A North American perspective


If you’ve never travelled with us before, perhaps the best way to get a feel for our trips is to read what fellow countrymen have said about us.

If, on the other hand, you are one of our many North American customers and have any tips to pass on to fellow Americans or Canadians who are considering an Inntravel holiday, please send us an email and we’ll add your suggestions to this page.
Mrs Sutherns from Canada writes:
“On our first holiday with Inntravel my husband and I decided to play safe and go to a country where we spoke the language and so we chose a hotel-to-hotel walking holiday in the Bordeaux area. As this was the first time we had used the service we did have a little hiccup which we notice you are warned about – do not make your flight reservations before actual confirmation. The agent efficiently assisted us in juggling dates. We were amazed at the quality of food and friendliness we found with all we came in contact with. Most of the hosts and taxi drivers have worked for several years with Inntravel and realize the importance of their guests as regular customers. This we found most reassuring. Our hosts were all keen to make us feel comfortable, introducing us to food and drink items specific to their part of the world. We had a fabulous holiday enjoying the countryside on our own, our sort of holiday, whilst following the excellent maps and accompanying written instructions. A wonderful way to enjoy this type of holiday knowing that all arrangements are taken care of.

The next time we chose to use Inntravel was a combination holiday of personal arrangements and two different hotel-to-hotel walking holidays thrown in. I could not believe how helpful the agents were with advising us on travel arrangements that enabled us to mesh the two types of holiday successfully. This was a glorious holiday. We felt more comfortable than on our first foray, knowing that we could have faith in the arrangements and the quality of both food and accommodation. Even when we alighted from a train in the middle of nowhere we knew that a taxi would turn up to take us to our first stopping place. So no worries. We love the clarity of the instructions, the accommodation in sometimes very small hotels where the food turns out to be amazing and there is not even the bother of having to choose in some places, and knowing that Inntravel are always there for you. We never hesitate to recommend the company to friends and are looking forward to once again exploring under their direction.”
Mr Miltenberger from the USA writes:
“Some recommendations that I would give to other Americans would be to combine their Inntravel trip with visits to nearby cities before and after the hike. Perhaps flying into a city a few days before the hike, spending some time there and then with a nice train ride to the town where the Inntravel trip starts. In America we don’t have many good cross-country train trips and UK and European trains are a real treat. At the end of your Inntravel tour a trip to another city with your air connection is also nice way to complete your trip.

While hiking and way finding we find the Inntravel descriptions are helpful and interesting but sometimes a bit confusing. We would encourage Americans to brush up on their map reading skills. The maps Inntravel provides are excellent but one needs to know that they are different from highway maps and have a lot more information, similar to our USGS maps. I can honestly say we have been lost on a few occasions with the maps and narrative, but with patience and careful, calm discussions (and additional walking) we made our destinations without losing too much time. We take pride in this way finding problem solving and the satisfaction of finding our destinations. Getting a little lost is often one of the things you remember the most.

One other thing: the taxis and luggage transports have always worked well. The drivers are often helpful and the bags are almost always at your destination when you arrive after hiking a long day. Many of the drivers are English fluent and provide some extra cultural ingredient to your trip.

Yes, another thing for Americans. We as a general rule tend to be loud, arrogant and a bit naive. I would suggest studying up on the history, culture and language a bit before you leave. Learn some of the basic discourse words and speak in a soft business, polite tone to people. Most people in the public realm speak enough English to help you out and if you greet them in their language it sets a better tone for you. We have had no major problems with communications.”


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