My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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Reaching hair-raising speeds in a rattling bus on the earthquake-ravaged road from Kathmandu to Pokhara, a ‘slow moment’ is the furthest thing from my mind. A day later, though, and I’m overtaken by a completely unexpected sense of ease in the seconds after I tumble off a rocky cliff into my first ever paragliding experience. The Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna massif loom in the background, dominated by the craggy fishtail of Machapuchare. A huge Himalayan vulture hangs in the air before us; we follow it into a thermal column and soar, effortlessly, Phewa Lake glittering into nothingness below us.

Daniel Stables

I have always enjoyed the serene , clean lakes in southern Germany and Austria. The water crystal clear and the water is a mirror in to all the aqua marine creatures that live in them. I'd have a small boat to row in to the middle and then just let myself float as I closed my eyes to listened to natures sounds. It was my own little world i could enjoy by myself.

Sophie Grayling

Facebook entry

My perfect slow moment is making a hot latte, and sinking into my favourite garden chair, with the sun shining on my face and the soft sound of the water feature......

Claire Grace

My slow moment happened when I lovingly cooked my breakfast, taking time to peel, cut & braise ever so gently the vegetables, still crunchy & remain full flavoured. Now begins the real joy as I sit in the much anticipated English sunshine to embrace my mouth watering breakfast. My cat who is slow to approach comes to me calling out for affection, brushing against my leg and pushing my hand demanding attention. As I stroke her fur she melts into laying position where she experiences the love & tenderness of me who has pleasantly enjoyed a peaceful & blissful meal in the warmth & serene surroundings of my garden.


Sleep eludes me; I sit in a soft cushioned chair by the window, enjoying the soft dawn light, sipping my tea. My mind drifts. I realise I am not alone, three fox cubs are playing in silence on the lawn. I keep very still and watch them frolic: tumbling, skipping, jumping - so innocent of the slumbering city around them. The mother fox raises her head and suddenly they are slinking away along the dark roots of the hedge and I am left with a treasure, a brief insight into their secret world.

Jessie Newitt

Knock Knock Knock knock. "Who's there?" we asked, as we climbed the ancient path to the Elijah chapel. Twenty six degrees in the bright Mediterranean sunshine. Our pilgrimage began with the scent of orange blossom, wisteria and jasmine. Passing the cemetery gate we spotted a basket of bones drying in the sun. We dawdled through the olive grove and began the ascent, zigzagging our way up, to the accompaniment of tinkling goat bells and the escalating knock knock. "Who's there?" we asked. "Just us", chorused the bonking tortoises. We reached the chapel and rang the bell to proclaim our achievement.

Lyell Cresswell

My perfect slow moment is sitting in my garden right beside the bird feeder and watching our blue tits feed.

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Karen Ritchie

Heavy rain curtailed our cycling-cum-birdwatching holiday so we decided to visit the Chateau of Chenonceaux in the Loire valley. Within twenty seconds of turning into the carpark we had seen more cars and people than we had in the whole of the previous week. As we left the car we looked up, attracted by a light drumming sound, to see a Lesser-Spotted woodpecker in a dead tree. He was as oblivious to the milling hordes below as they were to his presence up in the tree. We were the only two who stopped, looked and marvelled.

