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What do we mean by Slow?

Slow provides a counterbalance to modern living – quick fixes, fast food, mass production, the package holiday. Slow takes time to enjoy the moment, focus on the detail, value the craftsmanship. Slow has many forms, and individuals and organisations have their own particular slant. For us, Slow is celebration of the places, events, people, folklore, traditions and food that help to define a local area and enrich local life – wherever ‘local’ may be.

Slow is not ‘stop’.

Slow is not Old. Inactive. Nor Frustrating.

Slow is a position. A state of mind.

Slow is looking differently at the world.

Seeing things – people, landscapes – from a new perspective.

Slow is a place.

Slow is where time doesn’t stand still, it expands. Slowly.

Where you see more by slowing down.

Immersing yourself into local life.

Meeting local people.

Eating local food.

Enjoying local hospitality.

Exploring beautiful countryside.

And feeling energised.



We’d love to hear stories from your locality, so find out how you can contribute to The Slow Lane.
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