Sleeper trains

We know the best sleeper trains and routes. We also know which are the most comfortable cabins, and when it’s worth upgrading, so talk with our rail experts about tailoring your journey to your requirements.

Our favourite overnight services

A convenient way to travel
Sleeper trains are an efficient way to cover long distances. Thanks to our many years’ experience of organising rail travel for our customers, we know which services offer the most enjoyable and comfortable experiences.

The vast majority of our customers love the sleeper trains but it is worth mentioning that the trains listed below – our favourite sleeper trains – are functional with compact cabins rather than hotels on rails. If your preference is spacious accommodation and a highly powered en suite shower, then we would happy to quote for alternative routes on which you stay overnight in a city along the way.

Typically, the sleeper carriages are joined with other overnight services, sharing the route for part of the journey. Leaving Amsterdam for example, the sleeper trains for both Innsbruck and Vienna depart together as one train. As parts of the train are uncoupled to travel their separate ways in the small hours of the morning, some Inntravellers have had an interrupted night’s sleep as a result. Other travellers enjoy being lulled to sleep by the rocking motion of the train, find the beds comfortable and sleep through the night until their wake-up call.
Austrian NightJet
Modern and air-conditioned, the NightJet offers a reliable service, directly linking the high-speed rail hubs in Amsterdam and Cologne with Vienna or Innsbruck.

The economy cabins are compact, with space for your luggage, and up to 3 bunk beds, with the upper bunks accessed by step ladder. There is a wash basin in your cabin. The shared toilet and showers are located at the end of the carriage.

If you would prefer a private ensuite shower and toilet, you can upgrade to a deluxe cabin. However the deluxe cabins are the same dimensions as standard cabins so having the ensuite shower/wc does reduce the amount of space available in the cabin.   

In both the economy and deluxe sleepers, you are provided with a towel, duvet, pillow and a light continental breakfast brought to your cabin.

All the private cabins are popular, so you need to book in good time. These trains become available to book 6 months in advance.

There is no restaurant on board the NightJet, so you should dine before boarding the train, or bring a picnic tea with you.
These trains offer very useful connections within Central Europe, making our holidays in Slovenia much easier to reach. Take Eurostar and TGV to Zurich where you can have dinner before boarding the EuroNight sleeper to Ljubljana which also stops en route close to our holidays in the Julian Alps. 

Similar to the NightJet, there are compact sleeper cabins, with space for your luggage, and up to 3 bunk beds. The upper bunks are accessed by step ladder. The cabins have a wash basin and you will find a shared toilet and washing facilities located at the end of the carriage. These trains currently don’t offer deluxe cabins with ensuite bathrooms.

In the sleeper cabins you are provided with a towel, duvet and pillow. In the morning, you receive a wake-up call with a hot drink brought to your cabin.

Like the NightJet, there is no restaurant on board so you should dine before boarding the train, or bring a picnic tea with you.
Intercity Notte to Sicily
Have dinner in Naples or Rome before boarding the sleeper. The next morning wake up to coastal views on the approach to Siracusa, Catania, Cefalu and Palermo. Sicily’s Intercity Notte sleeper trains travel down the Calabrian coast to Villa San Giovanni where the train rolls onto a ferry to cross the strait of Messina. There are also daily day trains along this scenic route.

These Italian sleepers offer private cabins, “Vagone letto deluxe”, with up to 3 bunks (accessible by step ladder) and a washbasin. Upgrade to an Excelsior cabin, with the same features of the double sleeper plus an ensuite shower/wc. In both the “Vagone letto” and the Excelsior, you are provided with a towel, duvet and pillow. A light continental breakfast is included in the fare for the private cabins, brought to your cabin and served with Illy coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

There is no restaurant on board so you should dine before boarding the train or bring a picnic tea with you.  

The Experience

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