Rachel Hickley

Celia Hicks The long road ahead Here I was looking at the long and winding road ahead on the way to Nanling in a minibus whose other passengers were a Buddhist monk and a cockerel... Yunnan Province China
David Clements The Hills are Alive... Cresting the brow of a hill, we came into an Alpine meadow - and there was a geriatric Sound of Music moment! The Madonie National Park Sicily
Philip A Green Walser village Walser village in the Gressoney valley, looking toward Gressoney St Jean. Gressoney La Trinite, Italian Alps Italy
Elizabeth Rhodes Sitting in the Sun It was the first really warm day of the year back in April and I saw this couple just enjoying the warm sunshine on the beach at South Shields. South Shields United Kingdom
Jacob Goldberg Not real Gucci. Seriously. Leon Spain
Pauline Mickel Most remote station in Britain Beautiful leisurely journey through idyllic scenery to reach the most remote Tea Room in Scotland. RANNOCH STATION PERTHSHIRE Scotland
Dave Trebilcock Gone fishin' Stroll along this magnificent beach and you'll see fishermen and their bikes scouring the sand for shell fish. Monte Gordo, Faro Portugal
Liz Mitchell Perfect weather for ducks Waiting for the rain to pass I looked out and watched these ducks wandering by. There was not much to see through the telescope that's for sure! Shropshire UK
@mytreasurebox_ #MyPerfectSlowMoment The earth has its music for those who will listen, All one needs is a walk through the nature with hearts & eyes open - to embrace the beauty of nature in everyday life. Dehli India
Denise Hewett Capturing Keswick On a sunny ride in April from Whitehaven to Greystoke, we stopped and took in the beauty of this spot outside Keswick. A delight on the eyes during our Coast to Coast challenge Keswick UK
@sallyannjohnston #MyPerfectSlowMoment Frozen in fog, something eerie & mysterious about fog. Instagram entry
David Pechey Time for Prayer Wandering round the hill country city of Kandy we were attracted by the rhythmical sound of chanting. As we approached the Buddhist monastery we found the worshippers' shoes lined up outside. Kandy Sri Lanka
Alison Cogan Brollies at the ready...rain or shine! Working at the festival, is fun and very jolly, but my advice to you, is always take your brolly!! Glastonbury Festival England
Elizabeth Geldart Slow-Boat Zambezi Sunset Zambezi River Zambia
Lynne Collins My Nan & Grandad Enjoying a Slow Moment in the Garden c.1955 Eastbourne UK
Alison Thackray A Heron's Masquerade by William Shakespeare "What's in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet" - said the Heron disguised as a Peahen ! Keptie Pond, Arbroath, Angus Scotland
Liz Mitchell Taking in the view The walk from Keswick to the top of Bleaberry Fell was delightful, the weather was perfect and on the return I just had to stop and take in the superb view, a moment to savour the beauty of the Lakes. Lake District UK
@sallyannjohnston #MyPerfectSlowMoment Life slows down at the beach, always a great ending to the day sat on the beach with my camera not knowing what you’ll capture Instagram entry
Debbie Vowles Yawning hippo We waited patiently for nearly an hour to capture this shot. The wait was a real pleasure, in that we had time to absorb the natural beauty of St Lucia lake, and spotted amazing birds such as the giant kingfisher St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
Cazza Ly #MyPerfectSlowMoment Cross country skiing above Geilo Facebook entry
Diana Walker Faithful Friends My lovely old boots that never let me down and have walked miles with me - now recycled in a beautiful way. Chipping Norton UK
Robert Rowley The Slow Sloth "It's lovely and quiet here, very relaxing here in my canopy, I only move once a week, that's to visit my loo on the ground floor! Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Ian Laing Zahara at night Our first night in the Grazalema Natural Park, we wandered out of our hotel after a lovely evening meal, turned our back on the fading lake view to be astonished by the old white town on the hill with its floodlit castle tower. Zahara de la Sierra Spain
Violet Perkins Phillippo A striking sunset across Emsworth harbour. A beautiful walk along Emsworth harbour, we were lucky to experience the late winter sunset. The striking contrast between the sunset and the water was wonderful to see. Emsworth United Kingdom
Cathy Cooper To Build a Nest The best way to study a puffin is to sit quietly on the cliff edge and observe. You may even be invited to help build a nest in the burrow. Lunga, Treshnish Islands Scotland
@kathy.revell #MyPerfectSlowMoment Watching the sunset over the beach after the end of an exhilarating and action packed holiday! Instagram entry
Joanna Pearson Up, up and away. Segovia Spain
Patrick Hawkins Lioness on the prowl At the end of our safari in March 2018, a lioness suddenly appeared beside our startled party. No one said a word and she patently ignored us. Chobe National Park Botswana
@sallyannjonston #MyPerfectSlowMoment My favourite thing is sunsets, waiting & watching the sky change colour always amazes me Instagram entry
Jacob Goldberg Maple tree yields its sweet sap Drop by drop maple sap is collected on its way to be processed into syrup. Forty gallons of sap for one gallon of syrup. Mt Kisco, New York United States
Andrew Lockwood Holding time The terracotta statues in the courtyard at Schallaburg castle hold time in their hands. Schallaburg Austria
Joseph Jones Darwen Tower through the woods There is nothing better than taking a slow motion walk through the woods. Darwen United Kingdom
