My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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A selection of Sloemotion goodies is up for grabs in June's competitionEach monthly winner (see May’s) will receive a fabulous prize from one of our favourite local producers. For June, this will be a selection of best-selling products from award-winning gin specalists, Sloemotion.

A selection of each month’s entries will be displayed here on The Slow Lane. (You can also see last month's winner and runners-up.) The winning entry, our ‘Moment of the Month’, will then be announced by the 15th of the following month, and the overall winner in January 2019, at a special Slow Moments exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to hear from you!


It is still dark as I step out through the automated hospital doors. Greeted by welcomed silence, I take a breath of the crisp cold air, and pull my jacket around me tight. The walk home is pleasant; I am in no rush. There is dew adorning the roadside plants, and the beginning of a soft sunny glow in the sky. And while the rest of the world wakes up, I sink into bed, exhaustion consuming my bones, falling slowly into deep reverie as the quiet calm from the journey home embraces me into darkness.

Vidette Wong

My favourite time of day is reading bedtime stories to my two children. We all snuggle together and enjoy adventures whilst slowly winding down for the day. Seeing them developing as great a love for books as I have is one of the most rewarding moments of parenthood for me.

Kate Green

I love to watch the flowers on the trees and plants turn into a ripening fruit. We have an apple tree and raspberry plants, they are taking their time, but I love looking each day at the natural change that will turn into succulent fruit and then heading out with my son to pick and eat fresh the developed lovely sweet fruit.

