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Steve Jack, 05 March, 2018
While all  of Inntravel's walking holidays offer a satisfying ‘sense of journey’, there are some on which that rewarding, start-to-finish feeling is particularly pronounced. Perhaps it’s because there’s a particular ‘target’ in mind, or maybe it’s down to the itinerary itself, taking you through a succession of markedly different landscapes. Here are a few favourites...

Along the Via Spluga to Lake Como

Following an ancient trading route which is still in use today, this inspiring route takes you from the splendour of the Swiss Alps to the heart of the Italian Lakes. Enjoy splendid mountain scenery before finishing in style by the sapphire waters of wish-bone-shaped Como, whose shores have sparked many a romantic reverie.

Across the Istrian Peninsula

From west to east, this is a memorable crossing of northern Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. From the Adriatic coast, a lush, green landscape of rolling hills slowly gives way to more mountainous terrain where the high, rugged peaks of the Učka Mountains drop steeply down into the glistening waters of the Bay of Kvarner.

Valley of Gold

You begin with a night in Porto, friendly capital of the Port wine trade, before heading upriver to explore the timeless landscapes of the Douro Valley, where the wine originates. Trace the journey of these celebrated grapes while enjoying wonderful walking, delicious cuisine and some truly exceptional accommodation.

Along the Catalan Coast

This much-loved route, along the delightfully unspoiled northernmost Costa Brava, is not only very easy indeed – making for an ideal first walking holiday – but also packed full of coastal charm. Discover hidden coves, shady pinewoods, medieval Begur, and a regional cuisine which is justly renowned throughout Spain.

Bologna to Florence

A highlight of this journey between two great cities is being able to walk literally out of Bologna along a 666-arched colonnaded walkway to the hill-top Sanctuary of San Luca. Then, after treading paths via the ‘Route of the Gods’ and Tuscany’s Mugello Hills, you finish by walking right into the heart of Florence, perhaps the world’s greatest art city.
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