Nîmes City Add-On

France’s Roman City
The vibrant southern city of Nîmes is known for its beautiful Roman amphitheatre and Maison Carrée. As a contrast to your other Inntravel holiday in southern France, add on a stay in our centrally located hotel of character. We provide notes for a self-guided city walking tour.
Nîmes City Add-On. 2 nights
Nîmes City Add-On. 2 nights

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Situated midway along the Via Domitia linking Italy and modern-day Spain, Nîmes was a prosperous Roman city, and that’s where its attraction lies – the city boasts some of the largest Roman monuments in Europe, and certainly the best-preserved remains you will find anywhere in France.  

There are two other important sites – the superbly proportioned Maison Carrée and the Porte d’Auguste gateway – but the real focal point is the 1st-century amphitheatre, Les Arènes. Beyond the numerous archways of its impressive exterior, gladiators fought wild animals and one another while a blood-thirsty crowd of thousands looked on. 
To pull yourself back to the present, visit the glass-and-concrete building housing Nîmes’ museum of contemporary art, as stark a contrast as you can imagine to the city’s ancient past.



  • Notes for a self-guided walking tour included
    As you’ll discover as you follow our self-guided walking tour, Nîmes’ three star attractions are all of Roman origin. The first, Les Arènes, is so large that it could seat 20,000 spectators for gladiatorial fights and other events. The second is the Porte d’Auguste, a gateway into this once-walled city that was named after Emperor Augustus, while the third is the Maison Carrée, a colonnaded temple of harmonious proportions sitting in its own square. Just a stone’s throw away is a very different building altogether: the Carré d’Art, an imposing modern building designed by Norman Foster which houses a museum of contemporary art. After strolling through the alleys and squares between this and the cathedral with its sculpted frieze depicting Adam and Eve, head for the Jardin de la Fontaine, where you can wander up the wooded slope, past a series of grottoes, to the Roman Tour Magne, for views that are claimed to stretch as far as the Pic de Canigou in the Pyrenees.


The hotel is ideally located for exploring the city. We provide suggestions for where to eat out in the documentation that we send you prior to your holiday.
Hotel Marquis de la Baume
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    Hotel Marquis de la Baume, Nîmes
    Superior: 01 Apr - 31 Oct 2024 £18
    Superior: 01 Apr - 31 Oct 2025 £19

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    01 Oct - 31 Oct 2024 £73 £143
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    Getting between Nimes airport and the city (15km):

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    Bus 15 minutes after every Ryanair arrival
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    Taxi 20 minutes 25€
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  • 2 nights
  • 2 breakfasts
  • notes for a self-guided city walking tour

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