Planning your holiday

Below we provide general information which applies to most, if not all, holidays. For specific information relating to the type of holiday you are interested in, please see our walking, cycling, touring and snow holiday pages.

Things to consider

  • At Inntravel, we take great pride in providing the highest standards of customer service and offering high quality, gently active holidays which enable you to discover authentic, unspoiled places at your own pace. We seek out welcoming hotels of character, often family-run, which serve tasty regional cuisine. Our holidays are for individuals, not groups, and we try to make our holidays as flexible as possible so that you can shape your time away to suit you: choose the day you wish to start; vary the length of your holiday by adding extra nights; upgrade your room to one with more space or a superior view; fly from your local airport; take your car across the Channel; or even travel the whole way by rail. The choice is yours.

    For general information about how our holidays work, please read the points below. For information specific to each type of holiday, read the FAQs section on the following pages:
    walking holidays
    cycling holidays
    snow holidays
    journeys and touring holidays
  • Our holidays feature a wide variety of characterful accommodation, ranging from intimate chambres d’hôtes and small guesthouses to luxurious 4-star hotels with swimming pools and saunas.

    All our hotel-based holidays include accommodation with a private bath and/or shower and WC, unless otherwise stated.

    Your preferred room type (double bed or twin beds) will be requested where possible. Many Spanish, Swiss, Norwegian and Greek hotels tend towards twin-bedded rooms (so ‘double beds’, where provided, may therefore be two singles pushed together), while in Austria, Germany and northern Italy, many hotels offer Austrian-style beds comprising two single mattresses with individual bedding on one large base. If you are travelling with children and it is essential that they have separate beds, please let us know at the time of booking.

    Please tell us about any special dietary requirements when you book your holiday.
  • Where a hotel or property has an outdoor swimming pool, it will normally only be available for use during longer periods of fine and warm weather, and always subject to local conditions. In addition, pools may be closed periodically for maintenance and cleaning. Please tell us if a swimming pool is essential to the enjoyment of your holiday.
  • Most of our holidays are self-guided, and we strongly advise anyone who plans to travel alone – particularly on a walking holiday – to call us to discuss arrangements.

    All of our published ‘per person’ prices (including connecting travel) are calculated on the assumption that at least two people will be travelling together with both paying the per person price; costs for all shared services such as car hire, taxi journeys and luggage transfers are apportioned accordingly. In addition to the single room price shown in our panels, we may also need to charge a further supplement if you are travelling alone to cover the full cost of any services normally shared between two people. This is shown at the bottom of each price panel.
  • We offer a selection of family snow holidays designed specifically with children in mind and publish child prices for them. In addition, most of our walking holidays are suitable for older children who walk regularly, love the outdoors and are comfortable with the distances and ascent/descent involved in the chosen holiday. Please note, however, that family rooms for more than 2 or 3 people are uncommon at many of the smaller hotels on our walking holidays.
  • You can extend virtually any holiday by adding extra nights at hotels along your way, and we make suggestions for extending specific holidays in our descriptions – you might, for example, like to spend a few days in Barcelona at the end of a walk along the Catalan Coast, or why not enjoy some rest and relaxation at the luxurious Hotel Wiesenhof near an Alpine lake after a week of walking in the Leutasch Valley? On our snow and self-catering holidays you must often add an entire extra week, but it is sometimes possible to add just a few days at the quieter times of year – just ask our reservations staff for advice and suggestions.

    You can combine holidays, be it two (or more) walking holidays, a walking and cycling holiday, a walking holiday and a journey, or any other combination that appeals. Please contact us for prices and/or advice on the feasibility of combining your chosen holidays.
  • For most of our holidays we show the average monthly rainfall and average maximum daytime temperature for the area you are visiting. These are published only as a guide; in some cases the temperatures given relate to the nearest big town, and you should bear in mind that it is likely to be cooler at higher altitudes.

    You should always be prepared for unseasonably warm or cool, dry or wet conditions – this applies wherever and whenever you are travelling, but especially in mountain areas and at the start and end of the season. We hope very much that you will be blessed with fine weather and our descriptions of the views assume that you are exploring in good, clear conditions. For detailed advice about the best time to travel, please contact our expert team.
  • All times stated on our website are local times. Continental time is generally one hour ahead of British time. The exceptions are:
    • Portugal, Madeira and the Canary Islands, which are on the same time as Britain
    • Finland, Greece and Cyprus, which are two hours ahead of British time
    • the Azores, which are one hour behind Britain
  • Please see our passports, visas and health requirements page for information on health. Useful links to travel advice can be found on our essential travel information page.

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