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Cycling holidays in Tuscany

Enjoy a self-guided cycling holiday in Tuscany, on which you pedal from one characterful hotel to the next. We organise luggage transfers and provide you with a high-quality bike and our much-praised route notes and maps, the rest is up to you.
Cycling holidays in Tuscany
Cycling holidays in Tuscany

Cycling holidays in Tuscany –

art, history & more
For a holiday that’s about more than cycling, Tuscany is an obvious choice, offering an appealing mix of history, great art and gastronomy. Ours are Slow holidays, so take time out to drink in the panoramas and stroll around hill-top towns. You are not part of a group, meaning your time away is truly yours. You can rely on us to transfer your luggage, to select charming accommodation and to provide precise route notes to guide you to it, so unwind and enjoy…

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Our cycling holidays in Tuscany

Travelling from outside the UK?
To give you a good idea of how we can tailor our trips to your individual requirements, take a look at the section of the website specifically devoted to travellers from outside the UK.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get the low-down on Inntravel holidays from someone who has first-hand experience, you can email Phil Wise. Based in California, Phil has taken many trips with us over the years, and will be happy to give you general information about travelling to Europe and the overall Inntravel holiday experience from an American perspective.

How our cycling holidays in Tuscany are graded

The emphasis of our cycling holidays in Tuscany is squarely on leisurely discovery. However, given the undulating countryside, cycling in Tuscany usually involves a few ascents, and our grades reflect this (you can see our grading system below). To make things easier, you can upgrade to an electric (e-)bike. (Our grading system assumes you are using a ‘regular’ bike.)
  • Easy cycling for all with shorter days mainly on the flat, but some gentle ascents.
  • Easy-to-moderate cycling featuring undulating routes with more frequent short ascents, and a mix of shorter and longer days.
  • Moderate cycling with some longer, steady uphill sections, and longer days.
  • Fairly strenuous cycling featuring longer days with some sustained climbs. (We don't currently have any holidays at this level.)

What to expect from your cycling holiday in Tuscany

Like all Inntravel holidays, our cycling holidays in Tuscany revolve around three essential ingredients: idyllic scenery; carefully selected accommodation of character where a warm welcome awaits; and excellent regional cuisine, which in Tuscany includes delicious meat and pasta dishes.
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