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Our holidays are all about taking the time to appreciate your surroundings. The views. The colours. The birdsong. The rustling of leaves in the breeze or the crunch of snow underfoot. The wildlife. Local flavours. The people you encounter.

Whichever type of holiday you choose – we offer self-guided walking, cycling, journeys by rail, car or boat as well as holidays in the snow – you will have the opportunity to experience your destination 'up close'. The vast majority of our breaks explore little-known regions that are far away from the beaten track, but even in Europe's more popular corners we have sought out the most characterful accommodation and can recommend authentic places to visit and to dine at – for an unforgettable holiday experience that directly benefits the local community.
Travellers needed
Many of our holidays take place in remote, rural areas where depopulation is a threat to the local economy. By holidaying in these regions, you help to bring employment and regeneration – giving our hoteliers and taxi drivers an additional incentive to stay in the towns and villages in which they were brought up, as well as helping to maintain and improve local services – for example, our walking routes help to keep open traditional drovers’ roads and other ancient paths.
Family-run businesses
The hotels and taxi companies we use are, almost without exception, local and family-run businesses. The fact that our holidays are for individuals rather than groups also allows us to work in very quiet villages with small hotels and guesthouses offering as few as two or three rooms. Some of our other accommodation is larger, but with an inspiring backstory – in Portugal's north, we work with historic manor houses which have opened their doors to visitors in order to preserve their splendour, while in Cyprus we offer charming stone-built homes whose sensitive restoration has revived a once-abandoned mountain village.
Using the local grapevine
Our hoteliers are often very enterprising, incorporating local produce on their menus whenever possible and implementing their own environmental policies, relating for example to laundry, energy conservation and resource use. Their methods serve to enhance your holiday, and the same network of local sources allows us to provide you with detailed background information, giving you tips on where the locals eat and the most scenic picnic spots along the route.

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