Room with a view

Stuart Sommers, 15 February, 2019
When Inntravel routefinder Stuart Sommers took in the vista from his bedroom window at the Hotel Prince de Galles in Menton, it brought home to him just how close the island of Corsica is to the French mainland...

A silhouette appeared on the horizon. It was from the third-floor window of the Prince de Galles hotel in Menton, through the motionless fronds of a palm tree, and into the far reaches of the Mediterranean Sea. And it was highlighted by a reddish dawn where the sun would soon rise from the waters.


I had heard that on clear days the island of Corsica could be seen from the French Riviera, but this was a first for me. I snapped a couple of pictures in excitement, and ran downstairs to eat breakfast. By the time I had taken the first bite of my pain au chocolat, the fiery sun appeared from the breakfast room, and Corsica had already vanished. For the remainder of my five-night stay in Menton the elusive silhouette wouldn't reappear. But the view from my room wasn't any less spectacular.

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The impressive Hotel Prince de Galles is the final stop on our 'Alps to the Mediterranean' walking holiday, and the first on our gentler hotel-to-hotel walk, 'Along the Côte d'Azur'.
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