My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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Each monthly winner (see July’s) will receive a fabulous prize from one of our favourite local producers. For August, this will be a delicious hamper from our neighbours, Hunters of Helmsley.

A selection of each month’s entries will be displayed here on The Slow Lane. (You can also see July's winner and runners-up). The winning entry, our ‘Moment of the Month’, will then be announced by the 15th of the following month, and the overall winner in January 2019, at a special Slow Moments exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to hear from you!


Day two of our Catalan walk; and climbing steadily through the shade of a pine forest, where pockets of heat intersected with cool breezes off the sea and wild herb scents filled our noses, we reached the highest point of Cap Roig. I felt smug. This was me...a 'novice' walker; and yet, I had travelled under my own leg-power for as far as I could see back down the coast. There was something primeval about it. I had to stop from beating my chest in celebration. Instead I took a smiling selfie and, savouring the feeling, ambled onwards.

Christine Roe

We discovered Antelope Canyon in Navajo Country Arizona USA by chance late one afternoon and we were the last to enter. Apparently the natural lighting conditions were just right so were the photo possibilities with just a small simple Sony camera.

Tony Lambert

Philip Sunset Sunset over the Serengeti, ... er, ... sorry, ... North Sunderland Northumberland United Kingdom
Angus Laing Mountain Idyll Looking across from the slopes of Chao dos Terreiros through the swirling clouds to Pico Arriero and Pico Ruivo (6,109 ft), Madeira Madeira Portugal
Brian MacDonald Two Plus Two A simple scene that speaks to slowing down and sharing. Menerbes France
Annette Edgar Scene from the train to Zermatt Flying over the lake and landing at Geneva airport. Taking the train around Lake Geneva via Montreux, Lake Thun, on the beautiful route to Zermatt. The wonderful changing landscape from the flat to the hilly, lakesides and snowcapped mountains in the distance and finally the mountain climb with the small train from Brig to be greeted by the might Matterhorn, whether in winter or summer is a journey of delight. Switzerland
Christine Roe Low Tide, Penmon Accompanied by the eerie clanging of the lighthouse bell, I took pictures for around half an hour, becoming totally absorbed, before the tide began to creep back in, claiming the rockpool and shoreline for itself. Penmon, Anglesey Wales
Jacob Goldberg Unexpected wheels How did they get here? Bicycles at the summit of Slettheia in the Lofoton Islands. How did they manage to cross this boggy rocky trail? Slettheia Mountain Summit near Mortsund Norway
Andrew Harrison Tommy Timeless... Seaham England
Brian MacDonald Sunset at the Ministere de la Culture The peacefulness of a Paris sunset is captured in the metal facade adorning the Ministry Paris France
Patricia Ilett Reading the runes A message from the past or the imaginary future, the split stone gives up its secrets to those who take the time to pause and look. Derwentwater, The Lake District UK
Nicola Craine Dolomiti donkey life After a strenuous hike to the Sassongher summit, we were really looking forward to relaxing over a beer at the Edelweisshütte. Didn't expect a queue to get in, though. Made our slow moment that bit slower but much more memorable. Colfosco, Alta Badia Italy
Roger Lane Cranborne Chase - Win Green The clump of trees known as Win Green epitomises the legendary landscape of Cranborne Chase, once a royal hunting ground. I call this my silent landscape where there is usually only wind and birds for company. Cranborne Chase, Dorset United Kingdom
Owain Thomas Cuneo Bicycles A slow moment just wandering through the side streets of Cuneo after busy week’s walking in the Valle Maira Cuneo Italy
Caroline E Crawford End of the Trail My walking shoes enjoyed a respite on the balcony of the Hotel Arraya in Sare after carrying me through the day's hike from Ainhoa. Sare, Pays Basque France
David Pechey Guide dog These hikers had a very slow moment when their initially enthusiastic dog balked mid-stream while crossing a beck on stepping stones. Eventually they moved on but only once their furry friend was firmly clutched in their arms. Rydal, Cumbria UK
Stephen Banks Look up Though many people see what's in front, they fail to look up. I went in search of a photo that can't be seen from a pathway, which led me to the underneath of the train line. Newcastle United Kingdom
Deborah Thomson Journey to Holy Island Early morning, the tide out and walking barefoot along the Pilgrim's Way to Holy Island. Northumberland UK
Guy Madgwick A not so shy Ibex Late evening whilst walking through then woods on our last leg into Wengen we came across an Ibex who stood her ground. This shy animal was a real highlight and a thrill to see. Wengen Switzerland
Jacob Goldberg End of the track A welcome sight amidst the water and snow. A long day threading our way between glaciers and volcanos brings us to this delightful location. Strutsskall Hut Iceland
Cathy Cooper Patience Sometimes Slow is forced upon you. I was driving from A to B when suddenly C occurred. I just had to wait patiently until the cattle changed pastures. Fairford, Gloucestershire UK
Stephen Banks Isolated Leaf I took this picture on an afternoon when I wanted to get some fresh air. I ended up sitting in some woods just observing nature's formation and I was just amazed that it's never seen by most. Northallerton United Kingdom
D Tabor A well-earned reward After braving the Leutaschklamm Gorge, a well-earned and very welcome break. Mittenwald Germany
John Main The symbol of Gran Paradiso. Taking a detour from a high path I suddenly found myself in the middle of a herd of ibex. They were unconcerned by human presence and continued their leisurely grazing (on what wasn't clear in this rocky, snowy wilderness). Gran Paradiso Italy
Roger Lane Fisherman, Moret-sur-Loing I had been walking the Loing in the footsteps of the impressionist painter Alfred Sisley. I sat and watched this fisherman quietly enjoying his time. He also provided me with a scene I'm sure Sisley would have painted. Moret-sur-Loing, France France
Roger Lane Etretat, Normandy Early one morning I was walking the cliffs of Etretat where Monet painted the cliff formations in all weathers. My morning was very still, I was the only person there and I had only swooping gulls for company. Etretat, Normandy Coast France