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Sollia Northern Lights Break

By the Norwegian-Russian border
Set amid the beautiful wilderness of Arctic Norway, Sollia feels otherworldly. Your welcoming guesthouse boasts its own ‘aurora borealis base camp’, where you spend an evening. By day, there are opportunities for dog-sledding and snowmobiling.
Sollia Northern Lights Break. 3 nights
Sollia Northern Lights Break. 3 nights

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A Northern Lights break in Arctic Norway

Set amid the beautiful wilderness that covers the furthest reaches of Arctic Norway, only some 50 metres or so from the Russian border, Sollia feels otherworldly, particularly on winter nights when the colourful ribbons of the Northern Lights swoop and twirl across the inky sky.

Feeling so far removed from everyday life, the Sollia Gjestegård is a place where you can easily relax. Should you wish to venture further afield, you can join a nearby dog-sled or snowmobile excursion to explore the snowy borderland.

Winter activities

There’s no fixed itinerary, so take your pick of the activities as the mood takes you, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the surrounding wilderness. 
  • Thrilling excursions you're unlikely to forget
    If you’d like to see this borderland region up close, the obvious choice is to explore by dog-sled from a nearby husky farm. You can either – after a short lesson in the basics of driving a sled – take charge of your own team of dogs, or ride as a passenger, watching out for wildlife as you glide through the dense forest and over frozen lakes. Alternatively – or additionally – you can arrange snowmobiling trips into this winter wonderland. (Pay locally for both options. Please note that in high season it is advisable to pre-book these activities to avoid disappointment.)
  • Spend an evening in the wilderness
    One of your evenings is spent at your hosts’ ‘aurora borealis base camp’, to which you are taken on a large sledge towed by a snowmobile. The northerly location of the camp and the complete absence of light pollution mean you stand a good chance of witnessing the Northern Lights from here, but it’s just a case of wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of tea or coffee and gazing at the sky, hoping that they will show themselves in all their glory… If/when they do put in an appearance, it’s an exhilarating experience.

Where you stay

The guesthouse in which you stay is set by itself, 15 kilometres from Kirkenes. We include dinner every night in the lakeside restaurant.
Sollia Gjestegård



Extend your stay


A Slow film on Sollia in Arctic Norway

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  • 3 nights: 17 November 2019 - 18 December 2019, 05 January 2020 - 06 February 2020 & 07 February 2020 - 01 April 2020

    Start Thursday*, Friday or Sunday | End by latest date(s) shown above

    Starting Adults
    17 Nov - 15 Dec 2019 £980
    05 Jan - 19 Jan 2020 £1035
    24 Jan - 01 Mar 2020 £995
    05 Mar - 29 Mar 2020 £1035

    Includes all elements of the holiday itself (accommodation, meals and any additional elements as described), plus flights (usually, but not always, from London) and onward travel as described.

    *Thursday start not possible 9 Jan-6 Feb

    Included travel: SAS Heathrow-Kirkenes via Oslo (8h45) (out dep 1020, home arr 1625; hold luggage included) & connecting transfer (0h10)

    Prices are subject to availability and flight supplements may apply. Book early for Christmas, New Year and school holidays. We can also book different flight routes (see flight section below). Please contact us to discuss any pricing implications.

  • Room upgrades (supplement per room per night)

    Sollia Gjestegård, Sollia
    Aurora chalet: 17 Nov - 01 Apr 2020 £196
    Single room: 17 Nov - 18 Dec 2019 £40
    Single room: 05 Jan - 23 Jan 2020 £40
    Single room: 24 Jan - 04 Mar 2020 £40
    Single room: 05 Mar - 01 Apr 2020 £40

    Extra nights

    Sollia Gjestegård, Sollia (with dinner) Double room Single room
    17 Nov - 18 Dec 2019 £88 £128
    05 Jan - 23 Jan 2020 £95 £135
    24 Jan - 04 Mar 2020 £90 £130
    05 Mar - 01 Apr 2020 £95 £135
    Kirkenes (latest flight arrival time and earliest flight departure time both flexible)

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    Outward route Airline
    Gatwick - Kirkenes (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) Norwegian 
    Outward route Airline
    Heathrow - Kirkenes (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Outward route Airline
    Manchester - Kirkenes (via Copenhagen & Oslo) SAS 
    Manchester - Kirkenes (via Oslo (Gardermoen) ) SAS 
    Travelling from outside the UK

    If you are flying from outside Europe,  you may need to fly to an airport not listed below. To discuss onward connecting travel to the start of your holiday, please contact us.

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What is included
  • 3 nights
  • 3 dinners
    3 breakfasts
  • detailed documentation
  • evening at aurora borealis base camp
  • flights from Heathrow (regional flights available)
  • transfers from/to Kirkenes Airport

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    Current information regarding vaccinations and travel health advice can be found through the following NHS link: You must make sure you have adequate insurance cover for illness, accidents and repatriation (see the insurance question). UK citizens should also obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) by applying at a Post Office or at The EHIC allows reciprocal health care but should not be seen as a substitute for travel insurance. EHICs may cease to be valid in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
  • The most widely spoken language is Norwegian. The currency is the Kroner. Norwegian time is GMT/UTC + 1. It uses Daylight Saving Time, so in summer is on BST + 1.
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