Steve Jack

In hindsight, it was probably a teenage trip to the USA with his grandfather that left Inntravel's editor-in-chief permanently afflicted with wanderlust.

So, despite spending the early years of his working life selling diverse substances (washing powder, chocolate, pet food and cheese) for various large organisations, it was only a matter of time before Steve dedicated himself full-time to the world of travel.

Following a marvellous few months of backpacking during a ‘year out’ that took him to places as diverse as Bombay and Bali, Canada and the Cook Islands, Steve eventually joined Inntravel, and now has nine years of exploring – and writing about – Europe’s unspoiled corners under his belt. He loves going somewhere new, and finds something uniquely satisfying about discovering the rhythm of a place and locating his own favourite corners.

Articles by Steve Jack

Nordic exploring

Inntravel's Steve Jack reveals the 10 things you should definitely  embrace on our new winter journey, Nordic Cities Explorer...

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A Bohemian Christmas

Inntravel’s Steve Jack recalls a visit to Prague, the endlessly fascinating Czech capital, during the run-up to Christmas.

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Journeys – on foot

While all of our walking holidays offer a satisfying ‘sense of journey’, there are some on which that rewarding,
start-to-finish feeling is particularly pronounced...

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Trundling through ‘Green Spain’

Slow is the perfect pace when it comes to exploring Asturias & the Costa Verde by rail – as Inntravel’s Steve Jack explains...

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Deux chevaux – a tale of two horses

Steve Jack tells a story of two white horses from the Camargue, which came to unite two Inntravellers in their own – very different – sense of artistic appreciation.

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Recent trips have taken him to the mountains of Mallorca – his first trip to the island which, he says, was nothing short of a revelation – and along southern Turkey’s Lycian Way. He has also helped to put together a new walking holiday in the Faroe Islands, and our cycling itinerary, Wine Trails of South Moravia, developing an enthusiasm for good-quality (and superb-value) Czech wines along the way. Another new-found passion is for cross-country skiing, which Steve discovered on a recent trip to Norway: the combination of healthy exercise, convivial company and pristine trails through a snowy wilderness felt just about perfect.

When he’s not travelling or planning a holiday, Steve is usually to be found relaxing with friends over a pint in one of York’s many fine pubs, enjoying a film at City Screen or wandering the footpaths of the nearby Dales, Moors and Wolds. As an occasional antidote to Slow Travel, he has been known to enjoy long-distance running, sometimes using an overseas marathon as an excuse for yet another short trip away. Next stop Copenhagen…