My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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Each monthly winner (see September's) will receive a fabulous prize from one of our favourite local producers. October's prize is a beautiful limited edition, framed painting by Robert E Fuller, Yorkshire Wildlife Artist.

A selection of each month’s entries will be displayed here on The Slow Lane. (You can also see September's winner and runners-up). The winning entry, our ‘Moment of the Month’, will then be announced by the 15th of the following month, and the overall winner in January 2019, at a special Slow Moments exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to hear from you!


Intermittent bells heralded his arrival. Out of the pink dawn mist, its tendrils curling around his silhouette, he emerged from amongst the grey rocks. Goats nibbled pungent alpine herbs selectively as they approached us. Like a bearded biblical prophet he rested on his stick to greet us. Aeons of grief and toil were etched on his furrowed face: 'German?' he asked. 'No, English.' It was the right answer.

Valerie Henstock

To be in the slow moment one has to feel the environs of others also in their slow moment. Hence enhancement of slowness.

Ian Woodhouse

Hands planted the vines centuries ago; others pruned them for decades; still others harvested their grapes, bottled their juice, and lay those bottles in cool cellars to ferment for years. This moment today when the wine pours into our glasses is the culmination of immeasurable years of labors by winemakers who are forever strangers, yet left us this gift. We sip slowly, drinking in the generations of lives that created this cool golden glass filled with sunshine, rain, earth, and toil, this sweet and sacred manifestation of past into present.

Caroline Crawford

Brenda Melaniphy Date Night A local Venetian couple having a relaxing stroll, going about their day in a quiet part of Venice. Venice Italy
Caroline Crawford Late Autumn Reflections As we walked through this oasis in the midst of a busy borough of NYC, a pond in Clove Lakes Park reflected back the late November sky. Staten Island, New York City United States
Caroline Lynn Toddler pace Skiing with three toddlers in a perfect winter wonderland is the ideal opportunity for life in the slow lane. They are distracted by everything, inquisitive all the way and even when they do move forward do it very slowly! Fefor Norway
Catherine Looking around every corner! Walking slowly and enjoying every step! Aiguablava Catalan Coast
Ian & Julie Benger Paramonas Beach at Sunset We celebrated our first day and first sunset with a glass ouzo. Paramonas Beach Corfu
Cathy Cooper Guarding the sun One moment I treasure was recently in Romania up on a sheep station. I left my companions and sat next the old guard dogs to watch the sun set behind the distant hills. Breb, Maramures Romania
Derek Crawford Stalked Our trekking donkey being stalked by a kitten whilst stopping off for some mid-trek tea Asni Morocco
Alex Johnson clearing storm lakes england
Liz Bracken The Porcelain Shop The vibrant colour of the flowers cascading over the gold shop front really caught my attention. Ljubljana Slovenia
Allan Harris Monks queuing for lunch Monks queuing for their mid-day meal in a monastery. Totally silent, focused and ignoring all distractions they moved forward in order of seniority, to eat their one meal of the day. Mandalay Myanmar
Ian Woodhouse Gagnac The meeting of minds Gagnac sur cere France
Daniel Clegg Sunset at the edge of Britain John O'Grotes Scotland
Owain Thomas Not a bad view Unzip the tent in the morning and this is the view you get if you stay at the Three Cliffs Bay campsite. The Gower Wales
Liz Bracken Alpine meadow Returning from our walk near Kranjska Gora we stopped to admire this stunning view of the mountains. I like the way the roof of the traditional hay rack echoes the shape of the mountain ridge. Near Kranjska Gora Slovenia
Louise Wilson Morning Stroll A promisingly bright, slightly breezy morning, wandering past the river Seine. The sounds of the riverboat mingling with a faint echo of the jazz acoustic band playing beside the Notre Dame. River Seine Paris
Paula Younger Time to reflect in the Bishop's Palace, Wells The lake in the Bishop's Palace Gardens, Wells, the smallest city in England, is a very peaceful place to catch up with yourself. Wells, Somerset England
Allan Harris U Bein bridge sunset A very touristy thing to do, watching the sunset over this old teak bridge but we sat quietly in our boat as the light changed and people walked across the bridge, some as tourists but many locals. Mandalay Myanmar
Jane Hamilton Hallstatt Square Slow shopping! at Hallstatt, Austria on our Lakes and Mountains walking holiday. Hallstatt Austria
Jenny Wells Our slow moment The donkey beat us hands down, but we were just admiring the view... Amalfi Coast Italy
Jacob Goldberg Taking flight A surfer harnesses the ever present wind at the fabulous sandy beach in Flakstad. His kite startles a seagull and it is hardtop tell if the fog is coming down or if the surfer is rising to it. Flakstad Beach, Lofoten Islands Norway
Katherine Dunn Chess..why not? Drinking wine at Montmatre whilst watching artists play chess. World going by...bliss Paris France
Lisa After a day at the beach This is my calm moment, being a busy mum with 2 children. This is them after a very fun and busy day at the beach in the holidays! . Cornwall England
Nick Board Sky,vales,villa's corn. Val D'orcia, Tuscany Italy
Owain Thomas Bringing the cows home We found our path out of Chiappera blocked one September morning. The first snow of the season had fallen the night before and it was time to get the cattle off the mountains for the winter. Valle Maira Italy
Paul Carter Tuning in... Relaxing to the sounds of the musicians of Senovazne Square. A moment of reflection and lost in ones' own thoughts. Prague Czech Republic
Lesley Ann Mckevitt Windswept Trees Photo taken on 27/9/18 on my 67th birthday. The best birthday ever spent walking around the ex convict island. So quiet and peaceful. Maria Island Tasmania
Lesley Ann Mckevitt Rainbow over Hobart Habour A rare slow moment as l was walking from Hobart Museum to Mawson Huts. I have never seen a rainbow like this it took my breath away. Hobart Tasmania
mairi russell The pastel shoreline near Marmaris Turkey
Matthew DeWolfe Pensive by the Sea Taking it slow in the Maritimes of Canada Prince Edward Island Canada
Nick Board Following the orange... Bryce Canyon Utah USA
Roger Lane Frozen River It was minus 22 degrees the river dividing Sweden and Finland had frozen over, everything was still, no sound, no movement. Kukkolaforsen Sweden
Roger Lane Sunset There was a strong autumn sunset that day, yet very few people were there to enjoy it - just one other person and of course myself Anvil Point, Dorset Coast United Kingdom