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Inntravel, 10 October, 2017
When she’s not busy guiding and looking after her ‘family’ of 50 huskies, along with her husband Riku, Sanna Setälä, a native of Finnish Lapland, works on reception at our hotel in Ylläs. We asked her what it’s like to inhabit such a pristine, snowy wilderness...

“In this hectic world, where business seems all-powerful, nature gives us a place to breathe, and to notice our tiny space in the world. It allows us time to contemplate, and to look within, realising that it’s the small things – the simple things – that really matter.

When I watch the snowflakes falling, or the sun catching the tops of the trees, I find a sense of peace and tranquillity that you just don’t get in cities, or even the towns and villages where some of our Inntravel customers come from. Our air here is the purest in the whole of Europe, untainted and unpolluted; and we imagine that it gives us strength. (Perhaps it really does, as living up here is tough at times!)

If we have learned anything these past few years, it’s that humans can be our greatest danger. But out here, surrounded by nature, there’s nothing to be afraid of – no crime, of course, and even the wolves are absent where we live, and the brown bears are asleep for the winter. We feel as though we are living in a bird’s nest, away from the hustle and bustle of ‘normal’ everyday life, and we would love you to come and join us!”


Here's what Inntraveller Nikki Murray had to say after her holiday to Ylläs in January 2017:

“Without doubt, we have just experienced the most incredible and breath-taking seven days in the Arctic wilderness of Finnish Lapland.

No pictures or words could ever do this incredible part of the planet justice; I just know that we all feel very lucky indeed to have discovered and explored it. Ylläs and more specifically Ylläshumina is the definition of a picture-perfect winter wonderland. And more. All the accommodation is of quality, radiating heat from under the wooden floors or stove making you love your stay indoors as much as you do out, and the staff are so warm and friendly.

At your very back door ski trails and footpaths guide you round kilometres of the most spectacular wintery fell landscapes interwoven with hidden cafés, kotas and roaming reindeer. The true sound of silence from those forests is something you will never forget. Yet, within walking distance you also have access to civilisation and a well-stocked supermarket, restaurants and bars and a handful of clothing retailers. Put simply, they were seven days that were beyond brilliant.”

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