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The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane is a space for like-minded people who are interested in a Slow way of life. It provides an opportunity for people to share their experiences, knowledge and stories about places and regions they have visited or where they live.

Slow Lane articles may be featured on the Slow Lane section of our website, through our Slow Lane magazine and our regular Slow Lane emails. They may also be highlighted by Inntravel through social media.

Contributions can take many forms – they don’t have to be hundreds of words long. Short articles, photo diaries, ‘Top 10’ lists, recipes and a wide variety of other styles work very well in both the online and printed magazine format.

Slow Lane articles focus on specific aspects of a region – for example, local culture or history, regional food and drink, or local wildlife and nature. These articles can capture the imagination of Inntravellers and help them get under the skin of a place or region.

As well as providing interesting information for our audience, the Slow Lane aims to act as a gateway to other like-minded people and organisations. We are always happy to include bios of our contributors and links to their websites, and to other sites that are relevant to the content of an article.

The Slow Lane also includes the Marketplace which features artisan producers. Articles in the Marketplace provide background about the artisans themselves and details of what they produce. Marketplace articles also include links to websites where the products featured can be bought. In return for introducing artisans to the Inntraveller community, we do ask that they reciprocate by featuring Inntravel in some of their own online communications – details of this arrangement can be obtained from Charlotte Collier at

What is 'Slow'?

Slow provides a counterbalance to modern living – quick fixes, fast food, mass production, the package holiday. Slow takes time to enjoy the moment, focus on the detail, value the craftsmanship. Slow has many forms, and individuals and organisations have their own particular slant. Slow provokes thought and discussion and above all makes life richer.

Slow stands back from thoughts of the pressures of practical logistics and planning, and it takes time to focus on a detail, a person or an experience. And when that content is created by someone within the Inntraveller community – a traveller, a regional expert, a hotelier – it provides a different voice and the richness is magnified. If you are looking for some Slow inspiration for your contribution, then perhaps you might like to view our Slow videos. To see other takes on the philosophy, have a look at sites such as or

Making submissions

If you have something you would like to share with the Inntravel community, we would love to hear from you. Please email your suggestions to Charlotte Collier, Submissions Co-ordinator at along with your contact details. Only submit articles you have written and photographs and videos that you have taken yourself. If images or video prominently feature individual people, then before submitting, you must get their express permission for publication.

When you make your submission, please let us know if it appears elsewhere or if you have any special requests relating to its use. Additional requests made later could cause problems, and so for practical reasons may not be accommodated.

If your submission is more than 10MB please use the free website to transfer your file.

We have a Slow Lane editorial panel that meets regularly and they review all submissions. The panel will decide if a submission can be used; and, if so, where and when it will be published. Contributors are notified by the Submissions Co-ordinator by email when a decision to publish has been made, and again once that has happened.

We occasionally make our own minor amendments to articles prior to publishing. However, we will contact you if we think more significant changes are needed.

We want the Slow Lane to be a place where like-minded people can share their knowledge and experience, and to be a gateway for readers to discover other like-minded sites. We are not seeking paid-for contributions from professional writers, nor do we provide subsidised trips. Our Slow Lane editorial policy is to provide an opportunity for Inntravellers to have their work published to a wider audience.