Walking holidays in the UK for beginners


Looking for walking holidays for beginners in the UK?

If you are someone who loves walking and are considering making the jump to a walking holiday, we have some excellent news: Inntravel has a wide range of walking holidays in the UK that are perfect for beginners.


How do walking holidays for beginners work?

Beginners’ walking holidays follow the same simple format as any other walking holiday: each day features a different walk, described in detailed route notes along the lines of: “Pass through the gate, continue along the field edge for 250m until you reach a stile…” Besides directions, the route notes also include tips for lunch stops, plus optional detours to viewpoints and information about the places of interest that you pass.

All the accommodation is booked for you, and your luggage is transported ahead. The great advantage of self-guided walking holidays is that you can rest as often as you need to, and walk at a pace that suits you. There really is no rush, so take your time, enjoying the views and the wildlife.


How to choose a walking holiday for beginners

There are several factors to bear in mind when making a decision:

Difficulty/distance covered
This is an obvious one, but worth emphasising. For a first-time walking holiday, it is important not to over-estimate your ability. A holiday is meant to be enjoyable, but it won’t be if the walks are too difficult or too long. As regards distances, you shouldn’t necessarily be put off if some of the distances are longer than you would normally tackle – you do, after all, have all day to complete each walk. That said, you should also bear in mind that you’ll be walking on consecutive days, which is more demanding than enjoying a long walk once a week. All in all, err on the side of caution.

The number of nights spent at each hotel is also an important consideration. A top tip is to look for a holiday which features some two-night stays, rather than a different hotel every night, as this gives you the option of resting on non-itinerant days – although a circular walk is suggested, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Alternatively, consider adding an extra night into the itinerary so that you can have a ‘day off’ from walking.

The walking notes that are provided will keep you on the right path, plus you can download GPS files for the vast majority of holidays as a secondary means of navigation. However, for added peace of mind, you might like to choose a holiday that follows an established long-distance trail, as these are well-waymarked throughout.

Length of the holiday
If you are at all unsure of your ability, choose a short break rather than a longer holiday.


Best walking holidays in the UK for beginners

  • Why it features on our best walking holidays in the UK for beginners list: the walking is gentle and, since it’s a short break, there are only three walks, two of which are optional

    What could be more delightful than a leisurely walk along a picturesque, ever-changing coastline that is punctuated with quaint fishing villages, dramatic ruins and glorious sandy bays? As you stroll along the coast, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife, from seals to puffins. The route finishes with two nights in St Andrews, with a full day to explore this famous town – we provide notes for a self-guided walking trail.

    More information about our Fife walking break >

  • Why it features on our best walking holidays in the UK for beginners list: not only is the walking easy, but the routes follow waymarked trails throughout, plus three of the five walks are optional

    This is a holiday with wide appeal – there’s a stunning coastline; a wealth of wildlife, particularly birds, but seals, too; the vast estates of Sandringham and Holkham; beautiful medieval churches; sleepy coastal villages; and a growing foodie scene. The icing on the cake is the top-notch accommodation: inns, guesthouses and hotels exuding character and comfort.

    More information about our Norfolk walking holiday >

  • Why it features on our best walking holidays in the UK for beginners list: since the holiday follows a section of the waymarked Thames Path, the navigation is as easy as the walks themselves, three of which are optional

    The Thames is a constant companion as you walk. Well-known towns and cities – illustrious Oxford, ancient Abingdon, upmarket Henley-on-Thames, foodie Marlow – contrast with bucolic scenery of peaceful water meadows, shady riverbanks, and quintessentially English villages. The accommodation is of a particularly high standard, with food to match, meaning you’ve got plenty to look forward to at the end of each walk.

    More information about our Thames Path walking holiday >

  • Why it features on our best walking holidays in the UK for beginners list: the presence of the sea, and the fact that many of the routes follow waymarked trails, help with navigation, plus three of the five walks are optional

    There are several good reasons to choose Northumberland for a walking holiday: the long sweeps of near-deserted sand; the chance to spot puffins, kittiwakes, oystercatchers and numerous other seabirds and waders; and impressive castles such as Warkworth, Bamburgh and much-photographed Dunstanburgh. Many of the walking routes follow the spectacular Northumberland Coast Path, and the excellent local bus network lets you adapt the routes as you wish, so if you want to spend more time visiting the places of interest, you can.

    More information about our Northumberland walking holiday >

    If you’d prefer something even easier, we also offer a 4-night walking break in Northumberland.

  • Why it features on our best walking holidays in the UK for beginners list: the walking is slightly more demanding than others listed here, but the fact that this short break only features two hotels means that two of the three walks are optional

    The undulating countryside of the South Downs is said to have inspired William Blake’s immortal phrase, ‘this green and pleasant land’, and there can be no doubt that Blake would still recognise the landscapes today: unspoiled villages; high ridges with panoramic views; and grassland that is home to myriad wildflowers and butterflies. The accommodation, two traditional but well-heeled hostelries providing excellent food, is another highlight of this short but satisfying break.

    More information about our South Downs walking break >

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