Kim Styles A Slow Down Moment! My slow moment is carefully observing the hedgerows and banks of Norfolk's public footpaths on my slow leisurely walks with my daughter and the dog. It's amazing what we find! Here's a 'sign' of #MySlowMoment! Wacton, Norfolk UK
Michael Waite I'm on my way home Cape Panwa Thailand
Kate Derrick Engtligen Falls from afar This view puts this whole area in perspective. Taken in mid-June, the fields are a lush green, but the snow melt is still strong. Kandersteg Switzerland
Charlotte Hall Watching Nature Capturing this scene of a mother and daughter ‘taking a slower moment’ together enjoying the harmony of the sights, sounds and smells of the natural entertainment in front of them. Reading, Berkshire England
Brita Bevis Winter Wonderland Winter this year, and the snow... magically transformed our little wooden summer house into a Scandinavian style cottage! So pretty! Lincolnshire England
Jacob Goldberg Final touch before departing Prague Czech Republic
Tracy Imm EARLY MORNING CLOUD An early start was rewarded with this spectacular view above the clouds in the hills of Northern Spain. Arriondas Spain
Mairi Wilson A Sunset Moment Edinburgh Scotland
Janet Garrett Taking a break We stopped to explore one of the many Moorish ruins in the area. Quatretondeta, near Alicante Spain
Cathy Cooper Tom and Renato I’d spent a wet morning following the horses as they pulled the heavy grass cutters over the verges of Ham Avenues.We stopped for lunch and then I spotted Tom and Renato having a quiet moment, relaxing under the trees. Ham, Surrey United Kingdom
Nicola Craine A window to the past Sometimes, it's good to put your guidebook to one side and simply wander. This pretty window, tucked away in a corner of Chiesa di San Pietro Caveoso, offers a different perspective on the mystical Sassi di Matera. Matera, Basilicata Italy
Colin Newell Spring Bluebells Nothing better for a slow moment than the beauty of bluebells in the springtime Melton Woods, Doncaster United Kingdom
Norman Price Looks are everything This is a nun. She doesn't speak a word of English, and Netty has no Khmer. Yet they seem to be able to communicate, with their eyes, that they are happy to be in each other's company. Angkor Wat Cambodia
Hanna Bahij Secluded beach on Portmeirion We came across this beautiful beach and climbed down a robe on the cliff side. Stunning views! Portmeirion Wales
Jo Gibson Rubber Tree Wow, what a tree! Cadiz Spain
Laurie Lissett Grand Canal A slow and quiet morning on the Grand Canal Venice Italy
Nesta Mackenzie Shades of la Gomera After a steep climb we were rewarded with a spectacular view La Gomera Spain
Martine Davies Rest a while Grasmere, Lake District Britain
Nicola Craine Good things come to those who wait A three-hour wait for ten minutes of action, as the Tour de Yorkshire peloton pedalled past. All part of the fun and worth every minute when this is your view of God's own county. Côte de Old Pool Bank, Wharfedale Yorkshire, UK
Louise Ahrens Naturally relaxed A slow moment on holiday. Back to nature, back to calm. A wood fired hot tub at dusk. Flixton, yorkshire United Kingdom
John Dove Donkey Work This perfectly calm, relaxed rubbish collection system contrasted perfectly with the noise and clatter of the bin collection at home. Castebuono, Sicily Italy
Susan Lambert Along the Coast to Coast Swaledale United Kingdom
Chloe Goodison Feet in the waterfall Life is to short to worry about deadlines and working yourself into the ground. Sometimes you have to just stop, rest your feet and take in the beauty of the world around you. Alpe D’Huez France
John Geraghty Nothing is so beautiful as Spring When I saw this tree in full bloom I paused whilst walking, I recalled a poem with a line 'Nothing is so beautiful as Spring'. No matter how tough things may feel, there's always something good around the corner. Wicklow Ireland
Moira Nunn Evening light on Old Harry Studland Dorset UK
Paul Herbert Sunset fishing On our first evening on Fraser Island we went down to watch the sunset. When the sun had sunk below the horizon people started to gather along the jetty and fish into the evening – a very peaceful setting. Fraser Island - Kingfisher Bay Australia
Nicola Craine Grand entrance to a humble abode I don't recall why or when, but it's become a tradition of ours to keep an eye out for 'Gates of Pointlessness' while out and about on two feet or two wheels. This one's an absolute classic! Maschito, Basilicata Italy
Julia Tester Keep in Step We weren’t the only ones enjoying a stroll in the Terra Nostra Gardens. This botanic gem attracts wildlife and tourists in almost equal numbers out of season. The thermal pool and luxurious flora provide sensual delights. Ponte Delgada Azores
John Ball Cruising on the backwaters Kerala India
Natalie Warwick Warm beach sunset Sunny October evening in Weston Super Mare Weston Super Mare United Kingdom
Tracy Imm AWE-INSPIRING THREE PEAKS Our first view of the spectacular Eiger, Monch and Jungrau mountains on a fantastic walk high above Wengen was enough to take our breath away. Wengen Switzerland
Owain Thomas Queueing for ice cream Rather dull weather did little to deter the young and old’s enthusiasm for a traditional ice cream at Coppit Hall Beach in Pembrokeshire last August. Coppit Hall Beach Wales
Elizabeth Heggie Room with a View Ardamurchan Scotland
Owain Thomas The bee eater tree Our eagle eyed guide spotted this tree full of bee-eaters (plus a few red headed finches) at the end of a morning game drive through the Etosha National Park in Namibia. Etosha National Park Namibia