Andy Montgomery

Inntravel, 23 January, 2014
When the thrill of travel writing gripped her, there was no going back for Andy Montgomery of Buzz Trips...

At the end of 2003, Andy quit the fast lane of the north west of Britain and moved to the crawler lane of the Canary Islands. Closing the books on her lucrative, one-woman business consultancy, she packed her power-suits, glittering evening dresses and stilettos into a cardboard box and headed to the banana plantations of the north of Tenerife in the hope of making a living from her passions of travel, cooking, walking and writing.

After three years of researching and travelling the island full time in order to produce feature stories for a Tenerife lifestyle and travel magazine, Andy and hubby Jack acquired an unrivalled knowledge of the island's towns and villages, history, gastronomy, landscapes and culture.

Publishing their first Tenerife travel guide in 2006, they launched themselves into cyberspace, only to languish there in obscurity until they sussed the digital mysteries of search engine optimisation, keywords and social media.

Now ten years into her new life, Andy is the Tenerife expert for The Telegraph and Tenerife Insider for; she regularly writes for the in-flight magazines of Easyjet and Thomas Cook; owns several successful websites including the travel showcase Buzz Trips; has three published guides on the market and spends her time writing, walking, travelling, cooking and eating.

Mission accomplished.
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