Claire Inch

Jihyun Seo A paradise between the mountains A simple way to slow down, hop on a boat and just float in one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Gosausee Austria
Bridget Mellor Swanning about Love the water gardens at Fountains Abbey timeless peaceful relaxing Swans always gliding by Ripon England
Charles Gamble Conquering Weather Island! After a wonderful lunch, we enjoyed a lovely hike around Weather Island. Weather Island Sweden
Elizabeth Rhodes Waiting for a Sale Business was obviously slow so what better than to sit in the sun and read while waiting for someone to come along. Berlin Germany
Claire Fallows Above the town watching the sun come down Sat above the town and harbour, soaking up the atmosphere in this beautiful Greek town and island whilst the sun goes down. Perfect. Skiathos Greece
Lesley Dixon Step Inside Pezze di Greco, Puglia Italy
Sharon Friendship Looking across to France Hondarribia Spain
Chris Hunt Early One Morning A seat overlooking the water; peace and tranquility at the nature reserve. The sounds of early birds fills the air. The just-risen sun streaks through the trees. Isle of Man UK
Clare Thalmann Happy Bench Between Costa Nova and Aveiro. A happy bench. Costa Nova, Aveiro Portugal
Catherine Holland Helford River A slow passage along the Helford River. Cornwall England
Alan Lamport Sunset over butterfly valley Beautiful sunset after enjoying our evening meal. Montenegro Hotel Faralya Turkey
Elizabeth Rhodes Paddling Home I couldn't help but admire the energy required to paddle across Lake Geneva, which is a rather large lake! Lake Geneva, Montreux Switzerland
Christine Roe Seas, Stones & Storms Watching the storm clouds close in and trying to capture in a photograph the slow ebb and flow of waves breaking over the black volcanic rock of a Canary Island beach. Fanabe, Tenerife Canary Islands
Jenny Robinson A glass with a view A slow wine(d) down after a slow ride to Matera :) Matera Italy
Elizabeth Rhodes The Whisper Walking along the lake front at the Swiss resort of Montreux I spotted this group enjoying the sunshine. Lake Geneva, Montreux Switzerland
Antonia Smillie Just branching out Perfect stopping point on the Porto da Cruz to Santo da Serra levada walk. Porto da Cruz to Santo da Serra Madeira
Rachel Ilett Rainbow Huts Enjoying the view, life in technicolour Dunquerque France
Christine Roe Memories of Mull Despite many 'slow' and patient hours spent on the Isle of Mull, I've still never managed to see the elusive otters. However, sitting waiting for them to appear with a view like this has it's compensations. Croggan, Isle of Mull Scotland
Zena Lanczak Secret Garden We discovered the peace and beauty of this lovely garden with its medieval village as backdrop. Just lovely! Madremanya Catalonia Spain
Jacob Goldberg Family stroll Make way for geese Pound Ridge, NY United States
john main Making her point. My wife feels she has more than enough slow moments on our holidays, hanging around while I try to find the best spots for a photo. This is Torino and the Italian Alps from the Alpine museum. Torino Italy
Cathy Cooper Relaxing With A Donkey A donkey is a perfect walking companion. It dictates the pace, stops to graze and doesn’t hurry. It will keep you amused all day and you will arrive at your destination a happier person for being with a donkey. Ardeche France
Roger Lane Evening Light - Venetian Lagoon When the tourists returned to Venice and the locals returned to their homes for supper, I went down to the shoreline of Burano and watched the sky and colours across the Lagoon towards Venice. Burano - Venetian Lagoon Italy
Nicolete Friedmann Hazy Daisy Dreamlike reflections of a daisy absorbing the sun's light Bavaria Germany
Owain Thomas Lago Nero This serene lake suddenly came into sight on a walk in the hills around Valle Maira to provide a most memorable view and wonderful picnic spot. Valle Maira Italy
Larry Herrman Reality Wonderful picnic on a dirt path with a marvelous view, but also needing Moleskin and dry socks to prevent blisters. Dordogne France
Roger Lane Afternoon Fishing - Burano It was a quiet, lazy afternoon on the island when I came across this man fishing in the canal surrounded by the island's colourful houses and reflections. Island of Burano, Venetian Lagoon Italy
Susan McCawley Chance Encounter with Wine We stopped along the Loire to admire a houseboat. This lovely woman invited us aboard and served wine from a vineyard her husband owns. Of course we bought a bottle to have with lunch. Candes-St-Martin France
Mrs Wendy Harris Straight and True A lucky shot of a medieval Re-enactment Archer in action Thorpe Perrow , Ripon England
Jane Law Shah-i Zinda Surrounded by the ghosts of Alexander, Genghis and Tamerlane this mufti sits motionless in the Kusam ibn Abbas mausoleum. Samarkand Uzbekistan
Stephanie Dixon Sundown Ibiza Sunset Bliss S’Argamassa Ibiza
Nicola Craine Strudel-o-clock One of the best things about alpine walking is that you're never too far away from a welcoming refuge/rifugio/Hütte, where it's permanently Strudel-o-clock Hacklbergalm, Hinterglemm Austria
Maria Wylie Refuge 'If you are experiencing bad weather, there is a wooden hut...' I stayed for 1.5 hours, ate my picnic, dried my coat, listening to birds and rain while the thunder and lightening circled. Black Forest Germany
Sue Walker Hedging Your Boats Amazing topiary of a traditional Moliceiro, working boat used to collect seaweed, which must have taken years to create. Gafanha do Carmo Portugal
Owain Thomas African Penguins Usually associated with the icy wastes of Antarctica, it was strange to see penguins waddling along the sun kissed beach at Boulders Bay. Boulders Beach South Africa
Deb Pidsley Soaking weary feet A moment out of walking boots....bliss.. in the clear waters of the Adriatic. Lovran Croatia
Marion Stringer 'Lulled into a sense of calm' After finding this beautiful scene at Lulworth Cove, we just had to sit and stare and the sense of calm and peace that came over us was amazing. Time stood still and we stayed for hours. Lulworth Cove, Dorset England
Liz Mitchell Another Place Crosby beach in the late afternoon of a dull winter's day, the iron men were looking out to sea and we followed their gaze, soaking in the peaceful atmosphere just as the setting sun appeared between the clouds. Crosby United Kingdom
Owain Thomas Polling out of the Okavango Skimming through water lilies back to the mainland in a makoro canoe after a night’s wild camping in the Okavango Delta. Okavango Delta Botswana
Jacob Goldberg Along ancient paths Berchules Spain
Rhian Siân Dineen #MyPerfectSlowMoment Standing eating a double scooped ice cream while watching the village below. Facebook Entry UK
Anna Clark #MyPerfectSlowMoment Enjoying spending time with my son. UK Facebook entry
Cathy Cooper Helping Daddy Trekking through villages in Nepal shouldn’t be a route march. Stop and engage with the local people. I found this father and daughter shelling beans outside their house in the sunshine. It was a sweet moment of family unity. Lumle Nepal
Cathy Cooper Perfect Day for a Paddle One of my greatest feelings of peace was when I kayaked in Arctic Norway. The water was crystal clear and calm. Dotted around were tiny islands with sandy beaches and snow capped mountains in the distance. I was in heaven. Senja Norway
Nicola Craine Keeping old traditions alive After seeking out the bar that featured in 'Il Postino', we enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the quayside, watching the fishermen mending their nets. Time really does seem to stand still on picture-perfect Procida :0) Marina Corricella, Procida Italy
Nicola Craine Love is in the mountain air What better way to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary than with cappuccino in our honeymoon village, followed by a VERY slow pedal up Passo Pordoi, pausing often to catch our breath and to admire the stunning scenery. Passo Pordoi, Dolomites Italy
Verity Yeates Exploring The best slow moments are exploring and enjoying nature with my husband and son Thame UK
Mel Crumpton #MyPerfectSlowMoment Taking in the days hike on Mount Kilimanjaro and reflecting on the wonderful sights and sounds I saw that days hike. Facebook entry Mount Kilimanjaro
Jo Williams #MyPerfectSlowMoment Dreaming Facebook entry UK
Helen Newton #MyPerfectSlowMoment Facebook entry - Unknown