Exploring Europe

Take your pick of a wide range of self-guided walking tours, from easy coastal routes to high-mountain hikes. If you prefer to explore on two wheels, you can choose from a broad selection of laid-back, self-guided cycling tours which take in various places of interest. For a greater emphasis on culture, or to explore more widely, consider our ‘journeys’ by rental car, train and/or boat.
Scenery that’s perfect for exploring on foot or two wheels
If you associate hiking and biking with vast wildernesses, long distances and remote refuge-style accommodation, think again. Europe’s landscapes, while still very impressive, tend to be on a scale that means exploring them is less of an undertaking – think laid-back adventure rather than demanding expedition. The distances between villages – or, more importantly, comfortable places to stay! – are such that hiking or cycling from hotel to hotel is a leisurely, relaxed affair.

What’s more, Europe is pedestrian and bike-friendly – there is a huge network of well-marked paths and, for cyclists, an ever-growing number of cycle paths.
Explore self-guided, at your own pace
The length of the routes depends on what grade of hiking or cycling you opt for, but at the lower end of the scale you may cover as little as 10km (6 miles) per day on foot, or 18km (11 miles) by bike.

We provide route notes so detailed that it’s like having a guide with you, telling you about the places that you pass, and pointing out worthwhile detours to viewpoints, beaches where you can swim, or scenic picnic spots.

By exploring in this way, rather than as part of a group, you can set the pace, with the freedom to pause as much or as little as you want to.

The icing on the cake is that we transport your bags from hotel to hotel where necessary, so all you need carry with you are the essentials for the day.
See more on an Inntravel journey
Our journeys (tours by train, rental car and/or boat) are also self-guided, meaning you can make the tour entirely your own. Thanks to the detailed information we provide you with, you can enjoy little-known museums, authentic restaurants, local architecture and inspirational viewpoints. For many of the cities which feature in our journeys, we’ll also provide you with route notes for a self-guided walking tour so that you can follow them round the city’s main sights and hidden gems if you wish.
Expertise you can rely on
We’ve built up an extensive, very detailed knowledge of Europe’s most alluring regions since we first started back in 1984. Each year hundreds of customers from outside the UK rely on our expertise to show them the very best of Europe. By booking direct with us, you save yourself hours of research and preparation – let us know which tour(s) you’re interested in, and we’ll arrange everything for you, even advising you on the best travel arrangements.

Did you know...

...our route notes are like your own personal guide? As well as guiding you along the route, they point out worthwhile detours, suggest good picnic spots, and inform you about the places of interest that you pass.

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