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What we're doing


Our core principles

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do, and we are guided by the following core principles:

1) Become carbon neutral by reducing our carbon output wherever practicable, and by offsetting what we’re unable to eliminate by supporting carbon reduction schemes

2) Foster well-being through tourism and cultural exchange, and bring benefits to communities, wildlife and the environment  

3) Follow high standards of ethical and sustainable practice in all business activities  

4) Engage our customers, suppliers, business partners and staff in our responsible business initiatives  

5) Participate in positive ways to support our own local economy, community and environment

Looking ahead...

We are ambitious for the future, and are currently developing a long-term strategy which will drive sustainability practices both within our office and on our holidays. In the meantime, read on to find out what we're doing right now...

Office policies

We couldn’t ask anyone else to act responsibly if we weren’t doing so ourselves...

  • • Our offices, sympathetically converted from a disused farm building specifically for Inntravel, are well insulated and use energy-efficient lighting.

    •  We closely monitor heating and electricity usage in the office, as well as other resource use such as paper, and we also encourage our staff to car-share, as our office is not served by public transport; around a third of our staff share transport on a regular basis.

    • We use paper from sustainably managed forests, and the packaging in which we mail our brochures from the office is made from cardboard and is fully recyclable. Brochures sent from the mailing house are wrapped in recyclable paper.

    • Our recyclable waste – paper, cardboard, plastics, batteries, cans and printer cartridges – is either sent directly for recycling, or distributed to local organisations and charities who benefit from recycling schemes. No waste from the office goes to landfill.

    • We provide nesting opportunities for a range of wildlife, with owl, swallow and bat boxes built into the exterior of our office building.

Charity support

In keeping with the notion that charity starts ‘at home’, every year we donate part of our profits to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, which helps fund the management of nature reserves in the county.

Find out more about the Trust >

Further information

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