Holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees


Escape the crowds and enjoy some of the best mountain walking Europe has to offer on a holiday to the Pyrenees. Each day rewards with inspirational views – of rugged peaks, traditional villages and a wide range of flora and fauna – as well as delicious dinners of local specialities.

Holidays in the Pyrenees
Holidays in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is dramatic mountain scenery

Forming the frontier between Spain and France, the Pyrenees stretch all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The easternmost part of the chain is wild and rugged, dotted with stone villages whose houses cluster around Romanesque churches.
This is magnificent walking country, enjoying the warmest climate of all the Pyrenean range and offering the possibility of spotting a wide variety of flowers and birds – including short-toed eagles and griffon vultures. As you follow ancient trails through the unspoiled mountains, you will be treated to ever-changing vistas, tasty local cuisine, and warm and genuine Pyrenean hospitality.

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