Talisker, our canine cover star

Penny Kendall, 20 November, 2018
Inntravel photographer Penny Kendall tells us how she came to know our latest Snow brochure cover star, Talisker the husky.

Penny and Eric Kendall spend their summers exploring and photographing routes for us in the Alps and Scandinavia. In winter they run a ski business from their mountain home in Zinal, Switzerland, where Talisker – this year’s Inntravel Snow brochure cover model – often spends his holidays.

Penny tells us a little more about our cover star...

"Talisker is a regular visitor to our chalet in winter, spending his days curled up outside in the snow, raising an eyebrow when someone passes by, in the hope that we might be coming to give him a walk. When we do, it’s a high-octane affair – he can pull! – as he rushes from one good smell to another. He’s always hoping to find the scent of a chamois, while whoever’s on the end of the lead hopes he doesn’t. Letting him run free is not really an option - as a true husky, his wild side means he’d be off all night, returning only in the morning to sleep for a day or two after who-knows-what adventures. Despite his sub-zero credentials, he often tries to charm his way indoors to flop down on the heated floor. With his coat, you’d think he’d be about as comfortable as a donkey in a sauna, but once in he’s hard to shift."

Activity holidays in the snow

Take in the beauty of winter on one of our activity holidays in the snow. From cross-country or downhill skiing away from the crowds to winter walking, snowshoeing, dog-sledding and much more, we offer a wide range of holidays featuring hand-picked hotels on the quiet side of the mountain.
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