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COVID-19 testing packages

To make arranging COVID-19 tests for your holiday easier, we have answered some common questions below, and have teamed up with select suppliers to offer discounted packages for Inntravel customers.

We frequently review the information on this page with testing suppliers. However, due to the constantly evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to travel testing requirements can occur at short notice.
  • Requirements vary from destination to destination. You will need to check the relevant government guidelines to see whether a test is required for the destination you are travelling to. You can find links to country-specific requirements on our entry requirements page.

    The requirements could change before you travel, so it’s important that you keep checking the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website for the latest updates.
  • There is a choice of testing suppliers offering discounts to Inntravel customers. You can book your test with one of these suppliers (see below) or you can visit the UK government website for details of test providers that have self-declared that they meet the government’s minimum standards.

    Before booking your COVID-19 test, check the requirements for the country you’re travelling to. It is your responsibility to ensure you have carried out the entry requirements for your destination correctly. Note that many tests are non-refundable once booked.
  • The COVID-19 test package and supplier you require depends on the entry requirements of your holiday destination and where in the UK you live (requirements when travelling to and from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales may be different), so check the requirements for both before booking your test package.  The testing suppliers will be able to give you more advice.

    If requirements in the UK or your destination country change before travel, you may need to make new testing arrangements.

    The different types of test are as follows; which you need depends on the factors outlined above, plus your vaccination status. The age of children under 18 also affects which, if any, tests are required:

    •   A test for travel from the UK, if required by the destination country; this could be a PCR test or an Antigen Lateral Flow Test.

    •   A test for travel to the UK, taken in-destination before your return to the UK. This can be either a PCR test or Antigen Lateral Flow Test. We suggest an Antigen Lateral Flow Test, as these can be self-administered and then verified online or by video call, whereas a PCR test must be sent to a laboratory for processing.

    •   A test (or tests) after you arrive back in the UK. This must be booked prior to your arrival in the UK. Please see Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing before you travel to England; there are links for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from this page.

    •   If you are required to quarantine for 10 days on your return to the UK, there is also the option of a Test-to-Release Day 5 Test; this test reduces the quarantine period (if returning a negative result).
  • As part of the Hotelplan group of holiday companies, we’ve secured discounts for Inntravel customers with UK government-listed COVID-19 test suppliers Prenetics, ExpressTest and Randox.

    Randox testing packages
    Randox offer all of the test types that you may require. Tests are self-administered.
    • Website:
    • Discount for Inntravel customers: 10% discount on both Lateral Flow (Antigen) Test to return / travel and Day 2 PCR home delivery tests (enter code ITRX). NB There is no discount on Click & Collect

    Prenetics testing packages
    Prenetics offer all of the test types that you may require. Some tests are self-administered, others are done at a testing site.
    • Website:
    • Discount for Inntravel customers: 10% (enter code PreneticsHotelplan)

    ExpressTest testing packages
    ExpressTest offer all of the test types that you may require. Tests for outbound travel take place at dedicated testing sites; tests for and after returning to the UK can be self-administered.
    • Website:
    • Discount for Inntravel customers: 4% (enter code HOTELPLAN)

    If you would like more information about the testing requirements for your holiday, please see the suppliers’ own websites or contact them direct for further advice on the test packages you may require.

    There are other companies besides those listed above which offer self-administered antigen lateral flow tests for use prior to your return to the UK, including: Qured, Medicspot and Collinson. Alternatively, you may need to find a private test supplier in the country you are visiting and ensure they meet your destination’s or the UK government’s minimum testing requirements.

    Testing services are supplied by third parties and not Inntravel and are not part of our product, linked travel arrangement or package. Inntravel is not responsible for any part of the testing or any impact this may have on your ability to travel.
Last updated: 12 January 2022

A layperson’s guide to Covid tests

PCR Test: a very accurate test and currently the most widely available lab-based test, which looks for the genetic material of the coronavirus. If a country stipulates a ‘negative PCR result’ as a condition for entry (as opposed to a ‘negative test result’), you must take a PCR test and no other type. It involves swabbing the inside of the nose and/or throat* and then sending the swabs off to a laboratory.
TMA Test: TMA tests have similarities to PCR tests – a nasal swab is taken, and the sample is analysed in a laboratory – but the methodology for analysis is different (and quicker). However, TMA tests are not that commonly available in the UK.
LAMP Test: again, ‘LAMP’ refers to the method by which the sample is tested in the laboratory for the genetic material of the coronavirus; the sample itself can be a swab from the nose/throat*, or a small amount of saliva (in which case you spit into a tube). The methodology provides quicker results than PCR tests, but LAMP tests are, as yet, not so widely used.
(Rapid) Antigen Test / (Rapid) Lateral Flow Test: a ‘lateral flow test’ is a generic term covering a wide range of diagnostic tests that look for the presence of a certain element. One of the best-known lateral flow tests is the home pregnancy kit; it looks for a certain hormone produced during pregnancy. In the context of Covid-19, lateral flow tests look for the proteins (antigens) that surround the virus. So, when it comes to Covid-19 testing, ‘(rapid) lateral flow test’ and ‘(rapid) antigen test’ are one and the same thing. It delivers results in a matter of minutes, without the need for laboratory processing. As with most other Covid-19 tests, it involves swabbing the nostrils and/or throat*.
*If it’s a long time since you last studied human biology, you should Google where your tonsils are before taking a test. They are not the dangly bit at the back of your mouth!
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