What is sustainable tourism?


A definition

When we go on holiday, we all leave footprints – on the environment, the local community and the economy.

The UN World Tourism Organisation states that sustainable tourism “takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Some of the impacts of tourism are positive (such as job creation, and preservation of cultural heritage and wildlife), others are negative. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council emphasises that sustainable tourism should minimise the negative impacts while maximising the positive ones.

Put simply, sustainable tourism is about ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful scenery and monuments, the same sandy beaches, the same encounters with wildlife.

An example

Being specialists in walking holidays, let’s take footpaths as an example.

Going on a holiday that uses a network of ancient mule tracks is sustainable as it means that these trails, which were used by locals for centuries but which have fallen into disuse with the advent of motorised vehicles, do not get overgrown and forgotten.

On the other hand, walking along a badly eroded path for the sake of reaching an ‘unmissable’ viewpoint is unsustainable, as there will come a point where it becomes impassable and no one will be able to admire the view.

3 ways in which Inntravel holidays are sustainable

  • Family-run hotels
    Staying in independent hotels rather than chain hotels helps to support the local economy.

    Almost all the hotels that Inntravel works with are family-run. Some, in fact, have been in the same family for generations, and your custom helps ensure they remain open for generations to come.

    Little-known regions
    Choosing the quieter parts of well-known holiday destinations, or getting off the beaten track completely, helps avoid over-tourism.

    Destinations that are off the tourist map include the Apennines in Italy, the Madonie Mountains in Sicily, the Engadine in Switzerland, and Peneda-Gerês in Portugal. Browse our website for more ideas.

    Buying local
    Any holiday experience is made richer by shopping and eating at one-of-a-kind places that are unique to the area you’re visiting. In turn, these places benefit from the extra income.

    Our holiday information packs recommend vineyards where you can go for tastings, shops and markets selling all manner of local produce and crafts, and family-run restaurants where you can sample traditional local dishes.

How to holiday even more sustainably

Here at Inntravel we want to both acknowledge and accept responsibility for the footprints we leave. You can make your holiday habits more sustainable by considering the following:

Length vs frequency
It’s much better to go on fewer, longer holidays than lots of shorter breaks.

Inntravel has lots of ways you can extend your holiday: add extra nights, start or finish with a city break, combine two or more holidays…

Train vs plane
It’s preferable to travel by train than by plane. Even if you travel out by train and back by plane (or vice versa), that’s better than flying both ways. If that’s not feasible, consider using public transport (rather than taxis or a hire car) to get about once you’re there.

You can ask our team of rail specialists to put together tailored arrangements to get you to and/or from your holiday by train. Choose between fast or scenic routes, sleeper services or city breaks en route.

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