosystems and landscapes that we value so much, both at home and on our holidays; we must also invest in restoration projects, which reverse biodiversity loss, and in doing so increase carbon absorption from the atmosphere as well as supporting local communities and improving wellbeing.

    We are now in the process of assessing suitable projects and charities, in which we will then be investing both time and money in order to mitigate the impact of our remaining carbon footprint. We already offset the carbon emissions from flights made by our customers and those made for business travel.
  • The final part of our action plan is all about communication and collaboration. It is about celebrating our victories and those of our peers so we can all make the progress that is so urgently needed. It’s also about being honest about our failings, so that others don’t go down the same path and we all lose valuable time and resources: two things we are distinctly lacking. We will collaborate; listen to and engage with our partners, customers, and staff. It is about bringing everyone with us on this journey.
Published on 23 December 2021
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